Friday, January 23, 2015

#Daily Life ♪ Secret of DAISO 100 yen Shop's Items~ Organize your Office

#Daily Life ♪ Secret of DAISO 100 yen Shop's Items~ Organize your Office 

Organize your office~  secret of "100 yen" 
To the ones who love your work~
How does your office desk look like?
You have your files, document organized well? 
How about draft paper?
Schedule packed with meeting, appointment and any kinds of issues..
We are afraid you have the desk looks like your schedule,
packed with things.....
Look at your desk!!
What do you think?
Full of bottles, cans of drinks?
A mountain of paper and documents...
And the position of computer, mouse  and keyboard.
No problem!!!
Take a look at of our office...
Secret is ....we get fully used of the items from 100 yen shops. 
Let's share with everyone than^^

Storage cases to organize documents 
Different types for various usage. 

Colorful spiral ring notebooks
cute animal sticky memos
How cheering and happy ~

Pen stand is necessary.

The quality of this folder pad is pretty good.
Just 100 yen? Awesome!

Spend your day with your partner-mouse closely...
You definitely need a mouse pad to let your wrist stay relaxed. 
Just 100 yen.

Looking at these lovely "animals" in the meantime of busy work
to calm our stressed mind and heart^^

Color our stressed days.

Use colorful paper clip to categorize your documents.

Looks delicious..."Japanese dumplings"
it is eraser though.... 
Oh! it is tea time at 15:00.

Oh!!! Really it is tea time. lol
Ghana Chocolate...
Which one to choose... wondering....
But it is good to have some sweet to refresh our mind^^
 Organized your desk with all 100 yen items!
Try to be professional! 
Work efficiently! 
Clear desk! Clear mind! 
No pressure! 
Thanks items of 100 yen shop
Don't you wanna give it a try. 
It is simple and definitely give you some space for creativity. ^^

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