Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fukuoka Travel and Japanese Fashion ✥ Interesting Fukuoka Fashion Store + Recommended Places, Food, and Souvenirs When Traveling to Hakata, Fukuoka

We took a trip to our beloved Kyushu!
There we stopped by Fukuoka for some yummy ramen.

While we were there we ran into a cool and interesting clothing store
that is based around two rabbits having sex🐰♡🐰

This time JAPANKURU is gonna share with you all our Fukuoka trip,
including some of the key points to check out 
if you yourself get the chance to go!

Friday, December 29, 2017

[Tokyo Hostel / Guest House] Kaisenbei Hostel in Tokyo "GRIDS TOKYO ASAKUSABASHI"

We love checking out some of the newly opened 
hotels/hostels/ryokans, etc. here in Japan.
Month by month it seems like Tokyo alone is opening all these new accommodation places to get ready for the Olympics.
With the newly updated goal/estimate of 40 million foreigner visitors by 2020,
it's easy to understand why all these hotels are popping up.

That being said,
we want to see these places and give people the best info
to make their lives easier when they come visit★

This time we went to a hotel and hostel in Asakusabashi.