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#Accommodation ♪ Long Stay? Tokyu Stay! A newborn stylish residential hotel~ Tokyo Stay Meguro - Yutenji

#Accommodation ♪ Long Stay? Tokyu Stay!  A newborn stylish residential hotel~ 
Tokyo Stay Meguro - Yutenji

Longing for living in New York? in Paris? in Tokyo?

Have you ever thought of living in other cities in different countries?
A short trip is not enough to understand the life in a big city!
Although Tokyo is not a big city in the map,
 numerous different lifestyles can be found here! 
It is definitely a place for you to spend a week, or even a month, 
to experience the life here!

You might often see the kind of leisurely quiet residential area in the Japanese manga and video.
Have you dreamed of living in such a place experiencing Tokyo life?
we would like to introduce you a place for travelers to experience Tokyo life in your Japan trip!

Here you are 
[Tokyu Stay Meguro - Yutenji]

# One of the popular residential area in Tokyo!

Hotel giving you the "My Home" feeling

Tokyu Stay Hotels can be found in 16 good locations in Tokyo.
[Tokyu Stay Meguro-Yutenji] is the one just opened in October 2015!

According to the trend of the travelers to Tokyo recently,
most people would like to walk in a clean and fashionable area.
Meguro- Yutenji is one of the top-ranked areas like Kichijoji and Shimo-kitazawa.
Those are the favorite areas of the Japanese young adults.
Maybe they are also influenced by the impression shown on animations and TV dramas!

Are you also longing for staying in those areas?
Rather staying at the general hotel, 
you have another choice!
Like a general residential apartment, 
it gives you a friendly and comfortable impression. 
Even if it is a long-term stay, you won't feel any inconvenience. 
Because the basic home appliances like microwave, fridge, and washing machine are ready here!
It definitely provides you a residential stay!

[Tokyu Stay Meguro- Yutenji]
2-15-7 Yutenji, Meguro, Tokyo  (Google)

3-min walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line [Yutenji]
TEL 03-5721-1109
Guest rooms: 68
Room type: Single A / Single B /Twin Room / Suite (Japanese and Western)
Check-in / Check-out time:  15: 00/11: 00



 #Yutenji Station
6-min ride from Shibuya by Tokyu Toyoko Line!

Meguro- Yutenji 
Although it is a quiet residential area,
it is bustling around the station, 
many hot spots are in the neighborhood.

The nearest station to Tokyu Stay Hotel is Toyoko Line- Yutenji. 
It is a convenient location, which is easy to access to other areas. 

Located along the Merugo River.
It is just 1-min ride to Naka-meguro Station from train.  (Of course it is in a walking distance.)

For Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka, which there are many trendy cafes and boutiques, 
just 3-5 mins away by train.
For Shibuya, just 6 mins!

# Lobby in a comfortable atmosphere 

Although it is just a hotel, 
it doesn't make you feel like a hotel!
Don't you think it is like an atmosphere of an exclusive residential area. 
No unnecessary modification.
Just simple and warm.

# Decoration like drawing by color chalk.
Wait! Isn't it a coffee shop?

As the hotel lobby, this cafe-style is so lovely! 
Sunshine from the window brighten the rooms. 
This charming interior lighting and decoration makes you wanna stay here longer!

# Coffee and leaflets

Not just an atmosphere of a coffee house,
free coffee and numerous of leaflets and booklets. 
it is just like a real coffee house.

# Mini garden at the terrace

Having a cup of coffee, grabbing a book, sitting  at the terrace of the small courtyard.
Let's enjoy your own leisure in the afternoon.

# Hotel like a residential apartment in a fashionable area

The charming point here not only the coffee house on the 1F, 
but also floors that are full of lovely groceries and decoration. 
It is just like retro and stylish atmosphere from the former collective housing in this area in Meguro-Yutenji.
Corridor gives you an European-style apartment feel. Even if a small number at the door, 
different colors and fonts are used on different floor. 
Every details makes the place different. 

# An unique Japanese-styled room

Modern style interior,
actually, is a Japanese-style room. 
When you take a closer look to every corner of the room, 
you will find the entire room is intelligently combined with Japanese elements, like the tatami floor, wooden sliding door and set on the ground. 
In other words,
it is like a traditional Japanese-style inn is decorated with the modern fashion. 
A Japanese-style room of 25 square-meter is prepared with bed and sheet, 
can accommodate up to 4 people!
(For case more than two people, an additional 3,240 yen per person a night to stay)

# A general room in life 

When you open the door, 
you might think it is a single room of an apartment. 
Wait...a mini kitchen and a washing machine.
A room provide a variety of daily necessities for the long-term stay of Tokyu Stay's guests.

