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#Share house ♪ Let's take a smart life at Oak House Social Residence in Sagamihara

#Share house ♪ Let's take a smart life at Oak House Social Residence in Sagamihara

Share House is evolving. 

A reasonable way of communal living with 
diverse nationalities, and  people who have a variety of personality.
You can choose share house that fits various kind of lifestyle, hobbies and etc. 


・No key money, gift money, agency fee is needed
・No guarantor is needed
・Fully furnished 
・Internet fee is free
・One-time-only management fee
・Can transfer between share houses

Not only those, 
the most important thing is to enjoy a simple living through communication with a number of people together!

All you can find in Social Residence.

People with a lot of different background and talent live together. 
Therefore, various of workshops, events and seminars are held regularly. 

Soundproof room allows you to play musical instrument.
Theater room allows you to enjoy movies and video.
Study room and conference room are 24-hour available.  

 You would definitely enjoy the social life. 
[Enjoy a carefree share house life in a campus town of a number of Japanese Universities!
Social Life! Social Residence Sagamihara! Oak House! ] 

▲ Oak House Portal Website

Over 240 buildings and 3,800 rooms in Japan are introduced in 5 languages.
Such as rooms in share house, apartment and social residence. 
You can search the keywords to check the availability of vacancy.

Can you image the lifestyle in Oak House?

The Social Residence in Tokyo we are introducing today is 
about 30-minute train away from Shinjuku Station.
It is right next to Aoyama Gakuin University.

We gotta share with you 4 charming points of 
Social Residence Sagamihara.

Social Residence Sagamihara, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Share house/ Apartment

Charming Point 1

Simple and clean room 

You will be impressed by the neatness of the room. 
Basic furniture and appliances are well-equipped. 
A livable room for oneself. 

Charming Point 2

Large storage space

Walk-in closet is well-equipped.
No worry of the lack of space of storage.  

Charming Point 3

Clean Toilet-bidet 

Clean and hygienic common restrooms

Charming Point 4

Well-equipped public baths in excellent quality 

Spacious public bath and shower space 
Switch daily between men and women bath. 

What do you think?
Besides the charming points mentioned above, 
we would like to share with you 
some spots we highlighted at Social Residence Sagamigara!

Let's take a look at them one by one in details. 

▲ JR Yokohama Line, Fuchinobe Station

A number of prestigious private university in Tokyo can be found in this area. 
Aoyama Gakuin University Sagamihara Campus is just within a walking distance from Fuchinobe Station, which is just 7-minute from Machida Terminal Station of JR line or Odakyu line. 
Therefore, it is just 1-hour to Shibuya and Shinjuku. 

By the way, 
Social Residence Sagamihara is located about 
7-minute walk from Fuchinobe Station. 

▲ Convenient facilities can all be found near the station.

Supermarket, izakaya, convenience stores, restaurants and etc.
Various kind of shops and facilities around the station.

How convenient to live a life here!

▲ A peaceful campus town

Campus of Aoyama Gakuin University is located in the town. 
You will see it is a town filled with students. 

▲ View from outside of Social Residence Sagamihara 

A spacious six-story mansion building,
which consists of 130 single rooms.
Can you feel the warm atmosphere of Oak house already.

Info of Social Residence Sagamihara

Address: Kanagawa Sagamihara city Chuo ward Fuchinobe
Line name and closet station: JR Yokohama Line Fuchinobe Station 
Walk to the nearest station: 7 minutes
Time to terminal station: 7 minutes to Machida Station 
Floors in house: 6 floors
Number of single rooms: 130 rooms
Others: Common lounge, bicycle parking
Internet: Optical fiber

Social Residence Sagamihara, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Share house/ Apartment

▲ Entrance lobby

Spacious space, a stylish and sophisticated interior.
It is a lounge you feel relaxed.

▲ Lounge on the 1F

A open-lounge makes you feel relaxed.
Let's feel the warm sun shine and listen the bird singing everyday. 
Find your living freely and comfortably here!

▲ There is a washing sink at the corner of the Lounge!

