Wednesday, August 27, 2014

# Gourmet ♪ The Most Delicious Grilled Oysters Ever!

# Gourmet ♪ The Most Delicious Grilled Oysters Ever! 

Visiting Hiroshima in summer^^
Although it was hot and humid (same anywhere in Japan),
you would find a "Cool" and happy moment!
Fresh squeezed lemonade^^


Then, just a drink is too lonely though!!!
That's why we didn't miss the famous oysters in Miyajima, Hiroshima! 

Done with lemon from Hiroshima on the top

Lemonade and oyster!!!
We will be back Miyajima, Hiroshima!!!!

Where did we stay?
Mitsui Garden Hotels Hiroshima
Easy access to most of the sightseeing spot in Hiroshima and also 
convenient transportation to the harbor for a day trip to Miyajima
World heritage, Itsukushima Shrine 

Mitsui Garden Hotels Hiroshima:

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