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Japanese Makeup Guide πŸŽ€ Top Fall 2017 Makeup Trends from Japan's Natural Makeup Brand CANMAKE Fall Collection🍁

Japanese Cosmetics
2017 Fall Makeup Look 

πŸŽ€ Japanese Cosmetics πŸŽ€ 

🍁Check Out Japan's Fall Makeup Trend 2017🍁 

with Natural Beauty Japanese Makeup Brand

πŸ’ CANMAKE πŸ’ 

This fall, 
expressing the naturalistic beauty of your lips and eyes, 
rather than sculpting everything perfectly is the ideal look.

Japanese makeup brand CANMAKE
is known for that!
Their line is all about working with natural beauty.
So to try out this falls makeup look,
we used CANMAKE's natural color makeup.
To see all of CANMAKE's makeup line↓

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Curious about the Latest Beauty Look in Japan?
2017 Fall Makeup

πŸŽ€What you'll needπŸŽ€

πŸ‚ Flaring Curl Mascara ~volume plus~

🍁 Marshmallow Finish Power #MP

πŸ‚ Eyeshadow Base #RB

🍁 Perfect Multi Eyes #03

πŸ‚ Cream Cheek Tint #04

🍁 Lip Tint Jam #04

We'll be going over each of these 6 items!

🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 

Essential Beauty Tips

Mascara That'll Make 
the Straightest Lashes Curl!
Mascara is the secret weapon
 that everyone should keep handy!
The perfect mascara can make the WORLDS of difference!
It isn't enough to just make your eyelashes look beautiful,

it's got to help hold that luscious curl!!!

πŸŽ€Get Lovely Lashes with These 3 StepsπŸŽ€
Everyone's eyelashes are as different as the lovely individual themselves!!
But with these 3 simple steps,
anyone can get their desired eyelash look!

❶ Curl with Eyelash Curler 
When curling your eyelashes,
we recommend holding for about 10 seconds,

 squeezing between the seconds.
If your eyelashes naturally don't have a very defined curl,
you can always go in for a second curl for the same amount of time.

*for extra hold, 
heat your curler with a blow dryer!

After you curl your lashes, apply the mascara!
You should wiggle thru the lashes to make sure you get every lash.

*best to do one eye at a time; curl & apply

❸ Stroke Bottom Lashes
For extra definition on your bottom lashes,
take the tip of the mascara wand and stroke down,
applying mascara on each individual bottom lash.

And bam!
Your flawlessly curled lashes will stay all day!

✳Flaring Curl Mascara ~volume plus~✳
Price: 650yen + tax

Want to know more about this mascara?

Fine Volume + Curl Power
The mascara has a nice balance of fineness and volume, 
giving you long, beautiful eyelashes 
thanks to it's smooth mascara that has black fibers.
These fibers add length to the tips of your lashes!

Innovative Color Combination = Chocolate Black Color
What exactly is Chocolate Black?
Is it brown? Is it black? Is it dark chocolate?
Well, since brown mascara tends to blend with your natural lashes,
it doesn't give your eyes the great impact they deserve.
Sometimes black mascara can be too harsh though...

So with brown mascara and black fibers,
you get the advantages of both brown and black mascaras!

A softness that you can't achieve with black 
and a wide-eyed look that you can't achieve with brownπŸŽ€

Extreme Waterproof
Water, sweat, tears, rubbing....your mascara is safe against it all!
You can remove it with an oil cleanser,
which doesn't cause harm on your lashes.

Before & After
There are so many different mascaras out there.
It can be really overwhelming finding the perfect one.
One that doesn't clump,

leave flakes under your eyes,
and will curl and hold it like you want it to.

What's nice with this mascara is that
you can still get a dynamic effect while 
still keeping that natural look.
You don't look fake.
You look like youπŸ’•

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2017 Japan Fall Makeup Tutorial 
This year's fall/autumn makeup trend in Japan
 is while using fall's earthy colors,
complementing your natural beauty.

Essential Beauty Tips 

Marshmallow Finish Powder #MP
CANMAKE's Marshmallow Finish Powder can be used as foundation,
finishing powder, or for touch-ups!
It's super smooth and leaves your skin with a nice matte finish,

great for those with an oily T-zone.
What's even best is that there are no additives, 
so our we never experienced any breakouts 
or issues while using it.

They recently came out with a new color,
MP Matte Pink Ochre.
Great for those with a pink undertone
and leaves a soft finish.

πŸ’ Item Used πŸ’
 Mashmallow Finish Powder
Color used: #MP
Price: 940yen + tax

Eyeshadow Base #RB
When applying eyeshadow,
many people often leave out applying eyeshadow base.
it's really important because it helps 
improve the color of your eyeshadow
and makes it last longer!
CANMAKE came out with a new color
for their eyeshadow base,

so we tried it out!
It's a beautiful lavender-toned blue,

that conceals any dullness around the eye.
It starts as a cream and becomes dry as you blend into your skin.
The CANMAKE Eyeshadow Base makes your eyes feel super soft,
and prevents your eyeshadow gathering in the crease of your eyelids!

πŸ’ Item Used πŸ’
 Eyeshadow Base
Color used: #RB
Price: 500yen + tax

Perfect Multi Eyes #03
A glitter-free matte eyeshadow palette
that is beautiful for any eye color!
These palettes features five shadows in the same tone of brown, 

with varying degrees of brightness, 
making it simple to achieve a beautiful color gradation.

We love their new color palette #03, Antique terracotta☆
The reddish brown is so beautiful and adds depth ♥
The color combination of the chocolate brown mascara 
and the reddish brown in the new palette is lovely!

*Contains great moisturizing components:
Jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile flower extract, 

horse chestnut seed extract, and plant-derived squalane.

πŸ’ Item Used πŸ’
 Perfect Multi Eyes
Color used: #03
Price: 780yen + tax

Cream Cheek Tint #04
Gives a great soft flushed look,
giving your skin just the right amount of color.

The Cream Cheek Tint also came out with a new color,
and we really loved it.
It's called Plum Cherry (#04),
and has a darker pinkish undertone.

The cream comes with a soft, smooth sponge
ensuring clean application.

Apply a good amount of tint to the sponge 
and tap onto the high points of your cheeks to blend in. 
If you use liquid foundation, 
CANMAKE recommends you apply the cheek tint on top of it, 
but if you use powder foundation, 
apply the cheek tint under it.

πŸ’ Item Used πŸ’
 Cream Cheek Tint
Color used: #04
Price: 600yen + tax

Lip Tint Jam #04
This new # 04 color is darker than the previous ones.,
which goes great with fall colors and
the current trend of dark berry colored lips.
What we love about this lip tint is that it doesn't have a sticky tecture,
and once it's applied it stays put!
You don't need to worry about reapplying after eating or drinking something~

πŸ’ Item Used πŸ’
 Lip Tint Jam
Color used: #04
Price: 650yen + tax

🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁 πŸŽ€ 🍁

Japanese Beauty Trend
2017 Japanese Fall Makeup
And now you got Japan's fall makeup look for this year!
Get out there and enjoy the lovely fall weather☆

CANMAKE items are available in most of the drug stores in Japan!

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