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# Trip to Kyushu ♪ Addicted to a road trip with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

# Trip to Kyushu ♪ Addicted to a road trip with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

Kyushu, located at the southern tip of the Japanese.
Pleasant climate, comfortable hot spring, memorable cuisine, 
as well as the fusion of urban and nature.
Gathering all the element of your traveling!

Okay!! Follow us!
Let's enjoy the natural beauty of Kyushu in this RENT-A-CAR road trip!

# Rent-a-car in Kyushu

This time, we are gonna start our trip at Hakata, Fukuoka and continue the route around Mount Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, to Beppu, Yufuin hot springs in Oita Prefecture.
The name of the route is called Yamanami High Way."
It is chosen as one of the "Japan's hundred channels."

If you like driving, 
this is definitely a good driving route for you!

Many people will say 
Rental car travel = Kyushu

This time we finally got it!
We have a red NISSAN's SUV JUKE with us this time!

We gotta pick up our car at Fukuoka Airport -NISSAN RENT A CAR- 

[NISSAN RENT A CAR-- Fukuoka Airport store]
Address: 3-7-2 In front of Fukuoka Airport, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

(3-min walk from Fukuoka Airport 2nd Terminal)

Tel: 092-622-4123

Open Hours: 8:00 ~ 22:00 (Saturday and Sunday holidays 8:00 ~ 20:00)

This store (English)

* Rental fee (e.g. JUKE)


# In front of the Fukuoka Airport Terminal

Okay!!! Our trip for this time starts here!!!
It is Fukuoka Airport store, in front of the domestic terminal of the airport!

So what if you land Kyushu at the International terminal,
you can first take the bus at the No. 1 bus stop on the 1F of Terminal 1. 
Get off the bus at domestic terminal 2. 
Then, you will see the NISSAN RENT A CAR on the opposite side of the road.

[Fukuoka Airport Shuttle bus (Domestic Terminal)]
* Bus intervals: from about 4 to 8 minutes

For more info:

#NISSAN RENT A CAR Fukuoka Airport Branch

Why we choose here??
Coz there are a lot of types of vehicles.

There are many Japanese cars, Toyota, Honda, 
but why we prefer Nissan???
Because of its technology and our favorite^^ 
That is why we are here this time as well!

[NISSAN RENT A CAR -  Vehicles and rate (per 12 hours)] 

- General (P CLASS / 4 - 5 passengers) 5, 074 yen (MOCO / light vehicles) to 13, 824 yen (TEANA)
- Sports (P CLASS / 2- 4 passengers) 21, 600 yen (SKYLINE COUPE / 370Z)
-RV Car (RV CLASS / 5 passengers) 8, 100 yen (JUKE) ~ 15, 120 yen (MURANO)
- Vans (W CLASS / 7-8 passengers) 10, 260 yen (LAFESTA) ~ 22, 248 yen (ELGRAND)
-EV & Hybrid (E CLASS / 5 passengers) 10, 260 yen (LEAF) ~ 26, 352 yen (FUGA Hybrid)

 For more info:

No worry even you don't speak Japanese!

Thanks for the welcoming from this friendly staff!
even if you don't know Japanese, 
use various of body languages would help you to go through the procedure smoothly.

For your reminder,
the store will confirm with you the following things

* With reservation 
1. Passport
2. International Driving Licence
3. Specified vehicle confirmation 
4. Freeway ETC card >>  How to use?

* Without reservation 
- Vehicle available
- Cash or credit card

# Amazing?

Nissan has collaborated with JAPAN TRAVEL SIM
SIM CARD for foreign visitors are available!!!
How convenient!

# Exquisite SUV for 5 --JUKE

Sharp appearance, small but powerful.
How cute is the Japan's models!

Why do we choose this JUKE?
1600cc direct injection engine, 190 horsepower /24.5 Torque.
You know what??
There are a lot of hill and slope in Kyushu,
That is why we choose this powerful JUKE!

# Check the trunk

Since it is SUV,
a spacious trunk is available!


Let's start our Kyushu trip!


How is JUKE?
Great performance in various conditions!
No pressures at all!

As fuel costs, direct-injection engine, CVT prevent idling
Just 129 yen in Japan!

