Wednesday, September 2, 2015

# Theme Park ♪ Let's go to see white tiger at Tobu Zoo!!!! - Prologue-

# Theme Park ♪ Let's go to see white tiger at Tobu Zoo!!!! - Prologue-

Take the Tokyo Subway Metro Hibiya Line from Ueno
to [Tobu Dobutsu Koen Station] about 44 minutes.

We have just been to there!!!
<Tobu Zoo>
A zoo as well as an amusement park!

Oh!! It was my first time to see "white tiger!"
Wow!!! How excited!!!

It is a place filled with another kind of excitement and fun from Ueno Zoo.
Full of new discovery and freshness!

Can't we say it is a new tourist spot of a Tokyo trip??
Here we are.
An hybrid leisure land 
Tobu Zoo

# Family of white tiger

Four cute brothers were born together at this Tobu Zoo!
Come here for the valuable feeding experience!

# Feeding white tiger

How to get closer to them?
First step is to feed them with their favorite food! ^^

# Roller coaster in the zoo

Isn't it the most exciting zoo from Tokyo?
the most healing amusement park from Tokyo?

Roller coasters and various attractions!
On the other hand, a lot of animals live together!!!
Indeed an enjoyable "hybrid leisure land! "

# Capybara and tiny squirrel monkeys???

Are they friends???
Meet them at Tobu Zoo and feel and harmony!!

A new tourist spot from Tokyo!!!
An unexpected exciting zoo and healing amusement park!

What are you waiting???
Looking forward to our next article then!!
See ya^^

-to be continued-