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# Shopping ♪ Ready to be trendy anytime anywhere!!! Casual wear Store open 24-hour in Japan. JEANSMATE Ikebukuro Store!

# Shopping ♪ Ready to be trendy anytime anywhere!!! Casual wear Store open 24-hour in Japan.  JEANSMATE Ikebukuro Store!

Casual wear and comfortable wearing everyday
Wanna be more trendy???
Indeed, jeans are the essential element of casual wear!

The pursuit of kinds of jeans and of course the quality is getting higher!
But we are glad that we can easily to find all kinds of jeans here conveniently!

Today, we have come to a 24-hour opened store!
A rich assortment of jeans are able to satisfied various needs! 
Here we are 
JEANSMATE Ikebukuro!!!

We have been to JEANSMATE before
Welcome you to have a review!

JEANSMATE Main store in Ikebukuro!!!

Any new experience?
Japanese casual wear = JEANSMATE
Let's see some items for autumn!
Are you ready???

JEANSMATE Ikebukuro 

Can you see the yellow board at the bottom with the number 24??
Not 24-hour convenience store!!!
It is 24-hour JEANSMATE!!!

Yes!! JEANSMATE Main Store,
located at Ikebukuro, is opened 24-hour.
Just come by for any jeans and casual wear anytime!
How convenient!

Of course, there are items of both regular price and discounted price.
From 10 % to 70 % discounted!
If you see some favorite products, 
don't forget to check the label written as "** %"
See if you are lucky enough to get your favorite item under discount!
Of course, don't forget the privilege of foreign visitors - TAX FREE!

▲ Check the location of JEANSMATE Ikebukuro Store

JEANSMATE is located on the famous shopping street called Sunshine 60
From Ikebukuro Station East Exit, walking 7-8-min toward the [Sunshine 60] tower, which is a 60-story  building.
One block from the main street, the ground floor of the building on the opposite site of bowling center [Round 1]

[JEANSMATE Ikebukuro Store]
Address:  1-21-11 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
 Open 24-hour

The official home page (English)


provides casual wear mainly on jeans fashion.
So wanna be more trendy every season???
Wanna have some updated fashion of jeans every season??
Come here to get your favorite clothing for the jeans style!!!

▲ 2015 updated items

From the beginning of this spring,
you know the new concept of jeans in Japan?
Let's see...

It is [EDWIN] of [Jerseys]
It may seem no different from ordinary jeans at first,
 but you will know we you put them on!

Very lightweight, stretching material is used.
Maybe you will have a moment feel like wearing a sweatpants instead of  jeans!

It is comfortable enough that 
you may directly go to cashier purchasing it right from dressing room!

EDWIN Jerseys 8500 yen + TAX (price for reference)

The hot summer is going to be end.
It is time to go to Ikebukuro to check for some items for autumn.

▲ neck warmer

A few days ago, it was still a hot and humid day.
But today, it is getting cooler in the morning and evening!
Yes!!! Fall is coming!
But it is still early for thick jacket and heavy clothing.
So we find something good for you!
A neck warmer, which helps you to keep warm of your neck as well as the whole body!
Simple and stylish!

Neck-warmer 2000yen + TAX (price for reference)

▲ Ukiyo-e  3 in 1

Ukiyo-e of Mount. Fuji is printed on the neck-warmer!
Wait! Not only for neck, 
you might use is as a mask or accessory on the head like headband!
Cool! 3 in 1!!!
Highly recommended!

Ukiyo-e neck-warmer 1900 yen + tax (price for reference)

▲ Various of colors

In JEANSMATE, we can find LEVI'S, EDWIN, LEE Wrangler and other famous brands.
And a rare number "Dickies."
A lot of patterns of Dickies!!!
Kinda surprised of the variety of colors.

Dickies colored pants ¥ 6,000 + TAX (price for reference)

▲ Boyish & Cute

Cute shorts of Dickies
It seems like a set of uniforms,
but boyish style is cool somehow!

Dickies shorts 5500 yen + TAX (price for reference)

▲ Regular happy sale  ~

Average price of all kinds of T-shirts on the shelves are 990 yen~
Oh!!! Hard to decide!!!!

▲ + TAX?  No worry??

Take a look at the numbers at the back of the label!
+ Tax
It means + 8 % of consumption tax.
 But no worry, 
as long as you are foreign visitors and you purchase more than 10,001 yen,
you would enjoy the tax-fee service!

▲ Strong and good material

Canvas bag of

This bag uses the famous material called "Kurashiki canvas."
Can you feel the sincerity from each stitch??

Not only bag made by jeans material,
all kind of items are in unique and excellent quality!!!

