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# Hokkaido Trip in Summer ♪ 4 days 3 nights Road Trip to Sapporo and Otaru- DAY 1 SAPPORO

# Hokkaido Trip in Summer ♪ 4 days 3 nights Road Trip to Sapporo and Otaru- DAY 1 SAPPORO

A road trip to Hokkaido in the early June
Fulfilling four days, it is hard to express everything in words
so we are here to share with you all the photos!!!

You can check the overview of our trip here↓

Hello, Sapporo!!!

▲ Take off! !

Carrying the expectations and excitement
Heading to New Chitose Airport
Almost there, Sapporo!!

From Tokyo to Hokkaido
Off from Haneda Airport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal 
Just about 90 minutes flying time~

▲ Mt. Fuji from the window

Flights while flying to Hokkaido
Whether you are flying to Japan from any directions,
you probably can see the while Japanese Islands from the sky!!
Then, here you are 
the  majestic Mount Fuji!

Good weather!
Window seat!
Then, don't forget to look out the window for Mt. Fuji!

▲ New Chitose Airport !!!  Variety of delicious food and shops

On the 3F, there are a variety of restaurants and shops in the airport!
Either at the start of your trip in Hokkaido or
at the end of your Hokkaido trip,
it is a great place for eat, shop and your satisfaction!

▲ Why not trying Ramen in Hokkaido?

Located on the 3rd floor of the airport
It is [Hokkaido Ramen Dojo].
As the birthplace of a taste of one of Japan's three ramen noodles!
Miso Ramen!!!
We are coming!!!
Wow!! A  Hokkaido (?) Map welcomed us with all various characteristics of ramen!!!

▲ Hey!!!   Hokkaido New Chitose Airport is a Great shopping spot!

On the 2nd-3rd floor, there are many sorts of airport shops!
Hokkaido's unique cuisine and specialties, snacks, etc.
We afraid that you won't have enough time for all!!
So you'd better have a smart shopping here!

Wanna buy some souvenirs of Hokkaido to friends and relatives, 
no worry to miss anything!!!
No stress, 
just buy whatever you want here!!!
Try and ask!!!

[Top ranking of  Hokkaido Popular Gifts]
1.  ROYCE  Chocolate
2. ISHIYA Seika cookies
3. LeTAO double cheesecake
4. Rokatei marusei butter cookies
5 Hori Yubari melon pure jelly


▲ Attention!!! Limited product at airport!

Among many representatives of dessert of Hokkaido,
we found the New Chitose Airport limited product!!!
It was like a treasure hunting game!!

▲ Rent a car!! Have a comfortable trip! 

Although railway trip should have no problem within Sapporo,
we expected a more convenient trip. 
So here we are!!!
A rental car travel!!!!

This time,  we chose this one!!!
Just take a shuttle bus from the airport about 5 minutes
[Synergy rent-a-car]

Synergy Rent-a-Car!

You might wanna rent a car right at the airport!!
But you know most of them are the major brands of car rental!!
Most of them are full of reservation especially during weekend by Japanese people!

But! No worry!

Like some small local car rental companies,
reasonable price and same nice service! 
It is near airport!!
And free shuttle bus is available!!
Convenient! Huh!!

Thanks our local Hokkaido friends for introducing us!!!

synergy rent-a-car! 

1. Regional adhesion type Car Rental!
(Because it is really a very small rental companies, now it shares the same office with another company called  "ones rent-a-car"  ~)
2. You can borrow portable WiFi!
3. Complete navigation in various languages!
4. All vehicles are hybrid. 

For reservation, click below 
[Synergy rent-a-car (Multilingual)]

▲ left-hand traffic, driving on the right

Hokkaido of course is left-hand traffic!
We got used to drive in Japan already lol
Basically, most people just need at least 30-mins to get used to drive in Japan!

Synergy's car navigation had various languages
Instead of entering an address or map number,
just a phone number, that is it!!
Easy travel in Hokkaido!!

▲ Let's check the location of airport and distance between Sapporo / Otaru

Sapporo today and Otaru tomorrow!
Rent a car from the airport
Just 30-min ride to arrive Mitsui outlet park shopping mall!
Okay!!! Before getting into Sapporo,
let's do some shopping!

▲ Shopping Time [Mitsui outlet park (MOP)]

From the airport, just about 30-minute ride
Here we were arriving a famous shopping place
Sapporo Mitsui outlet park 

It was open in April 2010.
A representative outlet mall in Sapporo,
which most of the people in Hokkaido know.
Area of 4,000 square meters and more than 130 shops and restaurants!

