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#Shopping ♪ WARM & COOL! Check Out Tokyo's Winter Fashion! [LUMINE EST SHINJUKU/ Fashion]

#Shopping ♪ WARM & COOL!  Check Out Tokyo's Winter Fashion! [LUMINE EST SHINJUKU/ Fashion] 

Ladies and gentlemen, are you Winter Fashion ready?

Winter season is upon us, but with select items from Lumine Est Shinjuku you can produce an winter fashion with accessories and much more !!^^
To explain the winter in Tokyo, it's a bit tricky because  it's too cold to not walk the streets fully layered up to keep warm. Luckily for us this is the only spot that fashionistas in Japan gather to plunder the vast and stylish items out for sale.
Shall we jump ahead of the Tokyo fashion trends for this winter?

So, just how does a COOL LUMINE EST Shinjuku keep WARM in the winter? Take an early peak at the colorful winter fashion! Let's GO!

Address: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 3-38-1
Tel: 03-5269-1111
Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 (weekdays)
10:30 to 22:00 (weekends and holidays)
Restaurant: 11:00 to 23:00


Business: 11:00~22: 00 (Weekday) 10:30 ~22: 00 (Weekends/ Holidays) 
Telephone: 03-3355-1560

The super popular ““Mode style” and Mode Fashion” brands!   
With the release of of MODE=GAL & mode = trend in the works, the installation will be a new and welcomed proposition for many new trends to come.
For the women who have a high fashion sense and a feeling that “we would like to enjoy classy fashion”.

EMODA official home page (Japanese)


The combination of colors, patterns, and different materials in a world centered in black and white shades, the strength of femininity is still a key styling point!
Beyond the framework of FASHION, the brand also makes ties with MUSIC · ART · CULTURE, to represents a new definition of STYLE.
We love the stylish feel of MODE ^^


Being COOL, is not a choice, it's a way of life. Think you have what it takes to represent the mode style of EMODA? 
This knit dress and coat represent the popular items of the fall/winter season  don't you think?
The knitting is quite strong and difficult to tear  also the fur and the military color coat feel nicely against your skin

(The left)
Volume NC cable dress 7,452 Yen (tax included)
Mohair SOX 2,700 Yen (tax included)
Heels 11,644 Yen (tax included)

(The right)
Cross Fur Color coats 15,984 Yen  (tax included)
W FACE TURTLE TOPS 6,372 Yen (tax included) 
 PONTI Gaucho Underpants 7,452 Yen (tax included)

Cylinder heel boots 13,824 Yen (tax included)

Hip Shop

Even when viewed from a distance, the EMODA brand of fashion is eye-catching. The store sucks you in and begs you to purchase their sizzling styles.

Ready to Greet Mr. Winter

Being completely devoted to winter style is a recipe for overdressing.
It's important to balance your style with matching silhouettes. Give these a try!

15. Cross color coat 10,584 yen (tax included)
3 colors (khaki, gray, black)

BULKY ZEBLA LINE knit top 8,532 yen (tax included)
Two colors (gray and black)

THE accessories

Shoes, and a wide range of fashion accessories to help coordinate are also available to merely compliment your already flowing MODE style!

Wanna be Fashionable ?^^

Mode items from EMODA encompass the now growing trend.
Surely, you should enjoy the fashion too! !

Calling Attention to the Neck!

The turtleneck is in style this season, and our  advice is be sure you have one.
So simple with a reasonable thickness, it has become easier to layer.
It's also recommended to match with accessories, such as a necklace!

SMOOTH TURTLE NECK Ron T 5,292 yen (tax included)
4 colors (white, gray, black light mix)
ONE TONE hat 6,372 yen (tax included)
Square Art Curve boots 13,824 yen (tax included)
VOLUME KNIT COAT 11,664yen (tax included)

One tone Outfit!
High-neckline and cable network point, feminine silhouette of a knit dress.
SHOES create a sense of omission in White!

