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#Shopping ♪ Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, your friends and partners!!! You would love this place for shopping and gourmet @ Velvia-kan in Ginza

#Shopping ♪ Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, your friends and partners!!! You would love this place for shopping and gourmet @ Velvia-kan in Ginza

Speaking of Ginza, you might first have  an impression walking on the Chuo-dori Street, 
which has a lot of brand shops on two sides. 
Ginza, which has famous department stores, fashion brands, and traditional restaurants, a bustling area for shopping.
Today, we are going to bring you to another street across Chuo-dori Street, 
called Namiki-dori Street.
Here, you might find Shiseido PARLOUR SHOP and a variety of fashion stores and restaurants,
as well as a 9-story facility, gathering  all kinds of delicious restaurants and shopping spots!
It is Velvia-kan in Ginza. 

Let's follow us to Ginza to set out this attractive place

# Interchange of the traditional and modern Ginza

Located at Ginza, central of Tokyo. 
Yea! No doubt it is a shopping paradise!
A land coexisting the latest trends and tradition of Tokyo.
Both visitors and businesspersons are everywhere.

# Ginza Velvia-kan

Wow!!! Look at this shiny splendid building!
Yes!! We have come to Ginza Velvia-kan!
Let's see the floor plan first!

1F-3F  fashion brands of oriented style 
4F-5F Interior life groceries 
6F Beauty
B1, 7F-9F  Restaurants of cuisines of the world designed by well-known designers  

[Ginza Velvia-kan]
Address: 〒104-0061 2-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Google map)

・Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Ginza 1-chome Station" 
1-min from Exit 5, 3-min from Exit 4. 
・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/ Hibiya Line/ Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" 
3-min from Exit C8, C9, 4-min from A13
・JR Yamanote Line./ Keihin Tohoku Line "Yurakucho Station"
6-min from the Chuo-exit

Business Hour:
Fashion/ Shopping/ Service 11:00-21:00
Restaurant 11:00-23:30 (Varies from shops)

Homepage (English)

# Made in Japan
Craftsmen from Japan

#MADE IN JAPAN craft craftsmen from Japan

Keyword is "Made in Japan."
You might find men's shoes, bags, leather goods, and groceries of this comprehensive brand [Sanyo Yamacho] 
Using the world's top raw fabrics and elaborate traditional craftsmen from Japan,
a salon to meet the satisfaction of customers.

"Youjiro" represents the highest level of Japanese dress shoes, together with a proper formal suit, dress shirts, coats, ties, etc.
As a traditional brand, it can still walk the front line of the modern trend. 
Come on!
It is a place you can feel the "taste" of Japan!

[Sanyo Yamacho]
Ginza Velvia-kan 2F
 Business hour: 11:00-21:00
TEL: 03-3563-7841

# Quality of Japan 
Presenting gentleman dignity

# Japanese build quality gentleman dignity

It is said that men wearing clothes from [Sanyo Yamacho] is stylish,
which means the ones know their physical style and body line to master the overall atmosphere and choose color and style of themselves. 
So when you look at a dress men,
everything is under calculation.

Model styling:
Coats 270, 000 yen + TAX
Scarf 58, 000 yen + TAX
Shirt 28,000 yen + TAX
Tie 16, 000 yen + TAX
Shoes 90, 000 yen + TAX

# Learn to wear trendily 

After understanding your personal style and taste, 
let us take a look at items in the the store.
See how we can do mix and match.

# Time increases the brand value.

Time helps made a pair of valuable good shoes.
Today, it is rarely to hear that a pair of shoes wearing for 10-20 years.
But shoes of [Sanyo Yamacho] at different. 
Every ditch, and line is full of the greatest sincerity.

# How do you determine a pair of good shoes?

A pair of good shoes not only comfortable to wear.
It corrects the poses and action of the person wearing it.
For a gentleman,
a pair of valuable shoes are very important.

160,000yen+ tax

# After-Care & Service

To maintain a good condition of a pair of good shoes,
you don't wanna forget the after-care and service after purchasing of [Sanyo Yamacho].
Not only the original shoes brushes and shoes care products, 
but also provide a complete set of after-service. 

No worry of your precious shoes then!

# Guaranteed quality

Rich assortment of products. 
One thing common is they are in high quality, using advanced fabrics and materials!
How brilliant!

# Let use three words to present the "taste" of Japan.

As a <MADE IN JAPAN> brand, Sanyo Yamacho keeps its spirit of Japanese traditional craftsmen. 
Using 3 words, 【技】 【匠】 【粋】 (skills, craftsmen, taste)
means making use of this history of 50 years and its experience and skills, 
s pair of "Japanese" good shoes are made here!

