Monday, November 6, 2017

#Shopping in Ginza ♬ New Balance Limited Edition Athletic Footwear and Appeal 👟 New Balance Ginza Branch

In June this year,
New Balance opened a new store in Ginza,
making it the 8th company store in all of Japan. 
Consisting of 2 floors,
this new store is designed with the theme of
 "running" and "lifestyle", 
with limited items in wear, shoes,
and other special new hot items. 
Anything you could possibly want is said to be available here.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Japanese Theme Restaurant ✬ Dine with Ninjas at the Ninja Theme Restaurant in Tokyo - NINJA AKASAKA

Fun, Bizarre, and Exciting!
    Japan is known for having some fun and crazy themed restaurants.
There's maid themed, hospital themed, even robot themed!
How about one that gets a little more into the Japanese traditional culture?
We're talking about, a ninja themed restaurant!
Japan excels at creativity,
from the decor to meals,
you can't miss this fun ninja themed attraction!