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# Okinawa Travel ♪ JAPANKURU's Highlight!!! Hot spots in Okinawa Travel 2015!!!

# Okinawa Travel ♪ JAPANKURU's Highlight!!! Hot spots in Okinawa Travel 2015!!!

Are you ready for Okinawa?
2015 Summer in Okinawa  

30 °C in summer is already a paradise today!!!
Can't image it is hot like sauna room outside about 35 °C average everyday!
Wanna stay indoor all the time.

-Illusion (Recall)-
Okay!! Just came back from a romantic 2 weeks of Okinawa trip!
It is hot but warm sunshine and white, beautiful beach!
Enjoy snorkeling in clear water!
What a fresh memory still!!!

By the way,
"when is the best time to visit Okinawa?"
Of course!! It is now!!!

Now in Okinawa!!!!
Get rid of stress!!!
Enjoy the paradise!

Although we have visited Okinawa few times,
let us introduce you some new spots here!

ANA Manza Beach
Next to Manza Hotel

@ the private beach of ANA Manza Beach

Through a row of lush pineapple trees,
we can see the emerald-liked sea.
Nothing is changed.
Glad that nobody is around.
This is Okinawa!

At first, we have been to MOON BEACH, 
but admission fee is 1000yen.
Glad that we have switched place!
Get some drink and onigiri (rice ball)

@ Okinawa's taste!

Take a visit to convenience store!
Here you are the Okinawa limited sanpin-tea and big ham's rice ball!
Okay!!! Let's enjoy the taste of Okinawa under the sunshine!

@ Wanted to do snorkeling in Okinawa (the picture was taken in Hawaii lol)

Dancing with sea turtle in a large sea!
Wow!! How lucky we were in Hawaii!
We will be back in October!!
Wait for us!!!

@ here is another shot... 

We took in when we were having fun at Blue Cave!
An uncle is holding a large turtle!!

You know turtles are considered sacred in Hawaii!
So we are so glad to see in Okinawa and get to take picture of it!!

Blue Cave (Maedamisaki)

Diving @ Blue Cave

It is a located at the village called Onna. 
A blue cape cave exudes a mysterious blue light to the area for Snorkeling.

it is a blue cave for fishermen to use the temporary place of refuge from typhoon.
At the entrance, the sunlight reflected on the water and make the whole cave in the light of blue sea color!
That is why it is called Blue Cave!

In a sunny day,
a blue flag is hanged on the top of the hill. 
Therefore, everyone will bring with them all the diving equipment and flippers, 
put on a breathing tube to enjoy diving!

This time we made the reservation here!
Just 5-min from Blue cave!
(You know what the owner looks really alike to Masaharu Fukuyama!!! )

@ Snorkeling or diving is better to be accompanied by guidance ~ lol

This time, our instructor has been working in Tokyo before; 
then since getting hooked by the charm of Blue Cave, 
he went over to Okinawa far from Tokyo to get the license!!!
Now, he is here to tell and show the charm of the Blue Cave to both foreign and Japanese visitors!
Thanks for helping us to push the shutter!! 
You will be surprised of his amazing power and passion!

@ Blue Cave

Mysterious light

Because the light is very dark inside the cave
If you are using the general waterproof camera, flash is certainly needed!
Since a lot of people come to visit all the time,
so watch out for people around and safety!

Charm in Okinawa
Don't miss it!

@ In front of the blue cave
- snorkeling -

Feeding fishes in the water!

[Course name]
Blue Cave, Snorkeling & Have fun with tropical fishes in beautiful ocean
 3,800 yen + TAX
Duration: about 2 to 3 hours

It is in a walking distance from Nagi to the Blue Cave.
Let's check for more activities!

TIP:  If you have your own individual units of diving equipment,
don't remember to check the blue flag!!!
And pay attention to the yellow, red alerts, and the restrictions!

@ Deeper! Further!

Wanna stay away from the main island of Okinawa?
A deeper world??
Wow!!! Experience the thrilling sight of the whale shark!!!

Cosmic T-shirt Shop at Kokusai-dori 

@ COSMIC T-shirt shop at Kokusai-dori Street

Kokusai-dori Street in Okinawa!

Located in Naha, a 1.6 km-long street north to the Okinawa city hall (Kencho-mae Exit)!
Have been achieving a rapid development today after the ruins of World War Ⅱ!
Since it is about 1 mile-long, it is also called "The Miracle Mile."
Now, it has become the most bustling place in Okinawa and the busiest street in Naha!

