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#Supermarket ♪ Super discounted shopping at Daiei - Shin-urayasu Store. A Supermarket Story in Japan!

#Supermarket ♪ Super discounted shopping at Daiei - Shin-urayasu Store. A Supermarket Story in Japan! 

One of the representative supermarkets in japan 

What is "Daiei" ?
Daiei was founded in 1957, has nearly 60 years of history, 
which formed the retail style of supermarket in Japan.

Let's experience going to supermarket like a local!
During travel, you would definitely like to visit the local supermarket and take the opportunity to experience the life of local people!

Let's JAPANKURU show you "Daiei" Shin-urayasu store!
Experience the shopping style of the local Japanese!

Daiei Shin-urayasu Store

 2-min walk from JR Keiyo Line "Shin-urayasu" 

Open Hour:
1F Food and Grocery  9:00- 23:00 (※ Daily appliance ~21:00 ) 
2・3F  9:00~21:00 
(※vary from shops)
TEL: 047-350-1147

HP (Japanese)

Visitors to Japan are increasing year by year,
Daiei is trying their best to meet the need for the foreigners!
Let's JAPANKURU show you FOUR friendly services for foreign visitors~ 

Friendly Service 1
International ATM

Daiei is one of the brands of "AEON GROUP," Japan's retail and financial services group.
   In the store, there are machines of "AEON BANK" and it is available for multi-languages service.
No worry of don't speak Japanese. 

After used once, it is easier to use than SEVEN bank of 7-11!
No trouble at all!!!
AEON bank!!

VISA, MASTER and UnionPay Cards are available!

Friendly Service 2
TAX FREE in Supermarket!
Japan is a paradise of supermarket!

Of course Daiei provides the TAX FREE service^^
After purchasing, just bring your receipt and passport with you to the service counter on the 1F.

Friendly service 3
Additional 5% OFF for foreign visitors!
Let's take a look at the multi-languages page of AEON GROUP

Use smart phone to access the site
click the "ENJOY AEON 5% OFF" button in the middle.
Then, you will get a bar code, 
bring the bar code to the scanning machine at the service desk on the 1F. 
You will receive a 5% OFF coupon!

Friendly Service 4
Open until 23:00!
After hanging around in day time, 
you might definitely want to find something to eat before going back to hotel.
Wanna get some snacks? 
Daiei is your choice! Until 23:00!
You might get some souvenir there as well^^

Come on!!! 
Let's follow us to see how Daiei helps both foreign tourists and Japanese locals!

▲ JR Shin-Urayasu Station 

Shin-urayasu is located in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, which is right next to Tokyo.
It is one of the stops of "Keiyo Line," which connects Tokyo and Chiba. 
Actually, "Shin-urayasu" is the neighboring stop of "Maihama Station," 
where "Tokyo Disneyland" is located.
It takes about 15-20 minutes from Tokyo Station.

From JR Shin-urayasu Station to Daiei Shin-urayasu store,
it takes only a two-min walk.
Can you see?
Daiei is on the opposite side of the station!^^

Homepage (Japanese)


From food to daily necessities, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, fashion goods and so on...
Daiei store is spacious and has a rich assortment of items.
It is supermarket but it is just like a department store.
JAPANKURU picks up a few items for you!!
So that you won't be surprised when you visit!

Okay!! Here you go!!
Food and grocery on the 1F!

▲ Wow!!! All look delicious!!
Wanna buy then with beer back to the hotel!
Tempura and a large variety of deep-fried food!

▲ Which one do you want?

Tempura, croquettes ... and all are deep-fried at the store.
Wow! A lot of choices!!!
Price is from 67 yen to 400 yen, very reasonable!

Oh!! We are in trouble of finding which one to eat! lol

Okay!!! We have decided!
Use the transparent case to bring all these back to hotel!!!

Fresh vegetable!!
Excellent quality of fruits and vegetables in Japan!
A small cucumber and celery are just 100-300 yen.
Get some for salad!
Fresh, delicious and healthy!

▲Fresh fruit!
Sweetness of the fruit in Japan are very remarkable,
Fresh and sweet apples or watermelons, etc., 
Sure to taste it !!

▲ How to enjoy a FRUITS BOWL?

Wow!! It is well-cut and ready to eat!!
Heard that it is very popular to foreign visitors. 
Just 150-500 yen!
Taste Good!!
We just naturally put them in the shopping cart lol

Our favorite Japanese fish corner 
"Grilled salmon" for typical Japanese breakfast! 

Japanese people like eating fishes. 
You can find many kinds of Japanese species here!!
Of course there are countless of ways of cooking!
Interesting shopping experience!

▲ Fresh sashimi
You can just feel the freshness, huh!

Just 699yen to enjoy the excellent quality of sashimi!!
Take one set to hotel then!!

▲ Good partners of rice!

What an incredible idea of Japanese!
It is called "Furikake."
There are a variety of flavors.
Perfectly match with rice huh!!

Incredible invention in Japan!!
There are a lot of flavor of "Furikake."

▲ Nice souvenir ^^

Seaweed and eggs, bonito mustard, vegetable, eel, etc.,
Those are just put it on the top of rice and eat together!
If you are thinking to make rice ball from the rice exceeded, 
Furikake is a good choice then!
Most of them are about 100-300yen!
Different packages and sizes.
You will be happy to receive.

