Thursday, September 17, 2015

#Entertainment ♪ Innovative Entertainment since the past. Interesting Pachinko experience in P ARK GINZA

#Entertainment ♪ Innovative Entertainment since the past. Interesting Pachiko experience

Right next to Ginza Station!!!

Japanese innovative entertainment since the past!
Many of us are busy to go shopping and various tourist attractions
like restaurants, theme park and entertainment
during their Japan travel.

You might have miss the chance to walk around every corner


Japan's leading entertainment for adult 
oThere are about 20,000 Pachinko throughout Japan and more than 10,000 people enjoy the game there badly!
So indeed we can say PACHINKO is the king of public entertainment in Japan. 

Sitting in front of the pachinko machine, 
looking at the pinball going up and down in the maze
and we are looking forward to the win of JACKPOT!

The cycle of pinball  going up and down and back and forth,
it looks simple but that is what most people say Pachinko is an addictive game.

Pachinko seems to give people a negative impression something like gambling!
But you might also say it has now become a place for adult to release their pressure. 

As long as you are aged 20 (consider adult in Japan), you have the privilege to 
go inside to experience this "healthy" entertainment culture.
This time, we are going to introduce you this 
healthy entertainment culture in Japan

Foreign visitors are welcomed too.

Even if you stay in Japan temporarily or showing friends around, 
just get in and experience.
You know what foreign visitors are increasing in P ARK.
Pachinko machine themed with the popular animation' s characters can be found. 
Also, prize exchanged with pinball have high popularity among foreign tourists.
A wide variety of facilities and services for everyone to experience!!!
That is the attentive hospitality of Japan Pachinko.

Follow us to the check out P ARK  in Ginza!

P ARK Ginza
Address: 5-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Right next to Tokyo Metro Higashi-ginza station A1 Exit
PHONE: 03-3546-0003
OPEN HOUR: 10:00-22:45

Why P ARK located in front of Higashi-ginza station is that popular?
Coz it is right next to Tokyo!!!
Walking distance is just 0 minutes. 

Oh! P ARK Ginza is located next to the Millennium Mitsui Garden.

Again, why P ARK has a high popularity among many of the Pachinko companies?
This is because its character P-kun has appeared on the TV commercials in Japan. 
P-kun is so cute!
A yellow round-shaped little guy!
You know what he has won the first place among all Pachinko's character. 
And it has a fan page too!

Maybe you might be surprised!!!
Pachinko on TV commercial?
Pachinko's mascot character?
Yes!!! A positive sunshine image of Pachinko culture has been built!
A creative idea
A cute P-kun. 

Wanna watch the P ARK commercial?
Although it is in Japanese, P-kun is so cute!!!!

Attractive prize

In the past, a designated amount of pinball can exchange to cash.
So this might be the reason why it has given an unhealthy impression of Pachinko.
But now instead of cash,
a variety of prize is replaced.
It helps Pachinko to get back to its more favorable image into the public life!

Although prize are in variety, they are not some expensive items, 
so pachinko is now not a place for "gambling a life."

# friendly to foreigners

What is the difference between P ARK Ginza to other Pachinko shop?
Even foreign visitors are welcomed to get in anytime.

In order to allow more foreign visitors to experience this Japanese entertainment culture of Pachinko,
multi-language service and some special service and facility are well-equipped. 

You are probably curious to get into it!

Clean air, fresh atmosphere! (It is a non-smoking facility)

Maybe your impression from a lot of Japanese TV drama series and movies is 
a group of poor guys keep smoking and playing pinball game in front of the machine.

But here totally different!

#For foreign tourists

Why there are only 4 machines?
Oh!!!! This is the corner for foreign visitors.

It is named 
the first pachinko zone. 

It is for first time visitors to experience playing Pachinko machine.
Afterward, get into the "real world" when you are ready!!!

# Rest & Amenities

To give foreign visitor a place to relax here at the first pachinko zone. 
Cell phone charger is well-prepared.
A variety of beverages as well!!

# Welcome to P ARK

Indeed Ginza is an international tourist attraction
the staff is also like a hotel concierge!!!

Multi-language speaking staffs are available!
(English, Chinese, and Korean)
You will then find no difficulty in Pachinko experience in Japan. 
That is why foreign tourists are increasing!

# Honest entertainment Pachinko!

You know what?
The pachinko culture is spreading worldwide!

Don't gamble you lives. 
See what prize you would like to get first and 
enjoy the process of moving towards the goal!

Speaking of Las Vegas, it is the culture of casino.
Speaking of Japan, it is the culture of pachinko then!

You visit P ARK not only for playing Pachinko game but also to enjoy the Japanese experience. 

Let's see the charm of P ARK!

①  bathroom of 200% clean 

Not only describe it as "clean" but also "beautiful."