# For everyone

Rooms in Tokyu Stay don't have steps at the entrance.
So that it allows everyone to use conveniently. 

That is so-called "universal design."
A floor is combined by the colorful carpets and marble, 
a no threshold design, 
not only friendly to guests of wheelchair accessibility, 
but also for the ones who carry wheeled-suitcases. 

# Let's turn around~

Wanna know the structure of the room more?
Here you are in 360 degree!
Yea... a normal room. 
Simple and clean.

# Single B/ Twin Room 

White wood tone
bright and clean
Take a look at the bottom, it is colorful carpet.
A gorgeous and clear interior sense for long-term guests. 
A room of 20 square-meter has a 1.6m wide of bed.
A perfect room for two, huh!

# Mini kitchen and washer & dryer

Clothes won't be a burden anymore for long-term guests. 
If you stay in a room with a washer & dryer, 
you don't bother to bring a whole bunch of clothes then. 
Also, you might do a simple cooking in this mini cute kitchen.

# Convenient Kitchenware

Besides, microwave, refrigerator, there are also apron, knives, and cooking pans. 
Feel free to make sandwich or salad anytime. 
How about some simple Japanese cuisine!

# Bathroom

Make full use of the space.
Compare to the one in business hotel, it is a bit larger and more comfortable.
No bother to have a relax time here!

# All kinds of supplies 

Foam cleanser, shampoo, hair gel, shower gel!
All the amenities are ready for you!

Wait! What is that stylish device on the left?
Oh! It is a dryer!
How cute!

# Water pressure is very important!

If you are a travelers, you would definitely care about the water pressure of the shower!
No worries!
You might feel like you are being messaged here!

 # A bed comfortable as the one at home

To allow guests to have a good night's sleep, 
a famous Serta mattresses and 40-inch TV are prepared. 
Like people living in Tokyo, 
enjoying watch TV at home at night after a busy day. 

# Simple bedside

Two outlet plugs are ready for use at bedside. 
A simple bedside table and lamp. 
So no worries to find switches in the dark at night!

#  Household items

Air cleaner to produce negative ions to keep the fresh air. 
It is the brand of Japan with good reputation. 
And a stylish Delong hot pot. 

After returning room from outside, 
feel free to use the deodorant spray to sterilize! 
Tokyu Stay prepared it for you!
No worries to buy it yourself! 
There is one in the closet!

# Do laundry everyday

Handkerchiefs, underwear, socks, etc. 
Just put all your clothes into the washer & dryer!
No problem even if it is rainy day!

# An open balcony

Most of the rooms in business hotels have locked windows. 
It is not a problem for a day or two-day stay. 
But what if you would stay for a month, 
a small balcony would definitely make you happier.
You might want to hang your laundry during good weather. 

# Standing mirror 

To make better use of space, 
a large mirror on the table allows you to move its position. 
Just use it as convenient as you want!

# Security System

Whenever you get in and out of the hotel, while you are taking elevator to the room, 
a secure identification card is needed!
 Keep you safe during your stay!

#  This is "My Room."

Thanks Tokyu Stay provides a comfortable room to make our stay in Tokyo more enjoyable. 
Although it is a bit sad to leave Tokyo as we have been familiar to it! 
Wanna have a friendly stay in Tokyo?
Tokyu Stay is your choice!

To make your long-term trip more valuable...

Tired of eating at the restaurant outside?
Try to make your stay in Tokyo more meaningful and 
feel like you are living here?
A comfortable and convenient residential place is where you are looking for?

Meeting concierges wear smile everyday, embrace sunshine at the terrace every morning, and 
enjoy your afternoon with a cup of coffee and your favorite book. 

Every little things in your Tokyo trip makes your stay valuable. 

For long-term stay in Tokyo,
A new residential hotel of Tokyu Stay Meguro-Yutenji is your choice!

[Tokyu Stay Meguro- Yutenji]
2-15-7 Yutenji, Meguro, Tokyo  (Google)

3-min walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line [Yutenji]
TEL 03-5721-1109
Guest rooms: 68
Room type: Single A / Single B /Twin Room / Suite (Japanese and Western)
Check-in / Check-out time:  15: 00/11: 00



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