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# Shopping ♪ Pick your favorite used goods at Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store!!! A day of its shopkeeper!!!

# Shopping ♪ Pick your favorite used goods at Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store!!!  A day of its shopkeeper!!! 

"Doctor brand"
A day of the super shopkeeper, who make an excellent choice for you!!
-Rodeo Drive Shinjuku -

A famous pawn shop found in the heart of Tokyo!
Its name is called Rodeo Drive!

Although it is a pawn shop of all the second-handed goods,
most of them just looks high quality and new!!

Let us come to take a closer look to "RODEO DRIVE" 
and we are glad that we have chance to interview Mr. Hiroyuki Sato,
the shopkeeper of RODEO DRIVE Shinjuku!

What is "Doctor Brand" shopkeeper?
 Yes!!! It is the one on the above photo!

Have been working at Los Angeles store,
top sales and gentlemen!
No matter where the work place is, 
he did his best and is favorite and respected by both his boss, co-workers and of course the customers!

This time we have a chance to see his working style and 
some of his unique personality!
Let's see!!!

▲ Say cheese~!!!
A photo with the staffs!!!

An awesome shopkeeper starts his day of taking communication with co-workers!

Let's see the background of taking this picture...
You know what? His favorite brand is
 Multicolor Monogram of LOUIS VUITTON.

So some bags were supposed to be newly arrived today; 
therefore, LV lover's Mr. Hiroyuki Sato came early to see them lol

But then big boss of  RODEO DRIVE came too
and said wanna to carry the Multicolor Monogram one!!!

Oh!!!! Mr. Hiroyuki Sato then, 
instead to hold the Multicolor Monogram, 
handed it to the big boss,
and carried the orange one himself!

You can see his disappointed face lol

 ▲ Pawn shop "Rodeo Drive" Shinjuku Store

Just 4-min walk from West Exit of Shinjuku Station!
You can see the black and white LOGO of  RODEO DRIVE!

There are two floors here in Shinjuku store!
1F   Mostly are Chanel, PRADA, LV and other brands
and some excellent quality of goods of some popular brands!
Of course, there are platinum bags of Hermes!
We are all surprised!!!

▶ Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:30 (Open all year-round)
1-min walk from Toei Oedo Line "Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station"
4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit D5

 Rodeo Drive
Rich assortment of excellent goods and brands!!!

This shopkeeper can answer everything!!!
He is like a wikipedia!!!!!
Knowledge+ friendly 
Doesn't it like Kung fu Panda??
Let us check it out!!!
A day of an awesome salesperson!!!!

▲ Profile of "Doctor Brand" shopkeeper
 Believe it or not!!!!

Name: Sato Hiroyuki
Age: It is hard to guess from his appearance huh lol
Interests: Probably golf? or surfing?
Experience: Rodeo Drive Los Angeles Store
 Shinjuku Store now

Doing marketing research throughout the world especially in Hong Kong and the US. 
Professional in appraisal division.
Super professional sales person.  

▲  How is his sense?

Best-selling goods and seasonal items!!
You see... 
brand bags retain its excellent quality. 

▲ Louis Vuitton - 2 popular series 

 Monogram and Damie
Displayed according to the seasons.

▲ Summer bag   ON & OFF

Casual and luxury models
Bright colors and simple 

Orange for party 
The one next to 'Epi Alma BB' is 

▲ Real luxury! !

White and blue for leisure and travel
'Articles de Voyage' 
the most suitable canvas bag

"If you want to pursue the real luxury,
get both!" lol

This is Mr. Sato!!!

▲ Sharp eyes

Can you see his professional and serious face!!
That is the face of the a professional sales person!

He is just like a mind-reader!!!
Help you to find the goods you want here at RODEO DRIVE!!!

▲ Expert eyes

Rodeo Drive is proud of its rich series of Hermes items
Mr. Sato selected this!!!!
Platinum bag worth 10,000 US dollar!
A classic type but still famous!!

You know what? The Hermes Platinum Bag is a kind of practical leisure bag 
made by the French actress and singer called Jane Birkin.

For young lady, 
Mr. Sato recommended the blue series!!

Even it is HERMES!!
Pick the simple one to match your image!!!


HERMES is still very respectable among the luxury brand goods!
It is the representative brand of RODEO DRIVE.
Rich variety!!!
How much are all these ....
Can't imagine!!!

▲ A lot of Chanel too ~

A brand supported by a lot of 20's ladies!!!
From handbags to wallets, jewelry, etc.
All Chanel!!

▲ Other popular brands!

All are popular to ladies!!!

Doctor Brand Mr. Sato 's choice!!! 


▲ Warm and thoughtful!

Can you feel his friendly and utmost sincerity?
Not only extensive brand knowledge in general, 
he is able to answer any questions!!!

▲ i ~ am ~ LA ~ um ... america ... um

Trying to recall his days in the United States and his English.

He doesn't just sell expensive goods.
He prefers
"Pick the right one, instead of the expensive one. "
This is the profession of Mr. Sato!!!

▲ Our choices!!

All the great stuff we want at RODEO DRIVE!!

▲ ????????? ㅡ,. ㅡ

Mr. Sato was so surprised!!
He repeated and repeated!!!
"You girls gotta treat them well!!!"

haha!!! He is so cute!!!
A professional sales person and sincere shopkeeper.

▲ Some explanation from Mr. Sato!

The left one... is a cute MIUMIU shoulder bag.
 60,000 yen + TAX  worth-buying

Next one is...
Mr. Sato's favorite...
Louis Vuitton Monogram

Next is...
the  ROCK STYLE of Dorasoft travel series!
Suitable for young people.

Last but not least!!
The purple PRADA!!!
Good for elegant occasion!

▲ We have made the decision!!

Thanks for all the advice from Mr. Sato!

Left> Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor JUDY PM
(Original Price around 220, 000 yen >>> 74, 000 yen + TAX now )

Right> PRADA 2 WAY Hand Tote
(Original Price 259, 200 yen >>> 160, 000 yen + TAX now)
Both are good looking!

▲ Oh!!! We like this one more ^^

"This is very suitable for summer and there is a chain strap belt."

Mr. Sato began to explain...
"This .. this one is CHANEL's" DEAUVILLE TOTE ",  original price is about 350,000 yen.
Essential goods for ladies in summer!
Now it is 150, 000 yen + TAX

Worth buying!

Great choice ...
Great choice ...
Great choice ...
Great choice ...
Great choice ...
Great choice ...

▲ Oh! We want all!!

Thanks for all the sincere service!!!
Mr. Sato
(He was sweating)

▲ OK OK!!

A GOOD amount and then oh yes!!! TAX FREE
That is the face of professional sales person and sincere shopkeeper!

Rodeo Drive of course, is available for tax-free service!
Purchase 10, 001 yen or more, show your foreign passport to enjoy 8% exemption.
So don't forget to bring your PASSPORT!!!

▲ We want this!!!

Small gift for every guests who purchase!
Oh! A cute package has horse oil soap inside!

Looking for some luxury goods and sincere service?
Glad to meet "DOCTOR BRAND" shopkeeper Mr. Sato of RODEO DRIVE Shinjuku Store!!!

Worked oversea,
speaking fluent English,
professional sales person
sincere service!!!
We feel all at this purchase!!!
Come here to see, feel and experience at Rodeo Drive!!!

▶ Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:30 (Open all year-round)
1-min walk from Toei Oedo Line "Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station"
4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit D5

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