Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Day in Yokohama: Get off the Beaten Path, and Bring Home the Best Souvenirs

With the ocean breeze blowing in off of Tokyo Bay, a day sightseeing and shopping in Yokohama is a refreshing break from the heat and congestion of Tokyo. Gardens full of fresh greenery, and cultural areas full of fresh soup dumplings, a stroll around Japan's second-biggest city is far more relaxing than the crowds of Shibuya crossing. Plus, the spacious malls offer some of the best places to get some shopping done while you're in Japan. Right off of Yokohama Station you'll see JOINUS Yokohama, the city's biggest mall, which makes finding the perfect souvenir for everyone back home a breeze.

Monday, August 19, 2019

A Tour Through Shinjuku: food, fun, and accommodations!

Packed with things to see, delicious food to eat, and all kind of unique experiences, it's hard to visit Japan without a stop in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo! Overflowing with crowds of happy locals and travelers alike, there's always something new to see in Shinjuku, along with places that are bound to become old favorites. With plenty to intrigue even the most experienced traveler, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Not sure where to grab a bite to eat, or the nicest places to stay? Well, we've got a few suggestions to help you spend a great day in Shinjuku.

If luxe crab, tranquil hotels, some classy new additions to your wardrobe and a little raucous entertainment sound good, check out some of what Shinjuku has to offer!

Retro Japanese Snacks Perfect for Your International Sweet Tooth

With the sweets of famous international brands and local companies alike circulating in Japan, there's some good snacking to be found. The country is especially well known for the huge variety of new products constantly in development, which includes everything from wacky do-it-yourself gourmet gummies to limited-edition soda-flavored potato chips. When the classics stick around for a hundred years in this industry, though, you know they're good! So today let us tell you a little about one of Japan's most beloved confectionary companies, Fujiya, which has been on shelves for over a century.

Peko-chan Sweets from Fujiya, Popular Nationwide

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Know-How You Need for a Japanese Road Trip

Tired of dealing with train schedules, plane ticket reservations, or even catching a cold from a sick seatmate during your Japanese travels? Well, renting a car gives you freedom on a new level, and with an international license you can start your trip around Japan whenever you please. Don't miss out on the convenience because you're nervous about finding your way, or dealing with tolls. Just let us fill you in on the best way to start, it's all pretty easy. You'll be confidently racing down the roads of Japan in no time.