▲ Instant noodles paradise !!

Not only loved by the Japanese, you might also find the world's favorite instant noodles here!
From the above photo, you definitely will see there are a lot of kind of instant noodles that you can't find at convenience stores.
There are about 80-200 yen. 
You definitely can find the instant noodles version of your favorite raman shop!
How interesting!

JAPANKURU's recommended!!!
How nostalgic!
We have found them for a while even within Japan!!
How happy!

▲ Variety of all kinds of noodles

Miso, soy sauce, salt, characteristics of each area!
Oh! The packaging is so cute!!!
We can't control ourselves!

▲ Japanese style of "square rice cake"

Rice cake?
Like a soap lol
You know what, they are very popular in Japan!
Baked with seasoning, 
it will become very delicious!
400yen for small package, 
1000yen for big package!
It is another nice idea for souvenir!

▲ Wow!! Japanese Snacks corner!! You definitely can't miss it!

You know what? Snacks in supermarket is definitely larger size. 
Compare to convenience store, rich assortment of snacks can be found here!
Good for souvenir and of course ourselves^^

Medicine corner can also be found in Daiei!!
Yes!!! Matsumoto Kiyoshi, one of the popular drug stores!
Recently, many foreign visitors shops in Tokyo!!
But you know what?? 
There are always long line. 
So Daiei is a good choice to solve the problem!
Let's enjoy a comfortable and pleasant shopping!

▲ One of the popular items
 (キャベジン; sounds cabbage) medicine can help improve the condition of the stomach.
Also, ビオフェルミン (Biofenmin) , medicine for intestines.
Many people from oversea keep finding online, and asking friends to purchase!

Regardless of types and sizes, 
you can find everything here!!
Around 980-2000yen. 
Nothing much different from other drug stores but you don't have to be squeezed in crowd stores in Tokyo!
Come here to Daiei!

▲ Many kinds of supplements

Nutritional supplements from various brands
Starting from 1000yen.
All are possible to purchase!

▲ Shaping smoothies ^^

The most popular super fruit smoothie!!
First, regardless of its effect, there are a lot of flavors !!
2000yen per one, worth to try!
Wanna try Acai (acai berry) right away!

Next, let's go to 3F for clothes and daily necessity!

▲ Suitcase corner

TAX FREE is available everywhere!  
Make us wanna go shopping! lol
Have you had experienced of suitcase without space for your stuff?
At this time, 
don't hesitate to come to Daiei for a new suitcase!
A lot of choices, 
get a better one for next trip too!
7000yen one suitcase and everything you can bring home!

▲ Innovative baby goods

Japan's baby items are really attractive, beautiful and easy to use!!
Come and get them in Daiei!
Spoon, practical chopsticks, disinfection supplies, etc.,

Just about 200 to 1000 yen, lovely and practical!!

▲ Souvenir for friends who have become mother!!

Lovely small container is filled with baby food. All are slightly difference for various ages. 
Very convenient and just 100-300yen. 
Souvenirs for friends who have kids!

▲ Cute mini yukata

How adorable!!  About 2000yen per each!
Wanna buy ones for our cousins!!

▲ Unique rain-related products in Japan

It is rainy seasons now in Japan.
Be fashionable even in a rainy day!
Interesting shape of umbrella, ultra-small umbrella, etc.,
Indeed creative Japan!

Let's have a worth buying for cosmetics on the 2F !!

▲ Made in Japan cosmetics

Shiseido, KOSE, Kanebo etc. 
Find all well-known Japanese cosmetics here!
Sometimes, you might find something discounted and worth to buy here!

▲ Cosmetics for skin care

Mask, whitening skin care products, etc., 
these things are all duty-free yo !!

After happy shopping, 
don't forget to go to the Service counter for claiming of TAX FREE!


▲ 1F service counter

Have your items, receipt, passport desk, and come the service counter on the 1F. 
to enjoy 8%  tax exemption.

Requirement is of tax exemption:
Purchasing  general goods (clothes, etc.) up to 10, 001 yen (excluding tax) or more,
and commodities (snacks, cosmetics, etc.) up to 5, 001 yen (excluding tax) or more.

Don't forget your PASSPORT!

▲ TAX FREE procedures 

① Show the list of your purchase
② Present your passport
③ Ready for signature
④  Refund in cash of 8% consumption tax of the purchased items

A simple and friendly TAX FREE procedure!
You can see the description made by Daiei in different languages.
Staffs are very kind too!

Click below to check

Experience Japanese life in supermarket
Everything you want in reasonable price. 
Additional 5% off for foreign visitors!!
Of course TAX FREE Service.

A new type of shopping in a new area!!
You might want to drop by after visiting Tokyo Disneyland.
A time to enjoy supermarket in Japan until 23:00 every night!

Shin-urayasu Store
2-minute walk from JR Keiyo "Shin-urayasu station"

Open Hour:
1F Food and Grocery  9:00- 23:00 (※ Daily appliance ~21:00 ) 
2・3F  9:00~21:00 
(※vary from shops)
TEL: 047-350-1147

HP (Japanese)

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