Model styling


Suit 170, 000 yen + TAX
Shirt 28,000 yen + TAX
Tie 16, 000 yen + TAX
Handkerchief 6,500 yen + TAX
Shoes 66, 000 yen + TAX


Coat 160, ¥ 000 + TAX
Shirt 28,000 yen + TAX
Tie 16, 000 yen + TAX
Shoes 73, 000 yen + TAX

# The lightest Kushiage

A fried skewer restaurant where you can enjoy the flavor of a new “Japanese Taste” centered on healthy freshly fried skewers, Japanese wine and Japanese sake. 

[Kushi-age 100-001]
Ginza Velvia-kan 7F
Business Hour: 
11:30~15:00 (Last Order .14:30) 
17:00~23:00 (Last Order .22:00)
※Lunch is only available on weekends and holidays 
※No smoking during lunch hour

TEL: 03-5524-2206

# Traditional masterpiece recipe

Different from others Japanese deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables (Kushiage), 
this store uses their own traditional recipe,
based on the fresh and delicious ingredients such as cheese, ham, mayonnaise, etc, 
to create a new Japanese taste, matching wine from Japan, sake, and a variety of Japanese wine. 
It is a brand new style of Japanese deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. 

# Misunderstanding of Kushiage

Speaking of deep fried food, 
we believe that many you (especially the ladies) are worried about the excess of oil. 
No problem, healthy oil is used in this store.

On the other hand, 
cheese,  crab cake, crepe are interesting ideas of Kushiage!

# Come with friends or partners

It is a counter seat of an open kitchen. 
A nice atmosphere for friends or partners, 
of course no worried if you come by yourself!
Maybe a handsome chef would make you a special dish(kushiage)^^

# Oil that is no harm of human body

The attractive point of this store is considering everyone's health using "JUNKO oil."
Wait! What is "JUNKO oil?"
Not coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil and other else!

The original JUNKO oil containing no harmful trans fatty acids and cholesterol.
It is said the lightest oil in Japan 
That is why it is deliciously deep-fried. 

# Various ways to taste it deliciously !

Fresh ingredient, wrapped in bread crumbs, deep-fried by healthy "JUNKO oil."
All steps make everyone eat healthily and happily. 

You can enjoy its original taste directly or dipping the sauce. 
Natural ingredient in different taste!
Your choice! Your preferences!

# No double dipping!

Remember to remind the kids, if they are with you.
Follow the rule in Japan!

# Indulge in the atmosphere
indulge in the taste here

Taste the deep-fried Kushiage deliciously, 
you'd better have it with a 100% Japanese-made wine. 

Or you might want to have a Japanese sake to heal your body and soul!

# Fascinated by the chicken pot!

[Hakada Hanamidori] 
This store in Ginza-2-chome, 
A restaurant where traditional Hakata "Mizutaki" is made with their own brand of fresh poultry, "Hanamidori". The delicious soup, rich in collagen, has a very rich taste obtained from both the chicken and the mineral water. Adding body and sharpness to the natural taste of chicken brings out the goodness of ingredients.

[Hakada Hanamidori- Ginza-2-chome] 
Ginza Velvia Hall 7F
Open Hours
11:30~14:30 (Last Order .14:00) 
17:00~23:00 (Last Order .22:00)
※ lunch is only available on weekends and holidays
※ No smoking during lunch

TEL:  03-3562-9725

# A warm atmosphere! 

Let's enjoy a hot pot of chicken in a cozy Japanese -style room.

# Delicious chicken pot for good health

"Mizutaki" is a dish easy to be digested and absorbed. 
It is very popular these days  especially to ladies and the one who is on diet!
Come and taste the real taste of the ingredient then!

# Way of eating deliciously 1

It is very simple!
You might just dip the chicken into the pot and then eat with sauce or
if you want the soup to be more delicious and refreshing, put some salt and green onions.

# Way of eating deliciously 2

In Japan, at the end of the eating hot pot, most people will have noodle.
Today, we would like to have a flour-made noodle of Maroni-chan!

# It is great season to have hot pot now!

Here!! Can you see the collagen?
Good taste and good for beauty! 

A dish to warm your stomach, warm your heart !
No worry even if you are on diet!
A mizutaki is your choice!