BLUE STANDARD Canvas bag 10,000 yen + TAX (price for reference)

▲ Traditional Japan

Wow!! Wanko-do! It is a brand of Cool & Dry T-shirt.
A symbol using Japanese Shiba Inu is so cute!
Former Japanese style of design with updated featuring!
Just 1900 yen.
Good for gift choose!

▲ "Penguins" trademark

JEANSMATE's original brand
What an adorable BLUE STANDARD's penguin logo!

Indeed a representative casual wear store,
both material and style is awesome!

BLUE STANDARD (price for reference)
Shirt  2000 ~ 4000 yen + TAX
Jacket 3500 ~ 14,000 + TAX
Pants 1990 ~ 9000 yen + TAX

Foreign visitors' favorite carton!

Are you fans of ONE PIECE?
Let's wearing them to become Luffy and Zoro together!

▲ Oh!! My gosh!!!

Not only ONE PIECE and Dragon Ball, the famous Japanese animation,
but also Superman, Batman and Godzilla!

Cartoon T-shirts  1,900 yen + TAX (price for reference)

It is show time!

Theme: Going to baseball field with boyfriends

A fancy mix of uniform
with a denim bag, large enough to place lunch box!!
So there is no problem to go camping too!

Top  3,600 yen + TAX
White pants  9,000 yen + TAX
Canvas shoes 4,900 yen + TAX
Denim bag  4,900 yen+ TAX
(Price for reference)

▲ White & Navy

White shirt with dark blue pants
A cool and light feeling!

▲ Stripes at the back 

T-shirt with stripes at the back and striped canvas shoes
An appropriated baseball look!

▲ Big bags

A large dark blue canvas bag 
Better to ask your boyfriend to carry it for you lol

Theme: Romantic date at beach ride in autumn

Drive a car
have a ride to the seaside in autumn in the morning
How romantic~

Top  3,400 yen + TAX
Shepherd pants 4,700 yen + TAX
Hat  2,400 yen + TAX
Large rattan handbag  3,500 yen + TAX
(price for reference)

▲ Girly + nice style

With a straw hat, 
a look of going to seaside.
How refreshing!

▲ A lightweight bag

Carry a big tote 
for sure you can bring a jacket with you!

Theme: Forest adventure

Are you ready for a big adventure in forest?

T-shirt 2900 yen+ TAX
Thin sweater 3600 yen+ TAX
Camouflage skirt 4500 yen + TAX
Hat 3500 yen+ TAX
Handbag 4500 yen + TAX
(price for reference)

▲ khaki hat and camouflage skirt

Haha!!! Are you really ready?
A khaki hat makes you feel like you are a Boy Scout!! 

▲ Yes!!! We are well prepared!

Of course, a practical large bag is always useful!


Haha!! Original funny fashion

Wool cap 1,500 yen + TAX
Striped shirt 4,700 yen + TAX
Skirt  3,900 yen+ TAX
Sandals  2,900 yen + TAX
(Price for reference)

▲ A cute hat

A little bit childish 
But don't you think it is like a samurai hair-style?
Cute! Unique!!

Theme: Autmn Girl

This is standard casual wear huh!

Checkered shirt 4,200 yen + TAX
Denim skirt 3, 400 yen + TAX
Handbag 2, 000 yen + TAX
(price for reference)

▲ Classic cowboy look (Checkered shirt + jeans)

No specific coordination for today?
There you are!!!
Casual match!
Whether is the color or material,
that is standard!!

So, gotta have something unique as accessory

Theme: Little mature

A little lady in leisure life with popular autumn items

Shirt 3, 400 yen + TAX
Pants 4,700 yen + TAX
Handbags 4,000 yen + TAX
(price for reference)

▲ Calm sense

The entire match with a white background
No specific personality embellishment but it gives an impression of calm and generous ~

▲ Mature color, simple matching

Mature purple handbag
orange shoes make a brighter impression

Like an OL in the city!
JEANSMATE also provided idea of semi-business style!

Theme: Kame-kame-!!!

Wanna be the top of martial arts in the world?
Try this sportswear!

Dragon Ball sportswear 5,000 yen + TAX (price for reference)

▲ Yeah!!! Perfectly done!

If you are fans of Dragon Ball, don't miss it!

▲ Look like a professional of martial arts?

Orange Power!!!!
Are you ready for it???

Yes!!! Don't you remember this logo??


This sportswear makes us automatically to make this pose!!
You get it???

# Attack on Titan !!! in casual~

Yes!!! Don't miss the recently popular animation "Attack on Titan."
You know what the real live-action film has also been released in Japan these days!
So be more updated?
Get one of them at JEANSMATE Ikebukuro!

Sleepless night on Tokyo 
Ikebukuro in Tokyo Travel
JEANSMATE in Ikebukuro!
24-hour Open!!
Welcome you all the times!

[JEANSMATE Ikebukuro Store]
Address:  1-21-11 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
 Open 24-hour

The official home page (English)

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