[Mitsui outlet park Sapporo Kita-Hiroshima]
Open Hours: shopping 10:00 - 20:00
Restaurant: 11:00 - 21:00
Food Court: 10:30 - 21:00
Tel: 011-377-3200

▲ Shopping OK? WiFi OK!

Wanna get more pricing info?
Wanna check your shopping list?
NO worry!!
FREE Wi-Fi at every corner here!!

Just check out the Wi-Fi guide booklet in various languages to do the connection!
Nothing to worry even if you don't speak Japanese!

▲ Go shopping easily!!!

Wow!! This locker is very big!!
Whether you are from or to the airport,
just put the big and heavy luggage here.
100 yen only!
Free hands for more shopping bags then lol
(100 yen is to be returned once you open the locker up to pick up your belongings)

We can play hide and seek here lol

▲ Automatic currency exchange machine & baby sitting services

Although just a small machine,
it can automatically convert the currency into yen from other countries!

Stroller next to it is 100 yen too!!

▲ various brands 

From Burberry, COACH, designer brands
General apparel, outdoor supplies, sporting goods, cosmetics, kitchenware, etc.

A spacious OUTLET comparing to the ones in Tokyo Suburb! No wonder!
Rich assortment of brands and goods!!!

Reasonable price! No wonder!

[For brand list of Mitsui outlet park in Sapporo]

▲ Hokkaido special price in OUTLET 

You will be surprised by the prices!!
Rich varieties!!
Plenty choices!

And the most important thing is TAX-FREE!!
Unexpected shopping engine started in Hokkaido!!

▲ Let's have a break!!

In the meanwhile of our shopping time,
we found a place to rest and have a cup of coffee.

 [TULLY'S COFFEE] is a good choice in the OUTLET!
or  you may have an ice cream near the entrance of 1F^^

▲Some highlight of our  OUTLET shopping [victoria store]

OUTLET Shopping,
you really can't miss the sport items!!
ADIDAS, Reebok, and various brands
Discount and tax- free!

▲ Today's VIP item!

Hiking shoes of "adidas outdoor" were sold here!
With Gore-Tex material,  they were good whether for climbing or camping!
Trustful design for sure!

60% off + tax-free    7, 900 yen


▲  OUTLET shopping continued....

Budget  left  after buy a pair of hiking shoes,
no doubt it is good enough to have another pair of  deck shoes
Longing for so long!!
Hello beach in summer!!!

▲ Acceleration of shopping mode..... 

Release the shopping desire from weekdays!!
Eat, buy, play and enjoy!!!
The best OUTLET in Sapporo!
Mitsui Outlet Park!!

Next,  looking for something to eat lol

▲ Excellent quality of food court 

Oh my gosh!!
Susukino's famous ramen shop [keyaki] 
Miso butter corn ramen

Miso butter corn ramen 950 yen

▲ Wait ! ? Tokachi pork rice?

Origin of "Pork rice"
Hokkaido Tokachi Obihiro's famous pork rice
Having history of 60 years!!!
 Haven't expected to be able to try "butahage" here!

▲ Convenient shuttle bus

You can easily take the charged shuttle bus from airport or Sapporo Station!

[How to get to Mitsui outlet park]
From New Chitose Airport:
International Terminal- Exit 65
Domestic ANA passenger- Exit 21,  JAL passenger- Exit A12
Take the bus bound for [APA Hotel & Resor (Sapporo) line] 
* Daily 8:50 ~ 19:00 at 30-minute intervals 

Departure from Sapporo Station:
Tokyu Department Store station South Exit 1
 Take the bus [<No. 100> bound for Mitsui outlet park] 
* 9:00 - 14:00 every two hours on weekdays / every hour on weekend

[How to go to Airport / Sapporo Station]
Want to return to New Chitose Airport at Mitsui outlet park,
just take the bus in front of the mall
6:00 ~ 17:00   at every 10-minute / 40-minute of a hour 

[Mitsui outlet park Sapporo - Access Information (English)]

▲ Hokkaido Trip DAY 1 in Sapporo

The first day we stayed at the hotel in front of the Sapporo station 
[Best Western Hotel Sapporo Fino]

Tel: 011-729-4055
Check-in: 15:00   Check-out 10:00
Location: 2-minute walk from  JR Sapporo Station North Exit

Oh!! Just right in front of Sapporo station!
Next to it is convenient store LAWSON!
Neat and elegant longue!
14F buffet-style breakfast with a window seat 
And of course spacious rooms!

