Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#Shopping ♪ Collection of all climbing Items~ Ishii Yamasen @ Shinjuku BICQLO!

#Shopping ♪ Collection of all climbing Items~ Ishii Yamasen @ Shinjuku BICQLO!  

Gathering many professional items of climbing, outdoor activities 

It seems casual outdoor sports getting popular recently today in Japan.
You can see many people walking on the street with their fashionable outfit of climbing/ outdoor wear, as well as a camera on the neck.

You know what? 
In recent years, you might see a lot of people have been falling to the activities climbing!
Especially girl who gets interested in climbing, is called 
"Yama Girl (literally means mountain girl, girl who likes climbing )"

Of course, you might find Japan is very supportive to the fashion of climbing and outdoor activities. 
According to the changing of times, fashion and styling of outdoor sports has been changing from the past as well.

You definitely might know popular brands like 
Nowadays, many of the outdoor sport players focus on both professional items and 
the design and quality of the wears. 

"Ishii Yamasen, " the specialty shop of professional outdoor sport items, 
under the Japanese brand shop of sport fashion "ICI Ishii Sports."

So you might find anything related to climbing here!
We just recognize this shop when we shopped at Shinjuku. 

It is on the 8th floor of Shinjuku BICQLO ( The building of UNIQLO and BIC CAMERA )
The hottest spot!!!
The biggest outdoor sports specialized shop in Tokyo  (550tsubo =  about 1818 )
If you are looking for items focusing on mountain-climbing in ICI Ishii Sports,
just come here!
Of course TAX FREE for all overseas tourists (excluding ART SPORTS)

Okay! Let's go to see the latest climbing fashion!

Ishii Yamasen 
Location: Shinjuku BICQLO 8F from JR Shinjuku East Exit
Open Hour: 11:00-20:00

Look at their fashion!
Not only outfits for climbing but also good for travelling!^^

Practical and stylish! Feel free to express oneself. 
Enjoy the fun of outdoor sports as well as fashion.
Look at the girls on the above pictures! There outfits are so-called the latest fashion "Yama Girl Style " in Japan.  ^^

"Ishii Yamasen" at Shinjuku BICQLO 8F from JR Shinjuku East Exit 

Specific camera for mountain climbing. It is a corner cooperated with FUJIFILM.

It is a corner of backpack! 
Wow! The size of backpacks surprised us!
Of course, there are professional backpacks for climbing as well as the lightweight ones. 

You can't miss these! Pursuit of practical function and fashionable design! 
Wow!!! A lot of climbing shoes! It is hard to make decision.

In order for customers to find their ideal items for mountain climbing,
A set of small hill is prepared. 
So that customers can try on the shoes and step on it to see if they are fit while walking on a slope.

Outdoor sports can be liked an adventure.
Just Enjoy the your lifestyle on outdoor leisure!

Of course, there is corner of hats and gloves for all seasons.

A variety of instant convenient food for camping and trip of mountain climbing. 
In winter, no doubt the happiest time is to have a cup of hot coffee ... or soup!
A moment to keep our body warm and get away from fatigue. ^^

Beside soup, there are also some dried food! Just like a corner of a supermarket! ^^

Moving around to look for stylish items

The well-known brand of outdoor sports 

Enjoy the highest quality of 
This is Summit Series.

You can find the items limited to Japan, especially items cooperated with Ishi yamasen. 

HELLY HANSEN, a Nordic Norway-born marine-wear brand, has history of 130 years. 
A Nordic style of outdoor leisure series

British high quality of practical outdoor sport brand "Mountain Equipment."

One of the popular outdoor casual wear brands in Japan

The world's top outdoor sport wear brand 
It is a popular brand as Columbia Sportswear.

Starting from the production of sleeping bag, it is also a brand as a sponsor in the Hollywood's movie of Clint Eastwood, "The Eiger Sanction."

It brings a new revolution of the material used in outdoor sports wear!
Nobody doesn't know it.

"Montura" Outdoor Leisure brand from Italy 

The ultimate price and quality!

Feel the fashionable Italian style! ^^

Speaking of the prince of mountain climbing,
don't forget "SALOMON."

MILLET, well-known in Japan

Nordic style of  "HAGLOFS"

a popular Japanese brand well-known by fishing-lovers

A variety of outdoor sport wears top brands from all around the world!
No doubt "Ishii Yamasen" is a place for all outdoor  sport players.  

A corner of ART SPORTS!
Unfortunately, it is not available for TAX FREE.
  But many of items can only be found here!

Speaking of Outdoor activities,
you don't wanna miss "mont-bell." (Meaning: Beautiful mountains)

What is the most important thing are "casual" and "lightweight."
No matter you are going to the South Pole, the Himalayas, Alaska and other arctic area,
you would definitely prefer an only  down jacket of 1000 fill power in the world.

mont-bell at Shinjuku South Exit is available for tax-free!

Not only its practical function, but the design definitely attracted a lady the most!
Limited item only available in Japan! Everything is in Asian sizes. ^^


A sharp colors coordination!
Oh!!! All these fashionable style makes us wanna go for outdoor sport right away. 

Ginren card is welcomed to Chinese visitors. 

Getting free stickers after shopping!

How excited in today's shopping!
Not only just the popular brands can be found.
But also good to look around!
And tax free is available,
much cheaper than other places!

Ishii Yamasen is specialized for outdoor sports lovers. 
Spacious and comfortable shopping environment,
customers can feel free to look around the variety of brands and items.

As you know, now it is the big chance to visit Japan. 
Because of the lower yen and the new deal of tax-free.
Also, it is the best season for winter sports. 
For example, when you come to ski in Japan, 
just grab some stylish outdoor fashion then. 

Moreover, you don't wanna miss BICQLO, the hottest spot in Shinjuku. 
Let make your trip in Tokyo more fun and exciting!
Come and have a look!

Ishii Yamasen 
Location: Shinjuku BICQLO 8F from JR Shinjuku East Exit
Open Hour: 11:00-20:00

Please click the below for a detailed access way and map 


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