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#Shopping ♪ Story of atrē 2 in Ueno, shopping mall directly connected to JR station!!! A happy and convenient shopping!!!

#Shopping ♪ Story of atrē 2 in Ueno, shopping mall directly connected to JR station!!! A happy and convenient shopping!!!

Hey! Do you know atrē
Mostly can be found in JR station...

Don't you use JR whenever you visit Tokyo???
JR EAST railway, the center of the transportation route!!!
Then, atrē  is the shopping mall directly connected to most of the main JR station!

Don't you remember that we have introduced them before???
 atrē  Ueno and  atrē akihabra


This time, we gotta check them out again!
Enjoy a fulfilling shopping in the center of Tokyo!

atrē Ueno!!! 
Check it out!!!

atrē Ueno has 2 areas: "EAST" and "WEST."
The shopping street is filled with all kinds of delicious and fun shops.
Let's come with JAPANKURU!

[atrē Ueno]
▶ Address: Ueno 7-1-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Directly connected to the Central Exit outside of JR Ueno Station)
▶ Open Hours: Shopping  AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00 
Restaurant AM11:00 ~ PM11:00
(Vary in a number of shops)
▶ TEL: 03-5826-5811 (Representative)
※Please check the official homepage for the closing days!

Homepage (English)

6 Must-go spots  in atrē Ueno!!!
Here we go!

▲ JR Ueno Station Yamashita Exit
Most of you are familiar with this ramen shops huh!
This is "Ichiran" ramen, one of the most popular ramen shops among foreign visitors. 
You can find it in atrē Ueno!

Must-go 1
Natural Tonkotsu-ramen shop   Ichiran  (WEST 1F)
Open 24-hour!

When you come to Ichiran, you can enjoy the natural Tonkotsu (Pork-soup based) ramen from Fukuoka at the private space!
Whether Japanese or foreign visitors are willing to line up for it!

Must-go 2
Open Hours 10:00 ~ 21:00

With the concepts of sending gift and present a closed relation of living space and people, 
there are a rich assortment of bag, accessories, perfume, household decorations and tableware, etc. 
From original design to imported goods, 
all kinds of fashionable merchandise can be found here!
You don't wanna miss them all huh!!
Wow!!! We found some cute bags of Disney!

Must-go 3
Champ de Herbe (WEST 1F)

Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00
A lovely shops have most of the daily items like cosmetics, accessories, cute groceries, and organic goods!
It is located right at the entrance of the station! 
How convenient!

Must-go 4
Hard Rock Cafe-Restaurant (EAST 1F)
Open Hours: 7:00 ~ 23:00

 It is the Hard Rock Cafe known worldwide!!!
Here is the Ueno store!!
It is a museum-like store. 
Don't you see their staffs with unique personality?
An interesting American style restaurant! 

Must-go 5
Hard Rock Cafe-ROCK SHOP (EAST 1F)
Open Hours: Weekdays 10:00 ~ 23:00
Weekends and holidays  9:00 ~ 23:00

Next to Hard Rock Cafe-Restaurant,
it is a shop full of rock and roll T-shirts fashionable items!
Of course, you are get the Ueno special edition badges and magnets!

Must-go 6
Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:00

Quick foreign currency exchange service! How cool!
US dollar, Euro, Pound, Won, Yuan, NT and others etc.
Total of currency of 19 countries.
Of course you can also directly use the smart phone to confirm the immediate exchange rate!
How convenient!

Besides, these 6 must-go,
of course there are a lot of nice shops!!
Today, JAPANKURU will show you must-go 6 first,
please keep up to check with us in the future!

▲ First of all, let's see how to exchange currency!

Here we come to EAST 2 "WORLD CURRENCY SHOP." 
We believe that you must be finding inconvenience about the closing time of 15:00 of bank in Japan.
What if you have no enough Japanese yen?
No worry!!! 
This is your helper then!
It opens from 11:00- 19:00.
Hoe convenient!

▲ Check the current exchange rates

You can confirm the current exchange rate on the screen next to the counter.
Also, you can check the first-hand information on your phone too!
You may search for information of other currency exchange shops.
(The following QR CODE is able to bring you the site directly)

▲ Fill in foreign currency exchange application form

After fill in the name, place of accommodation, the converted amount and so on,
just hand it to the counter with your owned currency!

▲ How fast!

That is it! The whole process is done!
Okay!! Get enough Japanese yen, ready to shopping then!
Let's go!

atrē Ueno is spacious!

Like Tokyo station and Shinagawa station, Ueno station has the platform of Shinkansen. 
Therefore, no doubt of its wide location in a large transit station.

"EAST" area is from B1- 2F
"WEST" area is from 1-2F
There are over 60 restaurants and stores,
just enjoy a a pleasant shopping experience here!

Okay!!! Let's go downstairs from World Currency Shop on 2F to 1F and 
we have arrived one of the must-visit store in atrē Ueno!

▲ YEAH !! Hard Rock Cafe ~ !!

Wanna have a rock and roll experience in Ueno,
let's get started here!
Not only the delicious American-style cuisine,
beer is refreshing!!!
What a lively and welcoming dining space!

Open Hours: 7:00 ~ 23:00
Average budget around    from 480 yen for drinks and from 1,980 yen for food ~

▲ Edo assorted fried Hamburger (1, 980 yen)

This is limited meals in atrē Ueno store!
180g beef with the tempura and seaweed sauce,
What a fantastic fusion of A Japanese-styled American hamburger!
Of course, it is recommended to taste with the original tempura sauce. 
Wanna challenge this mysterious meals in your fun trip??

▲ Hard Rock Shopping !!

