Monday, October 23, 2017

Japanese Theme Restaurant ✬ Dine with Ninjas at the Ninja Theme Restaurant in Tokyo - NINJA AKASAKA

Fun, Bizarre, and Exciting!
    Japan is known for having some fun and crazy themed restaurants.
There's maid themed, hospital themed, even robot themed!
How about one that gets a little more into the Japanese traditional culture?
We're talking about, a ninja themed restaurant!
Japan excels at creativity,
from the decor to meals,
you can't miss this fun ninja themed attraction!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#Tokyo Accommodation 🏨 Popular Place to Stay in Tokyo ★ IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL - Stylish, Cheap, and Comfortable!

IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL just opened up on September 1, 2017!
It's unlike any other hostel you might have seen in most Western countries.
While cheap, it's surprisingly clean, stylish, comfortable,
and conveniently located to some of the best touristic spots in Tokyo!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Japanese Ramen/Ginza 🍜 The World's First Blowfish Ramen 🐡 Recommended Ramen in Ginza


Ramen can be said to be one of Japan's most popular food.
Tonkotsu (pork), soy sauce, miso, and salt based broths, 
everyone has their favorite.
But what about blowfish? 
Do you think you could take the challenge 
and try the world's first blowfish ramen?