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#Shopping in Ginza ♬ New Balance Limited Edition Athletic Footwear and Appeal 👟 New Balance Ginza Branch

In June this year,
New Balance opened a new store in Ginza,
making it the 8th company store in all of Japan. 
Consisting of 2 floors,
this new store is designed with the theme of
 "running" and "lifestyle", 
with limited items in wear, shoes,
and other special new hot items. 
Anything you could possibly want is said to be available here.

When many people go to Japan to travel, 
they normally go to large outlet malls
or shoe stores if they want to buy sneakers.
These shops may be cheap,
but if you're looking for great performance
and items that are with the current trends,
we recommend going to the actual brand retail store.
You won't miss out on all the latest and limited items 
if you actually go to their store.  

New Balance Ginza
Where the Key Focus is Running 
New Balance is a world famous athletic apparel brand
 with over 100 years of founding
that its items are superb regardless of 
material, appearance, and comfort.
In terms of design, 
"fitness" and "fashion" 
are balanced with a striking image, 
and are worn by young and old all over the world.

Made in the UK
New Balance 576 (Women's, Men's)/ New Balance 996 (Men's only)
This time JAPANKURU will introduce the new store, 
"New Balance Ginza",
which will be the 5th store in Tokyo and the 8th store in Japan. 
Like we said before,
here you can find fashionable and popular shoes like the photo above!

New Balance Ginza
Basic Information 

★New Balance Ginza Branch 
Business hours: 11:00 to 8:00 (No fixed holidays)
Address:  1 & 2F Maruito Ginza Dai 3 Building, 3-10-6 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 

If you use Google Maps 
you will reach the other side of the same building, 
but the shop is actually where the red star is. 
The Toei Asakusa Line Ginza Station A8 Exit is the closest exit.

The Merits of Buying from Japan's New Balance?
A store designed to fit the theme of "running" and "lifestyle"
Being an American brand,
New Balance goods can be bought in the US and other countries,
but there are two main reasons we recommend 
buying in Japan for you New Balance fans!

1. Tax exemption service

2. Various limited items available 

But there are more special factors to keep in mind!

Knowing the Special Services at Ginza's New Balance  


Before picking out some shoes, 
you should get a store clerk and 
ask to use the 3D SCAN to measure your feet. 

The clerk did say that if you wear lightly colored socks,
the best advice and results will appear.
That is because the scanner is more likely to read accurately
with lighter socks.
That being said, 
why did we take the test while wearing black socks?
The clerk said that it was best to measure your feet
 how we normally wear shoes,
so we didn't change socks.
We still took the reading with black socks though
and were able to find plenty of shoes!
There are staff members that speak English available!
The entire scan takes less than a minute to complete.
The staff will go over the data to you before you go looking for shoes,
explaining the width, insoles, and any models available
that fit your feet specifically!


New Balance Ginza has a runway called Stride ID.
It's purpose is for those who are looking for a pair of running shoes,
giving them a space to actually run and see if they are comfortable!
*The staff asks to please ask in advance to use this service.

Limited Item Shoes 
For those who love New Balance! 
Do you remember the merits to buying shoes
 directly from a New Balance store?
It's there you can buy limited New Balance items,
like special collaboration brands!

(L) STÜSSY x NEW BALANCE 990v4 Cream, (R) Shoes Dominating World Wide 990v4
This time when we went shopping, 
the new New Balance and fashion brand STÜSSY collaboration line
was on sale.
They're the 4th generation of the 990 series,
keeping the iconic style of the 990’s 30-year-legacy.

Price: 25,000 yen + tax

On the 2F, there is an area with a tablet that shows all kinds of colors and patterns. 
You guessed it!
Here you can create your own New Balance shoes here!!! 
In the back of the shoes, 
you can also have your name (or any text) embroidered! 
Don't you think it is a good idea as a special present!

The pictures above are the unique, one of a kind New Balance shoes.

Fitness and Athletic Apparel 
New Balance Apparel
Although famous for their sports shoes, 
New Balance apparel is just as fashionable and popular.

Men's Apparel, Socks

Women's Apparel
Various items such as tops, jackets, pants, socks, and more
can be found in a wide range of vivid colors and designs.

New Balance Ginza Branch
Where New Technology and Products Meet
The New Balance Ginza Branch that opened this June 
can help you buy the ideal running shoes 
by applying the latest technology, 
and offering current fashionable and limited items. 
For that reason,
we visited this store and 
felt that we would recommend this shop to everyone!

★New Balance Ginza Branch 
Business hours: 11:00 to 8:00 (No fixed holidays)
Address:  1 & 2F Maruito Ginza Dai 3 Building, 3-10-6 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 

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