* If you have a rental car
Parking fee is 1,000 yen per day (15:00 - 10:00 the next day)
Maximum of 40 parking spaces or you can use the nearby parking lot.
Just ask the front desk for anything

 ▲ Fino's modern style lobby

Fino in Portuguese means "elegant"
From the fireplace on the wall to the comfortable rotary sofa chairs 
Full of featuring  designers' sense everywhere

 Aroma candles were available in the hotel lobby too
This flavor and atmosphere matched perfectly to the tone of  hotel
Many guests got some as souvenirs

Of course, Wi-Fi access was available at the lobby and the rooms.

▲ Accommodation 

Check in is available from 15:00. 
Handle your luggage to the staffs at the entrance 
It is very convenient from Sapporo station, 
so guests from all over the world can be seen always!

▲ Twin room

Room size: 17㎡

Feel tenderness of the wood, 
what a warm brown wood tones of the room!
Clean rooms are pleasant for people to stay and relax

▲ clean and comfortable bathroom

Warm water wash-let and a variety of new facilities
Excellent quality of a hotel bathroom!
Indeed the Fino!

▲  Intelligent guidance

Each room has equipped a tablet
All kinds of information about the hotel can be checked in Japanese or English
Also, it provided tourist information of Hokkaido.

▲ Susukino the street that never sleeps

Hokkaido NO.1 never sleep town, Susukino 
Tired of various boards of brands and shops?
Anyways, it is completely different from the bustling Kabukicho in Tokyo.

It is a famous shooting location for drama and movie as well!!
Welcome to the first night in Hokkaido!

▲ zukkomeshi

The most impressive and surprising characteristic of Hokkaido!
Wow!! A big numbers of salmon roe!  

 Recently, guests from all around the world like to visit here
to have the taste of this salmon roe rice bowl!!
Full booking recently!!!
Let's try next time!! Maybe winter!!

[Rausu cuisine hakityou shop]
Address: 1F Miyako Building,  Chuo-ku Minami 3-jo- nishi 3, Sapporo, Hokkaido 
Phone: 011-22-8940
Hours: Mon-Sat 18:00 to 24: 00 (Last order 23:00)
Sunday / Holidays 17:00 - 23:00 (last orders 22:00)

▲Origin of  Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

Wanna eat the best ramen in Sapporo?
 The birthplace of miso ramen of Hokkaido!
 Eight stops in this ramen alley
from 1951 to now!
 About 65 years of history!

Attracting ramen lovers from all over Japan and the world of course!

For next time!!!
And what else in Hokkaido??
Oh!!! This!!!!

▲ Hokkaido's Soup Curry

Soul food called from the local people lol
Hokkaido's best cuisine

Local people eat three times a week??!!
Thanks the recommendation of our local Hokkaido's friend
for bring us to this delicious shop [shorin]

 Recommended dishes "chicken and vegetables" soup curry
Soft chicken and vegetables
fascinating our mouth!!
(Spicy level can be chosen from the level 1 ~ 25)

Address:  1F Grand Taiyo Building, Chuo-ku minami 5-jo Nishi 3-10, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Tel: 011-522-2622
Hours: Weekdays 17:00 ~ 04:00
Sunday / Holidays 17:00 ~ 01:00
* Not available if soup got sold out.

Okay!! Take a walk back to Hotel!!

Sapporo TV Tower

The world's largest winter event "Sapporo Snow Festival"
Its stage runs through the center of Sapporo Odori Park and where Sapporo TV Tower is standing.

Can you see the reflection of TV tower on the pond??
Oh!!! Another impression from the nature.
It is a nice place for a romantic walk in Sapporo then!

Even there are no gorgeous bustling streets nor starry sky,
what a wonderful night here in Sapporo!
It is time to have a rest!

Okay!! Taxi is cheaper here than in Tokyo.
First 670yen, 
the distance to our hotel was about 1500yen~~

▲ Like our own room

 [Best Western Fino Sapporo] for tonight!

Whether  lighting or decoration,
it gave us a sense of comfort to be like relaxing in our own room at home!

Take a bath
get into the soft bed!
ready for the schedule of the next day!

▲ Cool!

What a comfortable bed!
Realized that this was the kind of bed used in Japan's highest-level hotel for VIP guests.
Japan's leading bed brands "NIHON BED's" [SILKY POCKET]
Pillow is the one produced by the sleeping therapist Miho Mihashi jointly developed with [REFWORGE]

No wonder huh!!
Let's get into dream then!!
Tomorrow would be a new day waiting for us! !

▲ DAY 2 would be "Otaru"

The city with a beautiful canal
That reminded us  the movie "Love Letter" where it was filmed.
Can't wait!!!
And the hotel for DAY 2 would have a large spa bath and super delicious breakfast!
Dormy Inn Premium Otaru!

Hokkaido journey continues
How exciting!!

Road Trip to SAPPORO & OTARU

To Be Continued ...

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