Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#Travel ♪Nasu in Summer 001~ Animal Kingdom

RECAP our Summer Trip to Nasu


 Summer Trip to Nasu
- Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu, just one hour away from Tokyo.
It is one of the famous resort places in Japan.
In order to go around the huge Nasu area,
car rental is very common then.
Since there is not yet many foreign visitors to come to Nasu; therefore, transportation facilities and services is not well-provided.

Although there is not yet many foreign visitors come to Nasu, tourists has begun to get to know about this area and spent a visit recently.
This time I would like to tell you about my trip to Nasu.
First of all, I got to show you my favorite in Nasu.
Nasu Animal Kingdom.

Nasu Animal Kingdom
Open hours (until December 1, 2013)
Weekdays 10:00 ~ 16:30
Weekends and Holidays 9:00 ~ 17:00
(Until Dec. 1, 2013)
Winter season (December 2, 2013 - March 14, 2014)
Weekends and holidays 10:00 ~ 16:00
Year End and New Year (December 21 - January 5) 10:00 ~ 16:00
Website (Japanese) http://www.nasu-oukoku.com

Rent-a-dog (Dog Park)
This is my favorite in Nasu Animal Kingdom!!! Dog rental service.

There are small cute puppies, and also large-sized  fluffy furry dog, a wide range of different varieties of choice will definitely satisfy you!

Rent rate: 800yen for 20-minute


Today, we are very lucky to get to see show of sea seal!

Smart sea seals and clever sea dogs appear together to performance in the show!! This can be seen in Nasu Animal Kingdom only!


Always seen in comic book!
Baby raccoon was just born!
Since this baby was born just a week ago,
we are only able to see their fun face through a monitor screen.


Although they can be only seen from the monitor screen, it still attracts lot of people come to take a look of them.
The level of loving and caring animals is just the same all over the world.

Animal Kingdom of Waterside

Animals are feeling free to move around the open-wide environment!
The most attractive ones are penguins!

Capybara in the Forest

Living in South America,
Capybara is the largest rodent animals.
They have no tails, use both feet to move in the water.
Just the same as what has written on the dictionary, nothing interesting!
But when you see them in real, you will feel the same as me too!

Absolutely cute!

Everyone, come on to take a look of capybara!!

I am capybara.
Extremely cute!!

Though they walk very slowly on the ground, they are like flying-fish in the water!

Foot bath

Here we are in Nasu Animals Kingdom, seeing capybaras while enjoying foot bath at the same time.
Of course, we are not on the same bath with capybaras.

A beautiful turn brings together with a perfect performance.

Oh! No! Are you drowned? Are you okay?

Want to hug the capybaras!

Baby capybara

We can feed them!
The body was just born a week ago!
So cute^^

I am not capybara~XD

The most attractive point of Nasu Animals Kingdom is we can freely play with those cute animals.
Especially it is very popular for children to interact with animals.
Just 1 hour and 10-minute from Tokyo Station to Nasu-shiobara Station by Shinkansen!
It is convenient that there is shuttle bus in front of Nasu-shiobara Station, directly going to Nasu Animal Kingdom. 

Direct Shuttle Bus
In front of Nasu Shiobara Station
9:10 departs-10:15 arrives at Nasu Animal Kingdom
10:10 departs-11:20 arrives at Nasu Animal Kingdom
Above two shuttle buses are running.
(Only available on weekends and Japanese national holidays during the period of September 2013 ~ November 2013)

In front of Nasu Animal Kingdom
15:45 departs-16:10 arrives Nasu Epinard Hotel -16:50 arrives Nasu-shiobara Station
17:00 departs- 17:30 arrives Nasu Epinard Hotel -18:10 arrives Nasu-shiobara Station

Direct Shuttle Bus Information (in Japanese)

Admission Fee
Adult: 1,800 yen
Child (Elementary Schools' students): 1,000 yen
Young children, under age of 3:  700 yen
Senior (age of 60 or older):  1,000 yen
Groups (10 or more): 1,300 yen
Groups (Child): 500 yen

Admission after 14:00
Adult: 1,000 yen
Child (age of 3~ elementary schools' students):  500 yen

Souvenirs of Nasu Animal Kingdom!
It is extremely cute!