② Get rid of wield odor!

 Choose your favorite scent!

 Even deodorant spray is prepared!

③ Non-smoking Pachinko

So there are smoking rooms for smoker.
Therefore, it is a comfortably environment for both non-smokers and women!

④  Free coin locker

It is all free!!
Happy news for all travelers!

⑤ Japan's thoughtful service- wipe towel

It is common in Japanese culture
so do in Pachinko!
And you can choose from either cool or warm towels!

⑥ Friendly to guests

Well-prepared covering towel for the ones who wear short skirt and feel cold in the air-conditioning room.

▲ Let us do a warm up first

Warm up near the entrance!
Let's get familiar to the way of playing Pachinko machine!

▲ pachinko machine

Wow!!! Especially for foreign visitors, it is a brand new Evangelion models!
Cool!!!! The popular characters that foreign visitors are more familiar!
Nice choice!

▲  Story of each machine are very interesting!

Feel interested in different theme, different stories?
Just step into P ARK to check out the Pachinko in Japan!

Step 1 Exchange small pinball

First, insert 100 yen into the automatic vending machine
A charged card will be coming out.
You know what? It is called "0.2 yen Pachinko."
That means 100 yen can exchange 500 pinball!

Step 2  Fill the machine with pinball

Insert the charged card into the machine.
Pinball will be coming out and filled the tray in front of the machine.
Okay! Let's start!

Step3 launch up the pinball

Turn the knob on the right side of the tray
Then, pinball will be launched up and fell down!
In order to make the pin ball fell into the "CHANCE" or "BONUS" slot,
you have to keep turn and adjust the knob. 
That is the key point of playing in pachinko.

Turn the knob to determine the speed and distance to launch a pinball!!!

Step 4  Another CHANCE at the same time

If the ball falls into the CHANCE slot, the screen on the machine will also be changed.
The emergence of a variety of bonus missions, 
expand the variety of stories in the fight with the enemy.

Let's complete the task, and get more pinball as reward.

▲ Mission completed!

Get more bonus ball after mission completed. 
An impression moment in Pachinko!

▲ Charging while playing 

Getting familiar with it unconsciously.
Oh! my gosh!!! Being addicted to it!

Just sitting, the cell phone is then fully charged!

Step 5 Wanna end the game??

Wanna end the game as pinball is fully filled??
Just push the button at the upper part of the machine!
Then, the number of pinball won will be recorded in our card. 
In the past, we have to bring the pinball back and forth for prize. 
How efficient!!!!
A modern world haha!!!

Step 6 Need help!!!!

Just press the button on the upper of the machine, 
staff will come up to help!
No worry!!!
Just press the button for help!

Step 7 Feel excited to get the prize
Take the prize home which is equivalent to the number recorded in your card!

▲ 4 types of Pachinko

There are 4 types of pachinko machine in P ARK.
(3 + 1 single machine)
Price of pinball are different! 
So please check the required number of different pinball for different prize. 

For example,
if you wanna get the Japanese-style patterned canvas bag as above,
number of pinball you will need is:
0.2 yen type = 2700 
1 yen type = 540
4 yen = 135

Since we started playing the 0.2 yen type,
2700 pinball are needed.
So what if you play the 1 yen type, 
2700/ 5 = 540
for the 4 yen type,
540/ 4 = 135

▲ No more wondering!
Just enjoy the fun of playing!!!

So just charged 100 yen at first, 
you don't really have a big losses then!

Anyway, feel the enjoyment and excitement!!!
No worry!!!!

▲ Delightful variety of prizes

from snack, food, and household items to small accessories.
All are suitable for foreign tourists to get some Japanese souvenirs!

Little surprise!!!

Only for foreign visitors!
Oh!!! It is paper cranes using folding paper printed with flags of different countries.

All are made by staffs of P ARK!

▲ The real world of Pachinko!

After experience the first pachinko zone, 
just challenge then!!!
Give it a try!

<Maison Ikkoku> Series

How surprise!!!
Never thought of seeing it at Pachinko!

Oh!!! Some surprising series!
"Hokuto no ken," "Ring," "Ranmam 1/2," 
"Starwars," "Lupin Ⅲ"
Oh!!! stimulate our sight in a wide variety of series of machines!

Let's come to P ARK to experience the real PACHINKO time!

A new style of PACHINKO. 
Trying to change its traditional impression
into a healthy entertainment culture!

clean and comfortable environment.
Welcoming foreign visitors!!!
P ARK keeps making effort!!!

<Fun for life>
-to make everyday living more fun-
like the slogan of P ARK
Let's come and enjoy the entertainment world in Japan!

P ARK Ginza
Address: 5-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Right next to Tokyo Metro Higashi-ginza station A1 Exit
PHONE: 03-3546-0003
OPEN HOUR: 10:00-22:45