Next to the restaurant is the "ROCK SHOP."
Full of all Hard Rock items!
From T-shirts which are good-fit with jeans...

▲ Original Items
Such as mugs and shot glasses
Original goods and ...

▲ Cutie Rock!

Cute ROCK characters...
Full of unique personality of Hard Rock Cafe!

▲  ROCK expression^^
Hard Rock style and this smile ?
What do you think?
Cool Original T-shirt of Ueno!! Say Yeah!!!
(Original T-shirt 2,800 yen)

▲ NEW ITEM of this autumn!

Chic black and vintage gray.
Easy to match with any style!
Come and get one before sold out!
BLACK LOGO trainer  5,800 yen
GREY Cut & Sawn  4,800 yen

▲ Nice life style item shop  LAZY SUSAN

Thinking of giving present???
Yes!! Me!!!!
A shop full of special items in the WEST 1F.

▲ Design that makes your living space more fun

From the original design to import items
All are awesome!
Guaranteed quality and reasonable price!
Longing for beautiful hair,
don't miss hair comb of Japanese special edition. 

▲ Wanted items but unexpected to be found ?

No worry!! 
Jewelry box for ladies!
Cute and elegant ♥ 
How surprising!

▲ Japan-styled item

Cute design of glasses case and seal case with ink pad.
 Necessities of office ladies, huh?
Anyway, nice idea for souvenirs!

▲ Happy encounter with Disney characters ♡

Cute, a little bit mature
So nice to encounter Disney here! Happy ♡
 LAZY SUSAN! A happy place ♡

Disney pouch 4,600 yen
Disney bag 6,900 yen + TAX

What if you purchased 10,000 yen or more  (+ tax) 
and tell the staff that 
"I come after looking at the JAPANKURU recommendation! "
you would receive a gift of jewelry case! (Limited amount!)

▲ Popular cosmetics store in front of Shinobazu Exit!

 "Champ de Herbe" located in front of Shinobazu exit at WEST 1F
It is one of the most popular shops of atrē Ueno!!!
It is crowded with foreign visitors.
A cosmetics store with rich assortment of items!
Of course there are regular best-selling brand ~ CANMAKE!!!

▲ Popularity No.1 Cosmetics!

"All-in-one" face mask of Quality 1ST  (1,900 yen + TAX)
It has won the first place in Japan's largest cosmetics review site " @ cosme"
High level of humidity and low stimulation. Indeed the popular 100% natural cotton sheet!

▲ Popular "non-silicon shampoo"!
Organic ingredients with good fragrance
Wow!! A lot of flavor!
Nice choice, nice package!
BOTANIST shampoo 1,400 yen + TAX


You know what?
"Smoothie" is getting popular in Japan right now!
For good health and diet, soy milk and enzymes such as coconut,
various organic smoothies!
A set of smoothie and cute "mustache tumbler" is available!

are you getting hungry
You definitely don't wanna miss this at atrē Ueno!
It is like eating sushi at Tsukiji Market!!!

▲ Speaking of Tonkotsu ramen (pork soup based) ?
There you are "Ichiran."

The top 5 ramen shops wanted to eat in Japan!!!!
Ichiran is one of them!
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the representative of Tonkotsu ramen.
Classic Tonkotsu Ramen 
The one located at Yamashita exit of atrē Ueno is opened 24-hour.

▲ Order at the vending machine!

You know what?
In most of the ramen shops, 
you will need to buy a ticket  at vending machines.
It is usual in Japan, 
so that the staff would not have to take the money and food with the same hands.

Simple menu of Ichiran

On top of the basic ramen, 
you can have additional toppings  (pork, seaweed, leek) and 
soft-boiled salty egg, and rice.
For dessert, there is almond tofu and Ichiran special original blend "oil-reduced tea. "
Of course beer is available!
Ramen with beer!!!

Cash and  e-money (SUICA and PASMO) is available for payment!

▲ Private counter!

Speaking of the biggest feature of Ichiran, this one!
Partition in both sides, a table available for one person.
Yes!!! An unique culture of Japan!
"Private style"
A lot of foreign visitors are longing to experience this!
Of course, there are normal tables for friends!

Once you order, 
you can just fill out the form and indicate the taste of soup and thickness of noodles
and give it to the staff!

▲ A bowl of soul

A Tonkotsu ramen full of soul!
Representative of Japanese ramen!

▲ Refill

Fun of eating ramen
You can refill noodles on top of the soup left!
That is one of the ways to enjoy Tonkotsu ramen deliciously!

▲ Order for refill!

You can purchased at the beginning at the ticket machine
or any time you want to refill.
Just write a circle on the chopsticks paper cover, 
press the button on the table.
And put the additional cost on top of the button.
That is it!!

▲ Let's eat!!!

What do you think about the shopping street directly connected to the station?
A lot of nice spots at  atrē Ueno!
Don't you think so?

Beside atrē Akihabara, 
atrē Ueno 
is no doubt a nice spot for shopping and gourmet!

Akihabara and Ueno are both popular spots for sightseeing!
So if you stay at these areas, 
you really don't wanna miss the chance of using it for shopping conveniently!
Or you can take a look at it before getting on train moving towards to airport!

Forgot some souvenir?
Get it here!

Feel free to visit atrē when you come to Tokyo.
Let's find your favorite shops beside our recommendation!

[atrē Ueno]
▶ Address: Ueno 7-1-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Directly connected to the Central Exit outside of JR Ueno Station)
▶ Open Hours: Shopping  AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00 
Restaurant AM11:00 ~ PM11:00
(Vary in a number of shops)
▶ TEL: 03-5826-5811 (Representative)
※Please check the official homepage for the closing days!

Homepage (English)

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