If you have rental car, you may enjoy easy parking!
If you use public transportation, 
you can take the Okinawa Monorail and get off at Kencho-mae Exit!

COSMIC T-SHIRT shop @ Kokusai-dori Street

If you have no special at first,
why don't you come to make your own original Okinawa T-shirt at COSMIC T-SHIRT shop!

Just 1-min, your T-shirt will be done with your selected pattern and words!
It isn't a great idea to make one with same members of the trip!!
What a great memory for travel!

 COSMIC T-SHIRT shop @ Kokusai -dori Street

After deciding the material and size of the T-SHIRT,
then select your favorite pattern, logo and text at the counter!
It is ready to print!!

COSMIC T-shirt shop @ Kokusai -dori Street

「ほっとけ 俺の人生だ」(Leave me alone!! It is my life!)
Getting more power!!!!

COSMIC T-shirt shop @ Kokusai-dori Street

Let us express our love to Okinawa on the T-shirt!!!!

I Love Okinawa!!!
What do you think the design?
2480 yen (tax included)

HAPiBAHA located at the Kokurai-dori Street

 Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street

Originally it was a Mitsukoshi Department Store.
But it is now turned into the entertainment shopping mall called HAPiNAHA.

At here, you can not only buy all kindsof souvenirs of Okinawa, 
but also all kinds of famous Japanese snacks and hand-on experience stores are readily available!
Also,  Japan's well-known comedians and talents company called Yoshimoto built a theater 
[Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu] 
And an interesting haunted house!
Let's enjoy a cool summer here!

1F Pikachu Store
 Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Although monster watch is apparently more popular in Japan,
actually you can't forget the Pikachu!!!
Oh!!! It is Pikachu in Kariyushi shirt of Okinawa!
A popular shop on 1F.

1F Happy Gourmet Marche
 Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Not only the island of Okinawa but also various souvenirs related to Okinawa can be bought here!
Interesting, convenient!!!
Both price and quality make us satisfied!

1F Happy Gourmet Marche
 Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

A must-buy!!!
Good choice!!!!

1F Chuko Awamori My Blend shop
 Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

A shop to experience making the Okinawa famous Awamori !!!
Mixing 5 kinds of Awamori!!

You know what Awamori is more than a 40-degree liquor!
So be careful!

1F Morinaga Candy Shop
 Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

 You are familiar with the candy Hi-chew huh??
Come and join the production and packaging making!!!

Let's make the original Hi-chew!!!!
Show you later!!

1F Happy Baby Star ★OKINAWA
Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Japanese famous noodles snack Baby Star
Have you seen these though?

You can eat it individually. 
On the other hand, you can add cheese, curry and ice cream together!
Let us bring you to a new world!

Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Wow!! 7 kinds of flavor!!!
Good for souvenirs!!

1F  Pen-gin Shokudo Deli 
Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Food without any chemical additives
Simple dishes with seasonal ingredients
Famous local restaurant!!

1F  Pen-gin Shokudo Deli 
Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

The most famous one is chili!
A bowl of Okinawa soba with a few drop of Ishigaki-chili sauce!
(We have bought 5 bottles of Ishigaki-chili sauce home)

4-6F Okinawa Oromo haunted house
Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Not scary, but interesting!!
Coz it is hosted by the famous Yoshimoto comedians and talents company. 
It is about 20-minute. 
Even if you don't speak much Japanese, 
it is an interesting experience!

4-6F Okinawa Oromo haunted house
Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Wow!!! Professional show!! 

3F Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu
Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Wow!! All comedians here are originally from Okinawa. 
Let's laugh and have fun!!!

Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Okay!!! It is time for meal!!!
This time we have choose 2F Suntory Premium Malt's OCEAN GRILL.

Oh!! Like its name, it is seafood barbecue restaurant!
Wow!!! A 1000cc Suntory beer!!

Get back to the hotel!!!
Hotel Hokke Club Naha!!
10-min ride from Kokusai-dori Street

Massage service is available here too!!!
(Fee: 1 hour 500yen, cash only)

Entertainment shopping mall HAPiNAHA @ Kokusai-dori Street 

Wow!!! We bought a lot of souvenir!!
Okinawa limited! HAPiNAHA limited!
Snacks, cosmetics, blah blah blah....

Do you like OKINAWA?
Ready to love OKINAWA?


Tell you more about your Okinawa trip later!!!

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