Thursday, June 6, 2019

"Ohta Isan": A Series of Japanese Medicines for the Digestive Wellness of Your Family

Today We're Talking About the Japanese Digestive Medicines from the "Ohta Isan" Series

"Ohta Isan" has been providing care for the stomachs of Japan for 140 years.
This gastrointestinal medicine has also become popular among foreign visitors, enough that it has become a standard "must buy item" on the shopping lists of many. It is available at most drug stores in Japan.

The 4 Varieties in the

Introducing Four Varieties from the "Ohta Isan" Series

The first image that pops into many peoples' heads when thinking of Ohta Isan is of a can of powdery digestive medicine. The truth is, though, the medicine comes in many different varieties. These different medicines are differentiated by the stomach and intestinal symptoms they can relieve, along with the way they're taken.
We looked into the effects of each kind.

① Ohta Isan

"Ohta Isan" powder medicine, the most well-known variety.

Seven herbal ingredients make up this medicine for general gastrointestinal symptoms. If you ever suffer from heartburn, general gastrointestinal distress, or the discomfort that comes from a few too many drinks, using the included spoon and taking one scoopful (1.3g) of the Ohta Isan powder will help relieve those issues.

The medicine is even fine for pregnant women, although it's always a good idea to ask a doctor if concerned, especially since effects will vary based on any individual's constitution.

Taking the powder variety of Ohta Isan gives you a refreshing, familiar feeling.
This variety comes in two forms of packaging: a can with spoon included, and pre-portioned single-use packets in boxes.

Can Type

The standard can variety.
The cans come in three sizes.

Open the can and on top of the powder, you'll find a useful scoop on top of an inner lid. If you use the little ledge on the inner lid, you can level each spoonful of powder, easily measuring out a proper individual dose to take.

Packet Type

The packet type, easy to carry with you and convenient. Each packet contains one dose of Ohta Isan digestive medicine.
16 count/32 count/48 count
The boxes come in three sizes.
The contents are the same as in the Ohta Isan cans.

Compact and lightweight, the packet-type packaging is easy to carry with you every day, in your purse or bag. It's the best option for travel!

② Ohta Isan A <in tablet>

"Ohta Isan A <in tablet>" comes in tablet form, in yellow and blue packaging.

This particular variety is especially effective when you've got indigestion, or that heavy overfull feeling, since it's formulated for stomach pain caused by overeating. It's helpful when your stomach is breaking down lots of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
If you're feeling a little uncomfortable after eating an especially greasy meal, Ohta Isan A <in tablet> is quite useful.
Because it comes in the form of tablets, people who don't like medicine in powder form can also take it without issue, and it's easy to take with you.
It comes packaged in both bottles and packets.

It's useful to have these tablets around when you feel a little uncomfortable and overfull after a big, oily meal. They're great to keep around the house, and bring with you when you travel.

The Bottle

The bottle packaging. The tablets have little "A" impressions, and you can take up to three at a time.
45 tablets/120 tablets/300 tablets
The Ohta Isan A <in tablet> bottles are available in three sizes.

The Packets

There is a three tablet dose in each of the packets. The packets are grouped in sheets of three packets, and five of these sheets are in each box. That makes each box the equivalent of 45 tablets.

③ Ohta Isan Drug for Controlling Intestinal Function

"Ohta Isan Drug for Controlling Intestinal Function" is the third different variety in the series.
As you can tell from the medicine's name, it's effective at keeping your intestines in good condition, or putting things in order.
Many people's first assumption is that these tablets must be an antidiarrheal, or a laxative, but its real job is to help regulate your digestive tract, creating a good intestinal environment, and normalizing the function of the organ.

Part of the ingredients is lactic acid bacteria, which helps fix and maintain the intestinal environment. The herbal medicine also included helps improve intestinal tract movement. This means that it does also help improve the condition of stomach suffering from diarrhea or constipation.

Bottles of 160 tablets or 370 tablets are available when it comes to this easy to take tablet form.

A three tablet dose, taken three times a day.
Pregnant women can take it as well, since it's just made with lactic acid bacteria and herbal medicine. Do let your doctor know whenever you take any medicine, though!

④ Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱ

"Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱ" comes in pink packaging.
If stress gives you stomach problems, this item is effective against that kind of gastrointestinal distress. Instead of the discomfort that comes after eating or drinking to excess, this medicine helps with neurogenic or chronic gastritis. If work stress, exams, or family issues give you stomachaches, loss of appetite, nausea, or similar symptoms, this medicine can help ease your discomfort.

Modern society is stressful.
Your stomach isn't in great shape these days anyway...
Without warning, "Ouch! My stomach!"

When situations like this come up, Chinese herbal medicine provides gently care.

The tablet type.
The tablets come in packets of three.
Boxes of 54 and 108 tablets are available.

The powder type.
The powder comes in boxes of 14 and 34 packets.
The packets each contain one dose of granular, easy-to-take powder.

"Ohta Isan": 

A Digestive Medicine Beloved in Japan for Many Years

Ohta Isan's catchphrase "thank you, that's good medicine" is well-known throughout Japan, and their series of digestive medicine is popular and has been commonly found in households for many years. Putting all of the benefits of herbal medicine to work, it's no wonder Ohta Isan's natural effect has made it a beloved choice for so long.



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