# Right steering wheel / left-hand traffic

Basically speed limit in Japan is about 60-100 km. 
You will see there are divided into general entrance and ETC entrance. 
It you use cash, go through the green one. 
If you have ETC card, choose the purple one!

Of course, it is better to know about the travel rules in Japan before starting your road trip!

# Road trip in Kyushu @ YAMANAMI HIGH WAY

Between "Yufuin / Beppu" in Oita Prefecture and Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, which is a 50 kilometers highway called AMANAMI HIGH WAY in Kyushu. 
It is about 1,500 to 1,700 meters tall. 
Oh!!! The awesome view that you can't really express in words.

# Road trip in Kyushu @ Asahidai REST HOUSE

From Yufuin to Aso, we have come across this amazing landscape observatory. 
It is the "Aso Kuju National Park."

Just insert the phone number

# awesome view and delicious lunch

Many Japanese visitors like to stop by here to have delicious lunch!!!
So as the same rent-a-car travel, 
you don't wanna miss it!

For the representative of Oita prefecture, 
you don't wanna miss Toriten, dango soup and soba noodles.

Lunch: 1000 ~1500 yen

# Looking ahead from Asahidai observatory

Oh!!! Awesome!!!
Good for car riding!

# A drive in mountain road

Come and experience it.

# Stop by for a while to enjoy the nature

Cows are leisurely eating grass cows at the flatland under the volcano. 
Come and take a rest then!

Speaking of Aso, 
you don't wanna miss the House sashimi (Basashi)

@ Kusasenri 

A vast grasslands surrounded the volcano located at Aso Five Sacred Mountains foothills.
It is about 785,000 square meters of grassland, smashed from a 1km diameter crater.

Just insert the phone number

# Play with Aso Volcano

Although there are news recently about volcanic eruption in the Aso area,
no worry it is totally safe to watch it outside the warning range, as well as it is not 
reaching the dangerous level.

Let's make fun with the smoke huh!!!

Lake in Kusasenri 

It is a famous spot always appear on the guidebook!
Located in the middle of the prairie grass. 
Actually, it is volcanic lake formed by accumulated rainwater in the crater!

There are horses, lake, and mountain. 
How peaceful!
How fantastic!


Go ahead!!

Facing the sunset and then stepped hard on the accelerator.
Let's go and move on to Oita Prefecture!

# Enjoy deliciously at Oita Prefecture

There are a lot of gourmet in Oita Prefecture. 
Find a business hotel for accommodation and get into a izakaya!
Oita's bamboo fish!
You don't wanna miss!
Also, fried chicken and fresh octopus and fried egg roll and
Japan's freshest draft beer!

What a refreshing time!

# Kyushu rent-a-car @ Beppu "Yukemuri" observatory 

Just insert the phone number

# Beppu Onsen

Having the most number of hot springs in Japan.
More than 2800 springs origin and discharged as much as 137,000 liters per day.
Indeed it is a Hot springs village!

More than ten million tourists come and visit a year!

# Kyushu rent-a-car @ Beppu jikoku Tour

In the eight of the Beppu hot springs, 
there are a lot of unique hot springs in Kannawa Hot springs. 
Since it is an area with high temperature steam all the time, 
people seems hard to get closed to it, so it is called jikoku onsen (Hell hot springs)

Umijikoku, a blue hot spring in high temperate of 98 degree, 
Oniyama jikoku, hot spring for crocodile to grow,
blood pond hot spring and blah blah blah....

There are many foreign visitors! 
Multi-languages information is available. 

Just insert phone number 

# Facing the "hell"

This hot springs is called Kamado-jigoku. 
It is said that there is ghost guarded this boiling hot water. 
The exclusive strong smell of sulfur vapor, only here!!!
Come and experience it!
Just park your car and pay 400 yen admission fee!

Feel the closet to the earth...
the power of nature

#  Good for throat and skin?

High-temperature steam as natural mask
No doubt good for skin huh!

# Jigoku  ice cream

Wait!!! A reddish ice cream with chili powder!
Oh!!! An image of "hell" lol

# Must eat!!!

Hot spring egg.
In general, most of the hot spring eggs were boiled in 60 degree,
to form liquid-like eggs.
Here, high temperate of 60 degree, 
eggs are fully cooked lol

# Hot spring beauty in Beppu

Wow!!! Can't you tell she is over 60???
Nice skin!

