Monday, July 28, 2014

# Culture ♪ Time to Get Ready for Festival (MATSURI)! Come on! It is Summer!

# Culture  ♪ Time to Get Ready for Festival (MATSURI)!  Come on! It is Summer! 

Those are called yatai (屋台) 
If you see them, it means there are festivals nearby. 
Most of them are food and game!

Cool!!! Japanese people like them the most in summer!
Japanese beer!!!
You like Asahi, Sapporo or Ebisu?

Wow!!!! A huge amount of fried noodles!!!
He is cooking very hard!!!
Appreciate to his spirit!

Sausage from a cool guy^^
Arigatou ♡ Thanks!

Anyone knows what's this?
Eggs, meat, and a large amount of cabbage underneath 
plus, the main of this dish is 
fried noodles!!!

Not just okonomi-yaki

Here you are !!!

Wow!! Fried squid 
from father and son ^^
Feel the family love lol

with special sauce^^

Looks delicious^^

What do you wanna to have???


After summer festival, what is next?

Keep track with us then!!!

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