Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#Food ♪Have you tried Kaiten-zushi in Japan? Kyotaru~ Mizakiko~ Kamata Shop is so cool!

#Food ♪Have you tried Kaiten-zushi in Japan?  Kyotaru~ Mizakiko~ Kamata Shop is so cool!

Coming to Japan, why not having a try of delicious fresh sushi??

Speaking of sushi in Tokyo,

most people would say Tskiji!

Yes! You can eat fresh sushi if you get there early in the morning!

Looking for other places cool?

Here we come to Kamata

pretty near to Haneda Airport in Tokyo!

A kaiten-zushi shop called Kyotaru ~ Misakiko" (Kamata shop)

Located near the east exit of JR Kamata Station

24 minutes from JR Akihabara or

15 minutes from JR Hamamatsucho or 

Just 2 stations away from Shinagawa 

wow!!! very colorful!!!
What do you like? 

Hey, look!!!

This is kaiaten-zushi!!

Every tiny dish with 2-3 sushi on top are on the rotating belt!

There you are!

What is this??

It is a "touch screen panel" for ordering! Cool!!!

High- tech Japan huh!

Let us try!

Oh!!! Nice!! Not only Japanese,

other languages are available. 

English, Chinese, Korean and French.

Thumb up ^^


It seems multilingual menu system is only available at 

Kamata Shop!!


wow!!!  2 layers !

Upper belt and lower belt are rotating separately! Cool!

Oh!!! Arrived!! 

Ordered sushi will be arrived on the upper belt! 

And on the lower belt are the random sushi to be pick up at anytime.

 Our favorite!!! 

Toro!! (Fat tuna)




Take a look of what we ordered!!!

Are you ready? lol

Last, we had  a seafood based miso soup. 

Check please!

 See how many dishes we had???


A nice time to 

be full,

experience high-tech,

enjoy Japanese fresh food,

get touched with Japanese modern culture!!!

A must-go if you have chance traveling Tokyo!

You will definitely like it!

A kaiten-zushi shop called Kyotaru ~ Misakiko" (Kamata shop)

There are many branch shops in Tokyo and throughout the Kanto regions.

But only Kamata shop has "Touch Screen Panel." 

Go Try it!

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