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Japanese Theme Restaurant ✬ Dine with Ninjas at the Ninja Theme Restaurant in Tokyo - NINJA AKASAKA

Fun, Bizarre, and Exciting!
    Japan is known for having some fun and crazy themed restaurants.
There's maid themed, hospital themed, even robot themed!
How about one that gets a little more into the Japanese traditional culture?
We're talking about, a ninja themed restaurant!
Japan excels at creativity,
from the decor to meals,
you can't miss this fun ninja themed attraction!

Japanese Theme Restaurant
Both Fun and Delicious
✬ Ninja Akasaka ✬

 In feudal Japan, two types of warriors emerged,
the samurai
nobles who ruled the country in the name of the Emperor,
 and ninjas
who carried out espionage and assassination missions. 

Left - ninja throwing star    Right - koban, small former Japanese oval gold coin
Ninjas are known for possessing a wide variety of abilities and tools, 
some real others falsified. 
A lot of these specialized tools or abilities
 were responsible for starting the legends
that ninja have supernatural powers. 

 Anymore most people's exposure to ninjas 
are in Japanese anime and manga.
There are still ninja today and along with some of its history remaining,
but they are pretty spread out.
For example two areas in Japan with some of the biggest ninja history 
are Iga (Mie Prefecture) and Koga (Ibaraki Prefecture). 
now thanks to the themed restaurant Ninja Akasaka
anyone who comes to the Tokyo area
can take that exposure to the next level!



You can take either the Tokyo Metro 
Ginza Line or Marunochi Line
to Akasaka-mitsuke Station

If coming from Shinjuku,
it's about 13mins on the Marunochi Line.
Shinbashi - 3 stops (5mins) on the Ginza Line.
Shibuya - 4 stops (8mins) on the Ginza Line.

 From Akasaka-mitsuke Station,
you want to go towards Akasaka Tokyu Plaza.
Crossing Sotobori Street,
you will see the restaurant to the left.
It may be difficult to find since there's only one small entrance door.

🚉Closest station: Akasaka-mitsuke Station
Address: 2-14-2 Nagatocho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Google Maps
⏰ Mon~Sat: Dinning/bar 5pm~1am
     Sun/Holidays: Dinning/bar  5pm~11:30pm
   (no holidays)
📞 03-5157-3936
卍Ninja restaurant website 

(-.-)ノ・・・・>>>ーー卍 シュッ卍 卍

Ninjas are dark and mysterious,
known for being the masters of the surprise and disguise.
You never know what to expect
the moment you walk through the entrance.
Be sure not to set off any traps ;)

You are led through a series of winding wooden corridors
designed to look like the interior of an ancient Japanese castle.

Like an actual ancient Japanese castle, 
the place is filled with secret passage ways
that only ninjas know about and have access too!

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg 
visited Ninja Akasaka some years ago,
and signed the wall near the dining area. 
Keep your eyes out for other celebrity signatures!

Every detail is thought through perfectly,
even the shoe cubbies!
To open the door to each cubby,
special ninjutsu sword skills are needed.   

 Both Westernized and Japanese style seating areas,
ninja style interior everywhere! 

(-.-)ノ・・・・>>>ーー卍 シュッ卍 卍

Super cool ninja scroll menu!
You can either order from their alacarte or their course menu.
Both contain visually appealing and yummy ninja themed food.
*English menus available!

For first timers though,
the Yamato Spirit Course (6,999 yen)
 or the Hanzou Course (10,000 yen)
are recommended because they include
some of the most interesting themed and diverse foods!


Shuriken star-blades grissini
Hard to believe these throwing stars are food!
It may not look like much,
but it's really impressive if you ask us!
Not to mention tempting to throw
--- ãƒ½(^ï½°^o)

Snow crab and grapefruit served with a sword trick
Our favorite thing is how interactive the themed dishes are.
Any place can just throw some ninja swords or throwing stars on a dish
and call it a ninja dish.
But here at Ninja Akasaka there are dishes that really wow you
and keep your attention and adrenaline going!
They really put effort in the guests experience
and know that it's an important role when eating food. 

Treasure chest salad of the season
 We're sure we've mentioned before,
but the creativity here is endless.
Take this treasure chest that has a gelatinous oval with shrimp 
(and other cubed food inside) 
made to look like an old Japanese coin! 

Turban shell bombs with garlic butter
It wouldn't be a ninja restaurant 
without a little bit of magic!

Special stone-boiled soup (Japanese bouillabaisse)
Japanese hot-pot that uses hot stones of about 400°C (752°F)!!

 We were really tense during the whole heating process.

Ishikawa Goemon cake!
Known as the thief ninja,
although he wasn't actually a ninja!
Goemon was basically the Japanese Robin Hood.
An outlaw/thief he stole gold and other valuables
 to give to the poor,
eventually gaining a lot of fame.

 You wouldn't expect to see a frog here would you?
For those who don't know,
there is a deep connection between frogs and ninjas.
It goes back to folklore about a ninja named Jiraiya,

who uses magic to morph into a gigantic toad. 
In a lot of old traditional Japanese prints,
there is a famous on of Jiraiya riding a frog/toad.

Japanese bonsai has a strong meaning and representation
of the relationship of humans and nature.
There might be some relationship to ninjas,
either way it's beautifully made
and represents Japanese culture!

(-.-)ノ・・・・>>>ーー卍 シュッ卍 卍

Even if you aren't that into ninja,
you are SURE to be entertained!!
Perfect for people of all ages!
We had the best time here 
and can't wait to go again 
next time a family member or friend visits!!
You never know what sort of things they'll have next time~

🚉Closest station: Akasaka-mitsuke Station
Address: 2-14-2 Nagatocho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Google Maps
⏰ Mon~Sat: Dinning/bar 5:30pm~2am
     Sun/Holidays: Dinning/bar  5pm~11pm
   (no holidays)
📞 03-5157-3936
卍Ninja restaurant website 

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