# Skin beauty!

A native born of Beppu!
She said she has never used any special skin care products.

Let's take a close look!
Smooth with porcelain skin!

# Foot steam spa

It is hard to find thing not related to hot spring in Beppu!
Wow!!! It is free!!!
Footbath by steam.

# Let's head to Yufuin

After baptism from "hell," we continue on the road to Yufuin.
Run about 30-min, 
toll fee is 800 yen.

It you have ETC, no worry, just pass through the indicated gate and 
the amount paid will shown on the display board~

# Kyushu rent-a-car trip  @ Yufuin

Following Beppu, Kusatsu, Yufuin ranked No. 3 of the amount of hot springs in Japan.

In the countryside, the train is trying to run a small roadside about 1584 meters tall. 
surrounded the Mount Yufu.
Near the station, there are ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn), stores,
it is a nice place for couples huh!

Just insert the phone number 

# Yufuin rural scenery

Not only hot spring, a countryside scenery is indeed romantic....

#JR Yufuin station

Preserved the old village of hot springs, at the same time, 
a neat road in front of the station.
How impressive!

Not only hot spring bun, cake, but also , French cafes and restaurants. 
Ancient rustic atmosphere with western elements.
How refreshing!

# Yufuin carriage

White house!!! So cool!!!!
Like in a story of a long long history,
how romantic!

# Scenery

Beauty of nature in Kyushu
Wow!!! A whole piece of green~ 
How impressive!

Let's get back to Fukuoka then~

# Kyushu rent-a-car trip @ Tenjin city

Where is Tenjin in Fukuoka?
It is like the combination of Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza and Shinjuku.
A lot of food, shops, a bustling place!!!

If you visit Fukuoka, 
Tenjin is highly recommended!

Tips: parking lot behind the station (parking fee 200 yen/hour)

It is just like the shopping area in Tokyo huh!

# Yadai in Hakata 

In this bustling streets, there are a lot of "yadai" (food stall) opened at 17:00 in Hakata, Fukuoka.

They are still loved by local people as well as tourists!

We recommend the crossroad of Tenjin Station. 
Right in front of Daimaru Department Store!

# Hakata original, Ippudo ramen 

Speaking of Fukuoka, 
you don't wanna miss Tonkotsu-ramen!

Thick pork soup, chewy noodle, thick pork meat
Oh!!! Here you come!
Ippudo ramen 1st store!

Open in 1985, all over Japan as well as to the world!
Come and taste the original of the original!

[Ippudo the 1st shop]
Address: 1-13-14 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, 1-13-14
Tel: 092-771-0880
Hours: Monday - Thursday / 11:00 - 23:00 
Friday, the day before the holiday / 11:00 ~ 24: 00
Saturday / 10:30 ~ 24: 00 
Sundays and holidays / 10:30 - 23:00 (Closed at the year end and the beginning)

* There are paid parking lot in front!
Just park your car there and go eat ramen!

# Kyushu travel = Riding fun

What do you think?

Enjoy the scenery. Beautiful nature. 
The world's volcanic car route.
Hot springs. Taste food.
Awesome trip in Japan!

Let us share with your our photography!

#the Caldera

Extending straight out from the volcano Avenue.

# Yell at the green

Aso mountain scenery!!

# The first impression @ Asahidai observatory

First encounter!
Why don't we take a picture?

# 3 in 1

Car, nature, and us ^^

Bye Nissan!

After conquest of Kyushu with Nissan car.
What is our next stop?

[The total cost of the trip (Overnight)]
Nissan Rent-a-car  about 20,000 yen (48 hours / including insurance)
Oil costs about 8,000 yen (Refill once)
Tolls fee about 10,000 yen (Fukuoka - Oita)
Parking fee  about 1,500 yen (Fukuoka / Yufuin)
Meals about 20,000 yen (2 people / including izakaya)

A total of about 59,500 yen (accommodation cost is not included)

[NISSAN RENT A CAR-- Fukuoka Airport store]
Address: 3-7-2 In front of Fukuoka Airport, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

(3-min walk from Fukuoka Airport 2nd Terminal)

Tel: 092-622-4123

Open Hours: 8:00 ~ 22:00 (Saturday and Sunday holidays 8:00 ~ 20:00)

This store (English)


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