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# Cosmetics ♪ Autumn Makeup with CANMAKE!!! Let's check out the new autumn items!

# Cosmetics ♪ Autumn Makeup with CANMAKE!!! Let's check out the new autumn items!

Autumn is coming in Japan!
Let's have an image change this autumn with the new items of CANMAKE!

Sooner or later, you might feel some coolness.
And the color of the leaves gradually began to turn yellow!
Oh!!! The harvest season has arrived!

Let's make your autumn more colorful!

See how we keep up with the trend and challenge to have a new autumn style of makeup!

# Today, most of the items to be used  (from above to bottom)

1. Matte & Crystal Cheeks  3 colors each 650 yen (excluding tax)

・no.1 Apricot Candy
・no.2 Fantasy Pink
・no.3 Juicy Strawberry

2. Lip & Cheek Gel 4 colors for each 600 yen (excluding tax)

・no.1 Strawberry Moose
・no.2 Apple Mango Parfait
・no.3 Raspberry Float
・no.4 Blood Cranberry

3. Secret Color Eyes 2 colors each 650 yen (excluding tax)

・no.1 Romantic Doll
・no.2 Sweet Fairy


Let's start with the eyes!
First, let have a thin layer as eye shallow!
We will do the coloring later on.

# Okay!!! New item that will bring us a new remarkable performance from today!

Secret Color Eyes 2 colors each 650 yen (excluding tax)

The rich royal jelly has moisturizing ingredients as eye shadow.
Natural color, which is good with skin color.

Put it on top of the basic eye shadow color, will give you a simple and natural makeup clearly!


Today, we gonna use these 3 colors mainly!

- Color: no.2 sweet fairy
If your skin is a bit dark in color, 
we highly recommend you to use this color!
It helps you create a sweet makeup.

# coloration

Get some on the back of your hand, 
then you can take a look at the 3 colors clearly!
According to the steps of the box, from left to right, 
pink, white and light brown series.

# Brush

The eye shadow brush attached to the case has built two width. 
The narrow brush can be used at a time to draw a lovely pink underneath of the eyes. 
The wide brush can be used to brighten the brow area or add a shadow for the nose.

Use the light brown color of the Secret Color Eyes (sweet fairy) as the shadowing part.
Use the finger picks to put white color in the middle, gently apply to the brow to make it brightened!

# Bottom park of the eyes

Pink is probably the most appropriate one!
To create a simple and natural makeup, we need to enhance the sense of transparency.
No worries.
Good to have the soft pink color series!!!
A cute makeup is done!


Matte & Crystal Cheeks 3 colors each 650 yen (excluding tax)

The next step is the blush!
Blush accounted for a relatively large part of the face makeup.
Let's have an inverted triangle blush to make you look more mature!

# Matt & Crystal

Color: no.3 Juicy Strawberry

The biggest feature of this double-colored eye shadow is its texture.

- Right: matte blush
Soft and fine, can easily and effective to hide pores.

- Left: Pearl brighten
Have pearl and glitter ingredients.

Simple to use: 
first coat with the matte blush, then put on the pearl and glitter color!
Using the double-colored blush, 
can make the lighting effect looks more natural and obvious!

# Sense of transparency

A pure and natural sense, easy for people to approach!

# Lip Making

Lip & Cheek Gel 4 colors each 600 yen (excluding tax)

In a harvest autumn, 
wanna have the charm and plump lips for this wonderful season!

Easy to use: 
Apply in the middle and and gently spread it outward from the center of the lips.
Wow!!! The charming lips^^ 

# A pure autumn

Color: no.2 Apple Mango Parfait

CANMAKE has been very focused on how the makeup can make the skin color looks better !!

This is the type that you just slightly tip with a finger and let it melts at your body temperature.
It is familiar with skin and retains for a long time. 
Moreover, it contains moisturizing ingredients for beauty!

If you are not good at makeup, 
having this item is no doubt convenient!

# Great coloration
From left to right...

no.1 Strawberry Moose
no.2 Apple Mango Parfait
no.3 Raspberry Float
no.4 Blood Cranberry(Limited edition)

# Point

Apply on the lips by your finger tip,
awesome colors!


Use CANMAKE new autumn makeup items,
a autumn makeup is done very lovely and has a sense of maturity.
Perfectly match the seasons!

Let's try these 3 items then~

Recently the popular keywords about beauty is pure.

You also wanna try definitely!
Come to get prettier in this beautiful season!

:::Where to buy? ::: 

Popular drug store full out Japan.
Remember this yellow sign!
Matsumoto Kiyoshi store in Harajuku!

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