#You will surprised by its taste

Wow!! Soft and tasty!
Can't stop lol

# DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes 

The store has a variety of original items and collections of elegant and stylish items from Japan and abroad.
1F is ladies' floor and 2F is men's floor.
Casual clothing and formal wearing like suits and dresses are available.

[DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes]
Ginza Velvia-kan 1F
Open Hours 11:00 ~ 21:00
TEL  03-3562-8277

# Which one do you like?

What do you think about stylish?

Ginza, originally is a place full of advanced and mature taste!
Shopping here, is already very fashionable.

Here, you might somehow wanna ask for opinions.
No problem, fashion consultant is available for you!
They may help you for a good choice!

# Looking for chic and trendy 

Gathering many kinds of trendy and fashion,
you will definitely like it!


There are two brands under the ladies' line:
“DESIGNWORKS concept store” & “DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes.”

DESIGNWORKS concept store is a combination of several trendy lines of style. 
DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes in Ginza Velvia-kan is its sister-shops.

# DESIGNWORKS deuxcites (Men's)

There are many men's brands under DESIGNWORKS:

In Ginza Velvia-kan, 
it is the cool and mature style
DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes!!

[DESIGNWORKS deux cotes]
 Ginza Velvia-kan 2F
Business Hours 11:00 ~ 21:00
TEL  03-3562-8277

# Classic modern and elegant 

DESIGNWORKS was found in 1995 in London, its products are having a fusion of traditional and modern tastes to present you the classic modern and elegant style.

deux cotes means "double sides," expressing the brand itself to satisfied both men's and women's want by carefully selected every single products.

# FrancFranc 
You don't wanna miss it in your Tokyo trip

Japan representative living furniture store Francfranc, 
it means freedom in French.
That is the concept no wonder.

Come and  experience an unprecedented fresh view of the world
feel free to pick and choose. 
Rather you don't have the sense of interior design, 
gathering all ornate pattern, natural material, the whole modern and lively style,
 imitating the store furnishings in your own home,
you might become more stylish then!

# Japan's largest scale

All kinds of furniture and interior design, 
which make us don't wanna leave here.

Francfranc in Ginza Velvia-kan, is the largest-scale store in Japan. 
Rich assortment of items and all the in-store experience!
Consulting events are held regularly!

[Ginza Francfranc]
Ginza Velvia-kan 4F and 5F
Business Hours 11:00 ~ 21:00
TEL  03-5524-2111

# a design space of home-wares  

Wow!! All items are so cute!
Wanna bring them all home!
But try to choose the best for oneself is a good habit!

The thing is there are a rich color variation of every single items. 
Sometimes, you can just buy a set for your whole coordination.

#Most popular items in Francfranc

2015 Most popular items in Francfranc is 
Rabbit rice spoon!

It looks cute and stands stably!
No worried to have sticky rice on table or hands then!
A convenient kitchen good!
Get one for yourself or as a present for friends then!

3 colors  (Black, white, pink) 834 yen + tax

# Find your Japanese style

Although Francfranc is a European-style home-ware store,
you might find the taste of Japan in Ginza Velvia-kan. 
If you are looking for some Japanese-styled furniture, 
this is a good choice for you.

# Wow! It is a new world!
Find a must-have item at home!

Your own fragrances. 
You know what?
Fragrances is originally a French word, means diffused. 
Like fragrant candles to fulfill the whole atmosphere. 
Flavor of wood, flowers and a numerous of choices to attract you.

Role of fragrance can also be part of the home decoration.
Choose your favorite flavor and have a cozy time at home!

# Design and practical use

Francfranc not only a variety of furniture, home products, home appliances, as well as supplies, groceries and other living goods.
A gorgeous but very neat European style store, 
it takes time for us to look around the whole store.

If you are interested in interior design and furniture, 
plan your schedule of your Japan Trip then.

we have introduced you an elegant Ginza Velvia-kan, 
which have  a variety of high-quality boutiques, international cuisine restaurant, home groceries store. 
All are fascinating!
Come with your friends or partner to make a great memory in Japan!
Don't forget to buy souvenir!

[Ginza Velvia-kan]
Address: 〒104-0061 2-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Google map)

・Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Ginza 1-chome Station" 
1-min from Exit 5, 3-min from Exit 4. 
・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/ Hibiya Line/ Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" 
3-min from Exit C8, C9, 4-min from A13
・JR Yamanote Line./ Keihin Tohoku Line "Yurakucho Station"
6-min from the Chuo-exit

Business Hour:
Fashion/ Shopping/ Service 11:00-21:00
Restaurant 11:00-23:30 (Varies from shops)

Homepage (English)

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