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#Shopping ♪ The Best Department Store for Men!! ISETAN MEN'S in Shinjuku

#Shopping ♪ The Best Department for Men!! ISETAN MEN'S in Shinjuku 

A friendly  department store 

Located at the most bustling downtown area in Tokyo
The best department store for men 
Allow all the gentlemen to find their own self here!

Official site for ISENTAN MEN'S

This is the magic gate for gentlemen to "change "
Entrance of ISETAN MEN'S 

Let's check the geography around. 

5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit or 
directly from Tokyo Subway Metro  Shinjuku 3-chrome 

ISETAN MEN'S is located at the back of ISETAN Main building 
and next to it is the "PARK CITY ISETAN 5 " for Sporty items.

There are a lot of choices of shoes on the B1F of ISETAN MEN'S  
Let's express your real gentlemen sense! 

Everything shows the sense of being a gentleman.

Spa & massage services for men
An unique facility in ISETAN MEN'S

Come to 1F of ISETAN MEN'S 
for some men's cosmetics 

Being a gentleman, it is imperfect if you don't have a good pen with you. 

Stationery Corner for all well-prepared gentlemen

You can feel the sense of being a gentleman at every corner in "ISETAN MEN'S."

Traveling abroad becomes popular these years.
People are looking for a  a better quality of suitcase to travel around..
Only the one who enjoys life knows what they want here!
Wish you will find your own choices here at ISETAN MEN'S

Wow!!! A rich assortment of modeling suitcases and carry-bags.

From made in Japan items to European design, 
all you can find at this corner.

What do you think about this this style? 

Park City ISETAN 5
is located right next to the "ISETAN MEN'S."
On the 2nd floor, it is the floor of for sporty items.
It is opened in March of 2013.
You could find whatever you want here!
Recommend to all the ISETAN lover and SPORT LOVER.
There arr also a cafe next to it.

What a trendy pose playing yoga!

Golf is not only sport but also a fashion.

Outdoor activities are very popular lately!!

What a stylish design!!!! Let's go on a trip with your original bicycle.

Our favorite sneaker brand!!! Onitsuka Tiger!!!

Look! Design of this brand is good-looking rather in different angles. 
Wanna bring a pair back home? lol

 Tax Free Counter at the Walkway of ISETAN MEN'S and Isetan Main Building 6F
It is a counter for foreign visitors. 

Consumption tax is now increased from 5% to 8% in Japan. 
But it is a good news for foreign visitors to enjoy shopping 
and a easy accessible tax free service. 
Besides, Wi-Fi service is available here!

It is the counter for tax free service.
Native speakers of Chinese, English and Korean are available all the time for foreign visitors.

If you are run out of yen,
just come here to do the currency exchange by yourself!

A friendly department store for men

It is not easy of being a cool and smart gentleman! 
But it is not natural to put too much focus working on it or just too casual to leave a raunchy image.
It is kind of a hard topic, huh?

So what should everyone do?
Just have a new look?
But sometimes we are afraid if it will be too simple to put on a simple sweater. 
Not only to keep warm but also give people a sense of charm.
That's why men also is better to dress-up well.

Longing to be a gentleman, 
don't forget to spend a visit to ISETAN MEN'S!

If you are interested to take a look at the latest trend of gentlemen, 
drop by Shinjuku and come to ISETAN MEN'S to find the romantic and charming sense of gentlemen.

Get an item for your friends, partner, family or even yourself!
You feel interested? 
That means you are already at the entrance of being a smart gentleman.

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