Wednesday, September 30, 2015

# Shopping ♪ 2015 New stores and items at Mitsukoshi Ginza. 100-year of history! Traditional Department Store in Tokyo!

# Shopping ♪ 2015 New stores and items at Mitsukoshi Ginza. 100-year of history! Traditional Department Store in Tokyo! 

-Mitsukoshi Ginza-
"Milan - Paris - New York - Tokyo" are the leading fashion city in the world!
Speaking of the fashion in Tokyo,
you probably with think of "Ginza."

In Ginza, there is a century-old history department store.
Mitsukoshi Ginza represents Japan to spread the fashion trend
uniquely, sharply and popularly. 
To keep updated in the rapidly changing century, 
Mitsukoshi Ginza would have interior renewal every quarter on a regular basis
to provide customers the better service.

This fall, there are new brands joining Mitsukoshi Ginza and a renewal on the customer service area.

Today, let follow us to check out the ultimate hospitality in Mitsukoshi Ginza!

# Mitsukoshi Ginza
With the concept of "This is Japan,"
it is a building standing at the intersection of Ginza-4-chome!
Time flies and the building has never been getting old. 
On the other hand, it retains its traditional style, but not old-fashioned,
and keep continued to seek change!

<Mitsukoshi Ginza>
Open Hours: 10:30 ~ 20:00
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line
   Directly connected to [A7, A8] exit


# RENEWAL: Foreign Customers' Service Center (B1)

TAX-FREE counter after modified.

[Foreign Customers' Service Counter] is a concentrated place for all services for foreigners.
After any purchases or if you have any questions, just come here for help!

It is originally on M2, and now has moved to 1F. 
And getting expanded in size and the concentration service of 
TAX-FREE refunding service, multilingual shopping information, tourists information, foreign currency exchange services etc. 
How convenient!

[Foreign Customers' Service Counter]
Start on September 2, 2015
Place: B1F
Open Hour: 9: 00~20:00 

- Tax exemption
- Multi-language shopping Advisory Services
- Tourist Information for foreigners
- Foreign currency exchange

# Great sense of openness

Compare to counter at M2 before, even the size and atmosphere have been updated!
Any questions? 
Just come here!!

# Self-service of currency exchange 

Available for various currency worldwide!

# Tourist Information for foreigners 

Gathering most of the tourist information here!
How convenient!!
If you have not plan your next destination yet,
just stop by here!

# UPDATE: Cosmetics Floor (B1)

Next to the Foreign Customers's Service Center, 
a newly opened beauty and cosmetics area attracts us!
Wow!!! "Made in Japan" items!!!
You absolutely don't wanna miss it!

# Makeup pens to draw a sophisticated look l

Makeup pens and brush of [Hakuho], famous craftsmanship in Japan!
All are made in Japan!!!

# Worthy of exquisite handicrafts 

Soft and delicate~
We fall for them absolutely!

# Handy makeup items

Among the lineup of Hakuho's products, this makeup case is in smart and simple design.
We thought it is wallet at the first glance!

# Neat storage

Brushes in various sizes
Convenient to carry around!

# PREMIUM BEAUTY by Panasonic

Panasonic, having prestigious from oversea and of course Japan, 
Panasonic EH-CNA96 / EH-NA96 Nano water ion hair dryer, remains its high popularity !! p
You know what it is ran out of stock right now!

let see the product line of "Panasonic Beauty."

# 3 golden items for care

A little expensive of this refined and elegant appearance,
Anyways, it's worth!

Facial steamer EH-XS10 (middle)
68,000 yen + TAX

# Ultimate weapon for hair care

From daily washing, conditioning, drying!
A good hairdryer is necessary!

Its nano-ionized water can nourish dry hair and  injured part!

Hair dryer EX-XD10
30,000 yen + tax

# To firming the facial lines

 Ultrasonic waves for facial skin
First, "Facial line mode" 
Through ultrasonic vibrations, a very fine skin massage helps to make a firmer facial lines.
Second, "Acne mode"
Through ultrasonic vibrations, get rid of the accumulation of dirt from pore to make a cleaner skin. 
Third, "Pore mode"
Through ultrasonic vibrations, a very fine skin massage helps to smooth the skin.

Awesome good!

Panasonic Beauty PREMIUM EH-XU10

34,000 yen + TAX

# A new look !!

All the well-known brands of cosmetics, all kinds of popular beauty products are gathered all together!!!

# Concept is "vitality."

Fresh ingredients from the origin everyday are written on a large blackboard outside the shop!
A high ceiling, wide space makes us a peaceful mind 
to enjoy the healthy cuisine!
Let's relax in a small world physically and mentally!

# Lunch Menu

4 kinds of nutritional sets and 2 kinds of kids' plates!
Of course there are various drinks and side dishes!

518 yen ~ 1,728 yen  (including tax) 

# For KIDS

It is a restaurant very famous among family!
Kids' plates, child's seats, child's tableware!
All are available.

# Comfortable decoration

Wooden texture and green pavilion!
Sufficient lighting and high ceiling, 
what a warm space!!!
You would definitely love this restaurant!
Wanna stay here forever!

# Miso pork with vegetables bowl rice

Full of vegetable!
How healthy!
Good to have miso soup and drink! 

Miso pork with vegetables bowl rice 1,630 yen + TAX

# Can you feel the food culture  of Japan?

Not only the food like sushi, and Japanese beef,
but also table etiquette and the exquisite ingredients. 

Kobe Rokkomichi Gyunta (11F)

All tables are equipped with iron plates, where all delicious okonomiyaki are made here!

The wall is full of meal!!!

# Although okonomiyaki is a Japanese food...

Mix with Korean chili powder, garlic, and sesame oil sauce!

# "Pork and egg "

Although it looks a simple pork okonomiyaki,
with the special sauce of this shop,
no wonder you will like it!

# Special!

Let's share with friends!

A fashion center in Ginza for foreign tourists!

In order for foreigners to have a more convenient shopping experience,
Mitsukoshi Ginza keeps renew and update. 
First "airport-like" tax-free corner is going to open on the 8F this year end.
How exciting to see the evolution of department store!

First, let us experience part of the highlight!
・Renewal of Foreign Customers' Service Center
・"Made in Japan" Beauty/ cosmetics area 
・ Simple but original Japanese gourmet

Eat and shop
Shop and eat
Don't miss it at Mitsukoshi Ginza!

<Mitsukoshi Ginza> 
Open Hours: 10:30 ~ 20:00
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line
   Directly connected to [A7, A8] exit



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