Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Food ♪ You know what is Wagyu? Japanese Beef? Teppanyaki? Grilled Steak?

#Food  ♪ You know what is Wagyu? Japanese Beef? Teppanyaki? Grilled Steak?

*King of Japanese Beef
That is "Wagyu (和牛) in Japanese," 
Kobe beef is one of the premium brands!

Premium Beef......
In Korea, it is called "Korean beef."
In the US, it is called "Prime."
In Australia, it is called "Darling Down." ?!?

*King of Tokyo!

Speaking of place, 

we might say Ginza!

Wow!! Tokyo Tower from Ginza ^^

So let' become king or queen tonight!!!

Having King of Beef at MISONO 

at a King City in Ginza !!!

What a luxury night!

* Chef having on grilling in front of all guests!

* Good Location!

Here we are in Ginza.

Wow!! What a nice view out of the window!

"Ginza MISONO" Teppanyaki Stesk Restaurant!

Opened in 1945 in Kobe. 

It is said that it is the  NO. 1 Teppanyaki Specialty Shop in Japan

At first, it is a okonomi-yaki shop
Since there were a large number of American Army, 
steak was getting popular, 
especially steak on pan; 

pan →teppanyaki  in Japanese, 

the word "teppanyaki " has been spread out!


many celebrities, Hollywood movie stars,  athletes, and president of  Panasonic has been taking a visit!

* Omotenashi 

Japanese -styled hospitality 

* Secret of MISONO

①Steam before grill!

And in order to avoid unnecessary smoke 

MISONO original cover were invented.

② Simple is the BEST!

The only seasoning is 
salt, black pepper, and soy sauce. 

And wasabi and vinegar mixed sauce is awesome!!!!!

Before eating the main dish,

let's have an appetizer.

Cool!!! I am surprised!!

Next, the chef is going to prepare some vegetable for me!!!

Those are salt??? maybe..

Reminding me I am in the center of Tokyo!

Enjoying a graceful night here in Ginza 

waiting for King of Beef!!!

OMG!!!!  Today's main role!!!

A think piece of Kobe Beef!!!!

Putting on the teppan (pan) 

He is doing some magic lol

oh!!! It is ready!!!!

Chef in front of me, making the only dish for me!!!
I gotta remember this moment!!!

Button pressed!!! 

Okay.... put the fried onions together and dip it with wasabi and soy sauce!!!!

Awesome combination!

Partner of Japanese beef is???

Of course red wine!!!


seems I have drunk more than usual.......

Teppanyaki  Steak MISONO
(元祖 鉄板焼 ステーキ みその)

Give it a try!! You will definitely love it!



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