Social Residence in Sagamihara
No doubt there are spacious public bath and shower rooms.
You will find convenient everywhere even at the corner of the lounge. 

▲ a Stylish open kitchen

Stylish kitchen of Oak House
Cooking utensils are well-equipped.
Make you feel like to cook something stylishly. lol

▲ Two sinks and Ireland-styled Kitchen

A perfect cooking facilities and environment!
No matter you cook for yourself or having a party!

▲ Convenient elevator

Sometimes it might be tired to go up and down within a 6-story building.
Especially when you are carrying a large luggage,
an elevator is convenient huh!

▲ Convenient facilities on each floor!
Washroom, toilet, and laundry space.

Find convenient to have the clean and spacious washroom, toilet and laundry space on each floor!

▲ Another convenient facility on each floor
Small Kitchen 

Although there is a spacious open kitchen on the 1F,
you might also cook some simple dishes at the small kitchen on each floor too.

we can save more money of eating at home. 

▲ Shared facility 1
Study Room

Study room which is 24 hours available and WiFi access is well-equipped.
A space to share creative ideas and do brainstorm. 

▲ Shared facility 2
 Shower Room

There are two shower rooms on each floor. 

▲ Shared facility 3
Spacious public bath

Spacious public bath on the 2F
Switch daily between men and women bath. 

▲ A calendar is pasted at the entrance of public bath!

Blue for male; red for female.
Let's check the schedule before using!!
If not, you will find embarrassed lol

▲ A neat dressing room

Make us feel like have come to a real public bath facility.
Clean and neat!

▲ Inside the public bath

Wow!!! So wide!!!!
Not just the bath but also shower space. 
Glad that it is free! !  

▲ A lounge room on the 2F near public bath

You might enjoy your time before shower in the lounge on the 1F.
Then, you might find refreshment on the lounge room on the 2F
after taking a bath. 
Drink a milk and get rid of fatigue of the day!

Okay! Next, let's take a look at the room!

▲ Three types of rooms.

Rooms in Social Residence Sagamihara
has three types of room. 

1. Standard Room
2. Standard Corner Room
3. Apartment-type Room

Rental Information
Rent from 53,000 yen
Common Service charge 12,000yen
【Special Campaign!】 -  20000 yen off in the campaign period!

▲ The common point of all rooms is 
 a big storage space!

No need to worry about the storage space!
All rooms in Social Residence Sagamihara has a wide space for storage.

▲ There are also storage spaces at the both sides of the entrance of the room!

Walk-in closet on both sides right in front the entrance!
Use the space perfectly. 

▲ Convenient drawers!

Usually only closet for putting hangers
but there are 3 drawers for the storage of pants too!

T-shirts, socks, underwear and etc.
There is no problem to keep the room tidy.

▲ Wow!!! Unexpectedly wide Lol
Balcony of the corner room

When you step out of the balcony
You will probably be surprised by the long balcony in front of you.

Wow!! What a nice landscape!    

▲ Apartment-type Room

Sometimes it is good to communicate with others.
Sometimes you might want to have your private time.

If you want more private space, 
you might like this apartment-type room.

▲ Look! A spacious space for storage!

Indeed the Social Residence Sagamihara! !
Same storage space in all types of room. 

▲ Unit type toilet and bathroom

Like a clean unite type toilet and bathroom in a single room of hotel!

A smart placement!

▲ Stove, washing machine, and refrigerator

Gathering all the basic facilities for life!
Do whatever you want in your room!
Of course in the common space as well. 
How cool!

▲ Manager of Social Residence Sagamihara!

The concept of the share house in Sagamihara is "home sweet home".

Warm sunshine brightens up the spacious lounge through window.
 Small flowers and green plant helps 
making it more friendly and attractive like your own home.
Let's spend and enjoy a great time through communication 
with residents of a variety of personality. 

Fun life
proposed by the Oak House

Social Residence Sagamihara

Room information and reservation inquiry (Oak House portal site)

Social Residence Sagamihara, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Share house/ Apartment

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