Monday, June 16, 2014

#Entertainment - ♪ Let's Jump into the Biggest Box of LEGO Bricks in Odaiba ①

#Entertainment - ♪ Let's Jump into the Biggest Box of LEGO Bricks in Odaiba ①

After visiting  Madame Tussauds Tokyo,
we also got into the LEGOLAND next to it!

Located on the 3rd floor. 
Seems it still not widely known by many people.
Madame Tussauds Tokyo + LEGOLAND are going to be experimental entertainment spots here.

Wow!!!  Below view is all made by lego bricks .
Fuji TV building is a well-known landmark of Odaiba as we all knew!!

Can you see the building in front of DECKS??
LEGOLAND is located on the 3rd floor of the DECKS Mall!

A popular spot for visitors!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center 
Let's have our two little reporters to show us around^^
Tsubaki-chan and Tamaki-chan^^
Are they cute?

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo, 
located in Decks Mall and Japan's first LEGO attraction!

Office Hour: 10:00~ 21:00 
(Last Admission: 7pm )
Admission Fee: 2,200 yen 
(If you order tickets in advance on the official site, 
you will have 500 yen discounted,  just 1,700 yen.
Moreover, dated booking ticket will save you up to 700yen, just 1500 yen)

Free entry for children aged 2 years and under!

Wow!! It is odaiba!

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. 

This one is.... Shibuya!! 

You got it!! One of the busy crossing intersections in the world!

The focus of this one is spot-lighted in the center.  
Ryogoku Kokugikan (An indoor sporting arena for sumo wrestling tournament)

Who knows this??
It is Asakusa! Kaminarimon and Sensoji at night!! 

And you can see Mount Fuji at the back!

Mount Fuji and Fireworks!! Cool!!! 

LEGO Factory Tour 
Here, you might make your own LEGO bricks such as mix the color of bricks. 

Tsubaki and Tamaki is very focused!

Kingdom Quest Laser Ride!!

How exciting! 

LEGO Racers: Build & test
Let's make your own vehicles from thousands of bricks using your unique imagination!

LEGO Fire Academy & Construction Site
An area for children to go around to have fun. 
There is a slide and a lot of soft building bricks.

Mr. Monkey is looking for its brother, 
while Tsubaki-chan is looking for her sister Tamaki ^^


Tamaki is here with this cute doggie lol

Let's go!!! 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center 
to be continued......

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