Wednesday, July 30, 2014

# Culture ♪ Cheers for Fireworks in Tokyo

# Culture ♪ Cheers for Fireworks 

In order to enjoy fireworks in the fullest, 
a good position is needed. 
Everybody knows it!

Fireworks will start at 20:00
but most people are ready for it few around before lol

One evening in summer!
A peaceful time under this incredible sky.

Picnic spreadsheets are well-prepared.
Japanese people are all experts of it lol

The sky is still bright!
Anyway, fireworks start!

a little bit far away though...

not just entertainment for eyes but also the atmosphere, the people and blah blah blah....

and beer as well ♡


looks like a face of something.....

A summer night in Tokyo^^ 

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