The Colorful Impression of a Neck of Fur!
A dare coat with an A-line silhouette
Let's choose a chic style to go with the gaucho pants!

Ungrid (アングリッド · B1)

Business: 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Weekdays) 10: 30 ~ 22: 00 (Weekends / Holidays)
Telephone: 03-3353-2902

This brand
celebrates the beauty and all that encompasses being born as a woman, to pursue the goodness of free fashion and comfort with a casual brand.
Based on the American casual brand, it's not defined by rules, but rather more of a mix of styles.

Ungrid keeps provide clothes in comfortable life style!

Ungrid Official Website (Japanese)

Stay wrapped in comfortable clothes ...

"Clouds I feel, the sound of the sea as the sun kisses my skin in the flowing wind.
We rejoice with one another and laugh.
Our values are non-negotiable. Give thanks to the present. "

Even if only in your imagination, it is surely a great feeling.
The concept of Ungrid is about feeling these sentiments,


Indigo, washed soil,  damage Jeans, etc.

I'm glad there's such a variety of unique Denim styles.

Easy to match knits

Fluffy texture shrines through the knit casual shades.
A denim selection to mix and match with a nice classic knit.

Coordinating a Chic Style

Using the shaggy fabric of wool blends, a sweet mix with a simple no-color coat.
Because of it’s crisp color and long length, it's easy to match with many cuts of denim!
If you add a clutch bag and felt HAT you'l fall victim to the swag of this trend! Channeling CHIC STYLE! Woo!

No Color Long wool coat 9,490 yen (tax included)
Three different colors (off-white orange khaki)
Faux suede fringe clutch 8,172 yen (tax included)
Two colors (gray Camel)
Plane felt HAT 6,490 yen (tax included)
Three different colors (black, beige, khaki)

AMIGO with a Strong Poncho Pattern!

Iconic items such as this poncho aren't really essential to this season of styling but fun nonetheless.

Since the front has been adjusted to include a button, it can pretty much be worn as a cape in a sense ◎

Jacquard fringe knit poncho 13,490 yen (tax included)

Upgrade of the standard model!

For the fans of long length, simple duffel coats, we are about a drop a new fashion bomb on you!
On the back a jacquard border pattern, fitting for Ungrid's design point.
A border visible from the hood, matches for this casual styling are very likely ...

Definitely taking note of this beautiful retailer's outfit! ^^

Long length duffle coat
20,990 yen (tax included)
Three different colors (off-white, Navy, Camel)

Lily Brown tokyo boutique (1F)

Business: 11:00~22: 00 (Weekdays) 10:30~22: 00 (Weekends/ Holidays) 
Telephone: 03-6457-8555

The fashion brand, Lily Brown set the concept as vintage featured dresses. The original design which have been reproduced from the concept, from vintage into more modern. Utilizing such bold colors, the brand is definitely eye-catching.
As for the Lily Brown Tokyo boutique, Lily Brown has become a boutique store which develops high quality vintage items of the with extreme attention to detail. Lily Brown original full Line. 
Lily Brown Brand Homepage (English)

The Classic & Feminin

Usually when it get's cold like this freezing winter, the real winter fashion makes it's debut.
The rich colors of these cute jackets are a winter necessity.

Rough texture and the big bold plaid creates a classic feminine jacket.
A flare odd sleeve to a calm silhouette, a great item to pull together any look you desire
Check coat 28,080 yen (tax included)
Three different colors (black, yellow, blue)

※ Because it's possibile the item may be  SOLD OUT, check it out ASAP ^^

Fluffy cute setup

Already setup outfits so you don't need to worry about what to match.
It's very popular because they are coordinated by stylish.

set up
Tops: Feather Short pull 9,504 yen (tax included)
Bottom: Feather knit tight skirt 9,072 yen (tax included)
Three different colors (off-white, gray-black)

Full-On Feather Mode

Best decorated with a feather fur fluffy and hearty? A minimalists version of a stripped-down fur jacket design, now with double colors! OMG!!
A daring and casual, classy style. These lovely items are a throwback to the 70s.

