Friday, June 14, 2019

Driving Our Way from Tokyo to Nagano with Nissan Rent-a-Car: the Nakasendo Route's Naraijuku, Wasabi, and Sakura!

This spring, Nissan Rent-a-Car took us on a tour of Nagano!

Thinking of Japan in the spring, what kind of scenery crosses your mind? Flowers coming into bloom? Cherry blossoms showering passers-by with pink petals?

Nissan Rent-a-Car x JAPANKURU
Nagano・Spring Tour

This time around, the JAPANKURU team grabbed a Nissan rent-a-car in Tokyo, and drove east into the mountains, towards the prefecture of Nagano.
The trip showed us the full palette of Japan's spring colors, with the green of tree covered foothills, the brilliant white of snow-capped mountains, the bright blue of the warm sky, and the flush of spring sakura.

Grab a paintbrush, and let us show you where we went!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

"Ohta Isan": A Series of Japanese Medicines for the Digestive Wellness of Your Family

Today We're Talking About the Japanese Digestive Medicines from the "Ohta Isan" Series

"Ohta Isan" has been providing care for the stomachs of Japan for 140 years.
This gastrointestinal medicine has also become popular among foreign visitors, enough that it has become a standard "must buy item" on the shopping lists of many. It is available at most drug stores in Japan.

The 4 Varieties in the