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#Accommodation - ♪ Meeting New Friends and Creating your own Trip at Oak Hostel Zen in Uguisudani, Tokyo

#Accommodation - ♪ Meeting New Friends and Creating your own Trip at Oak Hostel Zen in Uguisudani, Tokyo 

This is an hostel (hotel) operated by Oak House
a Japan's largest SHARE HOUSE operated company.

Other than SHARE HOUSE,
Oak house also runs hotels (hostels) for tourists visiting Japan to have an accommodation in reasonable prices!
Like a dormitory room,  just 3000 yen a person!
Very reasonable! huh!

That means  staying a week is just 
3000 yen  x 7 days 



It is a YOUTH HOSTEL ran by Oak House.
It feels like a cheap business hotel with no breakfast included.
Dormitory / Single / Double / Twin / 4-person room, etc., There is no much difference with hotels in general. 
Besides, common facilities such as kitchen and lounge are just like the same atmosphere in a SHARE HOUSE  of Oak House.

No wonder it is a reasonable place to have a stay!

Dormitory Room in Oak Hostel 


JR Uguisudani Station 

An Oak Hostel located in JR Uguisudani Station, one stop from Ueno Station.
 Just 6-min walk from South exit of Uguisudani Station.

You may also walk to Ueno Park from Uguisudani Station. 

JR Yamanote Line- Uguisudani Station  

JR Ueno Station & JR Uguisudani Station 
Let us use this super 3D map to confirm the location of Oak Hostel. 

After crossing over the railway from South Exit, 
just have a 5-min walk. 
What a convenient distance.

JR Uguisudani Station South Exit 
Walking though the road and going downward. 
Oak Hostel is on the opposite side of the railway.

Overview of Oak Hostel


Overview of Oak Hostel's Facilities

It is a 3-story building.

1st Floor:
・Kitchen and Lounge 
 ・Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds, 3,000 yen per person
・Dormitory Rooms with single beds, 3,500 yen per person

2nd Floor
・DOUBLE rooms (3 rooms sharing a common bathroom and toilet) 8,000 yen per room
・SEMI-DOUBLE rooms (bathroom is included in each room) this is familiar to business hotels in general. 7,500 yen per room
・TWIN rooms (two beds, sharing common bathrooms and toilets on the same floor) 8,000 yen per room.

3rd Floor
・SEMI-DOUBLE rooms  (bathroom is included in each room) this is familiar to business hotels in general. 7,500 yen per room
・Family Rooms (4 beds and bathroom is included in each room) 17,000 yen per room.


Design of ZEN STYLE is based on the fusion of Japanese and Western idea.

Such as wallpapers of Japanese flower patterns in western bedrooms. 
All the aesthetic design makes the 

Overview of Lounge

Private lockers and vending machines.

Canned beer is only 220 yen! Cheaper than the one in convenience stores lol

Smoking Rooms
Similar to OAK HOUSE, there is a smoking room on the 1st floor.


1st Floor - Kitchen 
Feel like we have came to OAK HOUSE (SHARE HOUSE)
By the way, here is just a hostel (hotel)! 

Overview of Kitchen on the 1st floor

You can find all the equipment here!

All the cooking essentials

Same as in SHARE HOUSE
You can find everything you need in the kitchen.

Feel like we are in a SHARE HOUSE simply.

If you will stay in Tokyo for about a month because of business trip or 
plan to travel Tokyo for 1-3 weeks,
this is the perfect choice for you !


1st Floor - DORMITORY Rooms

 ・Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds, 3,000 yen per person
・Dormitory Rooms with single beds, 3,500 yen per person

It is a fair choice for the ones who come travelling Tokyo with friends. 
Feel like we are living in a comic.
Bunk beds! A fresh try!

Dormitory Rooms with single beds
3,500 yen per person per bed
Recommend to the ones who come traveling Tokyo with friends!

Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds

A strong but comfortable bunk bed in dormitory room

Each bed has electrical plugs.

Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds

3000 yen per person.


2nd Floor - DOUBLE rooms and TWIN rooms

Nothing much difference from the rooms in general hotels.
But here in OAK HOSTEL, what a unique atmosphere!

2nd Floor- DOUBLE rooms

・DOUBLE rooms (3 rooms sharing a common bathroom and toilet)
 8,000 yen per room
that means if 2-person share a room, 
just 4,000 yen per person.

This is the DOUBLE room.
4,000 yen person person. 
Nice scenery, a spacious bed, a TV set, and a desk!
Very Good!

Of course, bathrobes and bathroom amenities are well-prepared.

3 rooms sharing the same bathroom and toilet

These are the rooms.


2nd Floor- SEMI-DOUBLE rooms

A familiar room type.
7,500 yen per room.
Since it is a SEMI-DOUBLE,
it is okay for 2 persons.
That means 3,750 yen per person a night! 


2nd Floor-TWIN ROOM

It is a little bit different from TWIN rooms in general.
2 beds are lined up vertically.
Looks interesting!

8,000 yen a night!
That means 4,000 yen per person.

Common bathroom and toilet on each floor.


3rd Floor- Family Rooms

There are 4 beds.
It is good if 4 friends come traveling Tokyo together!
17,000 yen a night!
that means just 4,250 yen per person.

Bathroom and toilet are included.

For the ones who travel around Tokyo,
thinking to stay around Ueno!
Here you go! OAK HOSTEL!

Sometimes, some people might ask, 
"Planning to go to Tokyo for a month, is OAK HOUSE available to stay a month?" 

So OAK HOSTEL ZEN is a good place for most of the travelers then!

Wish everyone has a 
brand new, 
Tokyo Trip!

This is our suggestion of OAK HOSTEL

Booking rooms in OAK HOSTEL 

you can check the following


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