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#Shopping ♪ Meeting the sub-culture fashion in Tokyo! UK Representative Footwear brand Dr. Martens in Harajuku

#Shopping ♪ Meeting the sub-culture fashion in Tokyo! UK Representative Footwear brand Dr. Martens in Harajuku 

Speaking of Dr. Martens,  what impression do you have?
1.  punk rock style  2.  leather boots 3. knee boots  4. soled yellow stitch 

How about your impression of the popular brand in Japan Dr. Martens?
1. Retro 8-hole boots 2. boots with rivet  3. Black & White tone  4. British style

It was born in 1952, the boots revolution in England. 
Then, it has become the symbol of a sub-culture among younger rapidly.
Today, it has become one of the favorite footwear/ fashion brand  in the world!

Dr. Martens 

In particular, as a sub-culture in Japan, a nation of transcending nationality and age, 
A single item of Dr. Martens has already become a MUST ITEM!

Today, we have come to the land of sub-culture, Harajuku!
Dr. Martens Harajuku store
Let's see its high quality of fashion items! 

Dr. Martens Harajuku

Characteristics rather than popularity. 
Behind story of the trend rather than popularity. 

Dr. Martens is located at fashionable paradise of Harajuku. 
Can you feel it attraction from its big logo!

[Dr. Martens Harajuku]

Address:  6-28-4, Jingu-mae, Shibuya , Tokyo

Tel: 03-6712-5809

Open Hours: 12:00 ~ 20:00

How to go?

From the big intersection of Harajuku and Omotesando,
Opposite to LAFORET Harajuku
An alley between LACOSTE and "Condomania"
 Go straight about 100m. 
At the end of the alley, you can see the big logo of Dr. Martens!
(Next to it is the grocery store called Alice on Wednesday)

▲ Inside the store

An antique store style with a classic jukebox,
the store just give an impression of London shoe shop and extension of British pop culture. 
Displaying all kinds of shoes, bags, as well as socks and T-shirt!!!
Wanna get them all!

Look at the left!
Various high barrel boots, flat shoes and formal shoes.
All kinds of high-quality products are gathered together!!

Look at the right!
Standard models of Dr. Martens and all kinds of canvas shoes and leather accessories. 

▲ Free WiFi & Global Size

Can you see the card on the left hand size?
It is free WiFi access!!! Just insert the password!
Check rather they are the limited edition here!
How convenient!

On the right hand size, 
no need us to explain probably!

Dr. Martens is famous all over the world, 
Generally, you can find them not only in Japan!
But you'd better check out any Japanese edition.

#1  Limited Edition

Like this pair, there are only 1460 pairs in the world!
The most classic of a 8-hole boots of Dr. Martens.
Why 1460 pairs?
It is for the memory of its birth!
April 1, 1960
British style: 01/04/1960

There are only 100 pairs in Japan!
Don't miss it!

▲ Stylish staff helps you!

Typical flat shoes of Dr. Martens.
The iron plate to protect the toes create a visual effects!
A special limited edition!

"Try it now~" 

Wow!!!, Not only stylish, and well-matching with Dr. Martens.
she is totally the Wikipedia level of the style of shoes and leather products.

# 2 Colors

One of the charms of Dr. Martens is the variety of colors!

▲ All sizes, variety of colors

The advantage to purchase in Harajuku store is its plenty of stocks here relatively!

# 3 Design 

Never outdated even wear more than 20 years!
A rich variety of design! How charming!
Wow! The dark blue patent leather and Union Jack pattern!!

# 4  Air cushion soles

Dr. Martens patent "AirWair" soles

In fact, sole of Dr. Martens' shoes make use of recycled materials!
Klaus Märtens, founder of Dr. Martens,
was a doctor in the German army during World War II. 
He was thinking to open a hospital in his hometown of Munich, 
but he found people suffering in the war had a great need for shoes.
That is why he learned the shoe-making technology.
But it was very hard to find leather in Germany at that time,
so he made use of the the military parka to made the vamp.

To find the hardest material to produced think leather soles, 
from waste tires to a variety of materials experiments, 
the use of waste oil on the production of new material PVC was perfectly found!

Put the cushion inside, and use a honey comb structure in the heel position. 
Dr. Martens "Airwair" was born.

In Japan, the increase of soles of the "Airwair" is available. 
So there are many people come to Japan for this "AirWair."

▲ A variety of colors and designs of soles

Today, comparing to the origin, UK, there are more Dr. Martens-lovers in Japan.
More sizes and types can be found here in Harajuku store!

# 5  Prepare for the children 

Let see the lovely children's collection!
Wow!!! What if you have kids in your family, 
you would probably wanna have a pair!

# 6 Made in UK

Dr. Martens is currently available in the market worldwide. 
There are two main manufacturers in the world. 
Most of the series are produced in Asian countries. 
But the genuine original series are made in England!!

The series produced in Asian are more likely to follow the trend, 
but the one produced in UK, use the highest level of leather, 
the price is probably 1.5 times of the Asian ones.
So taking into account of the original and leather quality, it is a worth collection huh!

You can check them out at the Made in UK corner. 
(Left: Asian-made; right: UK-made)

# 7  Advanced

Oh! Even the Oxford-style shoes use 'AirWair' soles? !

▲ Highest quality

Strong and durable shoes for weekdays
This simplicity can highlight your personality.

# 8 Clothing

Keeping the brand image of its punk rock fashion!
With a cool T-shirt and the leather jacket of yellow inside!
How trendy!

# 9 Leather Products

Beside shoes, accessories made of leathers can also be found!
Even it is a picture, you can see its excellent craft-work!

▲ Leather Care Products

Want to make the life of your shoes longer, maintenance is very important.
Make them an attractive vintage items!

# 10  Collaborated items

Dr. Martens turned gorgeous! 
Add some pop elements into the it and collaborate with various artists! 
Make Dr. Martens more attractive!

On the above picture, 
which are the masterpiece collaborated with British artist Mark Wigan! 
Perfectly integrated the idea of Totemism, 
a firm and rock style of Dr. Martens is made!

 Collaborated items of Dr. Martens & Mark Wigan

Limited edition collaborated items
Needless to say its value of collection.
How pretty!!!

Encounter the UK Sub-culture in Harajuku, Tokyo

Rock music was getting popular in the 1970s. 
at the same time, Dr. Martens shared the power to the worldwide rock and punk enthusiasts.
Then, it has attracted the young Japanese people; 
now it has become a representative brand of the "sub-culture" style of fashion!

Each brand has its own story and charm. 
A brand was born, as Dr. Martens decided to make shoes for the ones who are suffered instead of continuing his career as a doctor. 
An amazing encounter created this loved brand!!

Tokyo Harajuku Trip

Come and get a pair of retro 8-hole boots!
Feel the orthodoxy of the British footwear brand!!

Not only in Harajuku!
Dr. Martens Stores can be found throughout Japan.
Let's check them out when you come to travel! ^^

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