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#Shopping in Japan 🎎 The Best Place to Buy Japanese Souvenirs in Tokyo☆Gifts from Japan at Ginza Shop "WOAH!JAPAN"

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☆The Best Place to Get Japanese Souvenirs in Tokyo☆
Handmade Gifts from Japan at Ginza Shop 

Buying gifts and souvenirs can be tricky,
especially in a busy place like Tokyo.
You may or may not have an idea what you want to buy,
but finding those things can be difficult
since there are so many different stores that sell different things!
That's why we thought it would be helpful
to tell people about a great shop that sells gifts,
both traditional and modern,
that you can ONLY get in Japan!

Where is it?

WOAH!JAPAN is between Ginza and Yurakucho,
which are only one stop from Tokyo Station. 
It's inside the 🌈🛈Tokyo Tourist Information Center Yurakucho,
which is conveniently located within walking distance
 from the JR Yurakucho Station
next to the famous landmark YURAKUCHO MULLION.

2-4-10 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006
Google Maps
11:00 to 19:30 Weekend and public holidays 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: New Year holiday (Dec. 30 to Jan. 3)
📞: +81-3-3287-2955
Language of materials and services available: English, Chinese, and Korean
Guides service area: Tokyo metropolitan area and Japan-wide

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"Gift from Japan"
WOAH!JAPAN is a select shop which sells handicraft gifts
and other items, 
both traditional and modern, from all over Japan!
They were aware that many people want to buy 
these special Japanese made items, 
but might not have the chance to!
So they made an 
online select shop, 

spreading the value and beauty 
of Japanese crafted products all over the world!

Crafts made from techniques handed down
There are lots of brilliant traditional Japanese crafts
scattered all around the country,
making it hard to shop for and find.
Here though it can be obtained from one place!

We were actually able to find items
we have never seen sold anyplace else before too!
Or if they were,
way more expensive than what they were asking for
here at WOAH!JAPAN.

Hard to Get Items Aren't So Hard Here!

Even if people don't have an idea what to buy when they go to Japan,they know about the famous stores like
LOFT, Don Quijote, and Tokyu Hands.
Which are truly great souvenir shops,
but are often way more than what you were hoping to pay for
and/or their selection isn't very wide.
That isn't the case here though, 
despite being in an expensive area of Tokyo!
So we took the time to ask a sales clerk
which products are popular with foreign tourists.

Top 3 Most Popular Items

Handcrafted Glassware
"Mt. Fuji Cups"
Edo Glass, Engraved Glass Mt. Fuji Drinking Glasses
Mt. Fuji is a well recognized symbol of Japan
 to people all over the world!
For that reason,
you can find a variety of items that incorporate
the motif of Mt. Fuji in some way. 

Edo Glass, Mt. Fuji On-the-Rocks Glass
Take this cup for example!
✧˖°☆The epitome of pristine Japanese craftsmanship☆°˖✧
It's a very rare item,
and if you look closely
you will see a little surprise at the bottom!

"Fuji Glass", 
depicts Mt. Fuji in the bottom base 
of a traditional craft Edo glass item. 
Edo Glass, or Edo Kiriko, 
is a glass cutting technique that is designated as a traditional craft
 of Japan, particularly the Tokyo Prefecture. 
Having the manufacturing history and tradition
 dating way back to the 1800's, 
each item is made by skillful craftsmen one by one.

We poured some orange juice into the cup
because I couldn't understand how it looked 
just of explanation explanation alone.
Surprisingly, the orange of Mt. Fuji is really beautiful! 

(Top picture)
*Edo Glass, Engraved Glass Fuji, Drinking Glass*
💸4,000 yen a piece or 8,000 yen for Fuji Set

(Bottom picture)
*Edo Glass, Mt. Fuji On-the-Rocks Glass*
💸6,500 yen
WOAH!JAPAN Online Product Page (Eng)

Kanazawa Specialties
"Gold Leaf Crafts"
Gold leaf is essential for Japanese traditional crafts.
Crafts that use this technique
are mostly made in the cultural city of Kanazawa in the Hokuriku region.
Which is why it's known by the name of "Kanazawa leaf". 

These traditional pieces of art are so special,
and even made it's mark when the Japanese Prime Minister
gave the US President one as a gift in 2017!

Gold leaf products can easily run into the hundreds of dollars.
Which is why we've never bought anything yet.
At WOAH!JAPAN though they had beautifully made items
that we could afford.
Even things we were surprised to see
like gold leaf based phone cases,
gold leaf cosmetics, 
gold leaf oil blotting paper!
We've never seen anything like that before.
We easily found ourselves looking at every 
gold leaf item on the shelf for hours. 

*Hakuichi 1000 Cranes, Gold, Ballpoint Pen*

"Japanese Travel Souvenir"
This store is more than just crafts,
it sells cute little Japanese travel goods too! 

Popular and fun gifts like magnets,
toe socks, sushi stuff....

😻😻😻AND HELLO KITTY!!!!!😻😻😻
We saw people with BASKETS full of random travel souvenirs.
Everything is relatively pretty cheap and special to this store,
so we can see how it'd be easy to buy lots!

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A Free Traditional Performance
from a Japanese Maiko 
One very unique thing about WOAH!JAPAN is
that you can see a traditional maiko dance at 1 pm and 5 pm every day!!

It isn't often people get the chance to see real maiko and geisha nowadays
because they don't walk around the streets very much. 
If you do see one,
chances are high they aren't a real maiko or geisha.
So this is a really great and one of a time opportunity! 

To make things even better,
 when the performance is over,
you can get a picture with the maiko!!!

Our summary of the day is like one of those,
"I went to Japan and all I got was this T-shirt" sort of things
(more enthusiastic though of course).
We went to WOAH!JAPAN to buy sourvenirs,
and we ended up with a picture with a maiko!

We definitely got the better end of the stick if you as us.

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Internet Shopping 
from Japan to Abroad Available!
Online Select Shop

At the top right corner there's a small banner labeled
"Japanese items delivered overseas!"
Click there and you will get all the information about international shipping,

such as where they ship to (it's surprisingly a lot of places!),
the approximate amount, shipping & handling, and more.

Registration is so simple and quick!
It's way different from say Amazon.
You don't need to enter any credit card info,

just your basic info, shipping and billing address.
And that's it!
Since it's free,
we went ahead and made an account~

Registration page here

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If you're looking for reasonably priced, hand made Japanese gems,
we really do recommend WOAH!JAPAN above all else.

Plus it's located within the
popular shopping areas Ginza and Yurakucho,
so why not stop by and take a gander!
You are sure to find rare gifts that others normally can't get.

2-4-10 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006
11:00 to 19:30 Weekend and public holidays 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: New Year holiday (Dec. 30 to Jan. 3)
📞: +81-3-3287-2955
Language of materials and services available: English, Chinese, and Korean
Guides service area: Tokyo metropolitan area and Japan-wide

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