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# Sport drink ♪ To all runners!!! Sport drink with amino acid supplement by Meiji SUPER VAAM

# Sport drink ♪ To all runners!!! Sport drink with amino acid supplement by Meiji SUPER VAAM
(Vespa Amino Acid Mixture)

Today, in this fast-paced modern world, sport/ exercise has become an indispensable part of our life!
To maintain their strength, lose weight, fitness, yoga, as well as indoor soccer,
after all said and done, 
the most basic and simple sport for boys and girls in all ages is 

Jogging or running 
it is a long term exercise, 
when you start running, you would like to run faster, longer distance or break a records etc. 

In Japan, there is a sport drink to meet all the runners' need!
A sport drink?
An electrolyte?
Better than water?
Not only these....

It helps liberate the energy of our body!
That is the product of the Japan's leading integrated food company, Meiji.
It is VAAM.

[meiji VAAM]
Category: VAAM / SUPER VAAM / Diet VAAM / VAAM Water
Price: beverage type 200ml  296 yen + TAX
                          Granule  (powder) type 4g x 10 bags  2, 300 yen + TAX
Available to buy:   Japan nationwide retailer stores and drug stores, etc.

HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

# Everybody should know 

If you are living in Japan, you would see a variety of snacks, chocolate as well as dairy product 
are from Meiji!
Have you ever seen the yogurt on the above picture???
You might have the experience of seeing it or even buying it in the supermarket in Japan!

VAAM, is the from this well-known brand, Meiji. 
Yes! Not only snacks, dairy products, beverages, infant food, patient food, 
there are also health food in the beauty category, full of collagen and mouthwash pharmaceuticals.

In particular, Meiji produced the comprehensive nutritional food for the hospitalized patients,
which is widely used in most of the hospitals in Japan.
Therefore, Meiji is a brand with a high reliability in Japan indeed!

# Let's drink before exercise!
VAAM turns your body fat into energy

You know what? Hornet moves 100km a day!
Wait! Where is their persistence came from?
Oh!!! Research shows that this amazing endurance originally from body fat!
Movement turns body fat into energy!

Today, we gonna introduce drink VAAM before exercise like 
running, marathon, soccer, hockey, basketball and cycling. 
All are comparative long-term exercise.
Making use of the function of amino acid to turn body fat of our bodies,
promoting the movement into the energy required to help you refresh your record and improve your endurance ability.

Although the beverage type is more popular, 
it takes time and a bit inconvenient in the middle of some competitive sports.

# Granule (powder)type VAAM for pocket size 

 Granule (powder) type of VAAM is born.
Easy to carry around and the most important thing is, 
you don't need water to drink!
You can even pick it up from your supporter when you are running!

* Above photo is from a marathon. Runners actually took the VAAM in the middle of the marathon.

# Body fat is produced during exercise???

There are two primary sources of energy in your body -- glycogen and fat stored by our body. Glycogen is easily burned within short periods of time and serves as a source of stamina in events that require burst of energy.
But glycogen is not enough for long period of exercise. Alternatively fat is stored in abundance by the body although it requires large amounts of oxygen and is generally difficult to convert into energy.
 VAAM can aid in utilizing our body's fat store to save that stored glycogen for the bursts of energy that we need for a longer exercise time. 
(For your reference: 

At this time, what if taking the VAAM (20-30 minutes before exercise), 
amino acid will help burning out the fat and turn into energy faster. 
Then, with the energy,
it can help improve athletic performance. 

Wow!!! let's give VAAM applause for the amazing performance!

# Recommend to use at the limited physical exercise

Like running, endurance, and energy is highly needed!
There you go! SUPER VAAM 

Of course, you can use it before any kinds of sport.

# 30 minutes before exercise

Is the amino acid in VAAM ready for the battle timely?? lol
Highly recommend you to take it 30 minutes before exercise.
It is better for carbohydrates to be burn into energy through the process in 20-30 minutes.
So after taking VAAM, amino acid starts working and will be more active in promoting fat burning. 
So before you lose the energy while running,
it continues to keep your body to be moved energetically. 

# Portable VAAM

A small bag, easy to carry along.
Take one before leaving home, 
then bring along with you a bag of two. 
No worry of losing energy then!

# NO! Ion Drink!

Some of our friends wonder what is the difference of VAAM from other Ion drink!
Actually, ion drink is know as sport drink, like mineral water. 
It helps recovering the loss of water and electrolyte. 
In other words, giving the body water to allow the body to be satisfied, 
but not actually provide the body with new energy.

# Get your body charged 

What is the taste of VAAM?
It is kind of like pineapple.

Like a light pineapple drink, 
a refreshing taste!

Anyway, we are looking for amino acid. 

Are you ready??
Take it 30 minutes before exercise!

# Usual physical exercise

After running 30 minutes, about 5 km. 
Yes!!! Your body is about to need more sugar as the stored sugar is already gone out. 

# Fat to sugar! Sugar to energy!

Amino acid in VAAM is now burning fat into energy!

# Update our personal records

Stamina and energy is the significant!
So VAAM will be our must item then! No wonder!

# Seeing is believing!
Trying is believing!

Having more energy after taking VAAM, 
start enjoying the beautiful scenery while running!

# A brand new world!

After all, 
all turn into a more positive energy!!!!

# All runners like amino acid

VAAM is loved by all runners!

Wanna be like hornets running 100 km a day?
Here you are!
VAAM turns all the fats into energy!

# Water is not required

Besides your music player, 
VAAM will be another items when you are running!

# Full of energy the next day

No need to worry the next day after running!
After taking VAAM, 
you won't have any excuse then!
Not only burning the fat but also turning all your pressure into energy!

[meiji VAAM]
Category: VAAM / SUPER VAAM / Diet VAAM / VAAM Water
Price: beverage type 200ml  296 yen + TAX
                          Granule  (powder) type 4g x 10 bags  2, 300 yen + TAX
Available to buy:   Japan nationwide retailer stores and drug stores, etc.

HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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