Feather Best 25,920 yen (tax included)
Two colors (off-white, beige)

The Fluffy Feels

Braided from a long feather yarn, the fluffy fur looks spectacular.^^
In the soft and feather knit, you'll be tempted to pull on it to make sure it's real.
It can be coordinated with items from daily casual to a more classy style!

Stylish coat, Get them before they're gone!

Wide variations from thick wool to tight knit, Long cardigans!
All the colors your could ask for plus more, such as dark color and patterned pale colors, I doubt you can only choose one ^^

Knit Cuteness levels to MAX!

Mix a knit pullover with the rustic loop color with a soft fluffy feeling.
The relaxed and loose turtleneck ~ create a unique silhouette , with a slit side hem.

Mix knit pullover 11,232 yen (tax included)
Three different colors (white, red, blue)

Coordinating a Vintage Look

More than clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, etc.. A vintage look is the selling point of Lilly Brown.
Since there is such a wide range of vintage items you can definitely walk out of the shop with a full body look. 

Good Old Items

Vintage select items.
CHANEL, CELINE,a space dedicated to the good old collections such as YSL.

Zoff (6F)

Sales: 11:00 to 22:00 (weekdays) 10:30 to 22:00 (Weekends and holidays)
Tel: 03-3358-9057

Eyewear that isn't just functional but also fashionable and casual.
With a 5,000 yen, 7,000 yen, 9,000 yen, 12,000 yen (all excluding tax) price system, "Zoff" is creating a revolution in Japanese glasses market.
The accent of winter style in their seasonal designs, take a look at their site for more information!

Official website


Great craftsmanship goes into every pair of glasses. This latest technology has been known as "Zoff SMART"
Using the state-of-the-art special lightweight plastic, lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is tough to break these frames.

There are also special lightweight frame and sport glasses used environmentally friendly material.
A rich assortment of practical function and fashionable design!!!

Firmly inspection of sight!

Looking for the perfect glasses? First you need to select a frame, then get a vision test! Make things easier by doing it all in one place with Zoff!
Worried about the price? Zoff offers a set price including frame and a standard lens.
If you need to make multiple standard lenses, you can do so with no additional charge. These lenses have been said to use some of the world's best products in their designs.
Featuring enhances in technology to prevent reflections and scratches while cutting ultraviolet light, these standard lenses are no joke.
The other optional lenses include  "color lenses", "thin spherical lenses," to to cut blue light,  "bifocals, or a configuration of dual lenses" and functionality that can be selected in degrees or appearance. "Zoff PC ULTRA" glasses are also available with three times the scratch resistant technology. "Super hard lenses" and "dimming lenses" as well!
There is easily a variation of lenses for every imaginable application!

I wonder if that suits you? ~ ^^

Glasses with round frames have gained popularity recently.
A dull impression will change simply by multiplying you trendy points!! - ^^ Make a pair of glasses your transformation point! 

Possibly the Most Popular Zoff Product ??

The most popular item on the shelves (literally being taken off the shelves) is this "Disney Collection"!
This is also a design elaborate in detail ~!

Popular Disney© Collection

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, sit cutely as they hug the side of your face! There is also a new frame dedicated to the 20th anniversary of "Toy Story"!
This Popular series "Happiness" is oh so good!

© Disney
© Disney / Pixar
MR.POTATO HEAD & MRS.POTATO HEAD are trademarks of Hasbro used with permission. © 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Casually fashionable without appearing so!

The fashion sense of Zoff is great enough to showoff casually.
The style represents itself in the form of a frame, put a stylish difference in detail and ideas!

Glasses for Kids

There are also cute frame drawn Pokemon Kids items for sale .
Find a matching style for your kids or younger siblings!

Let's Reinvent ourselves.

Which glasses will look good on me Saturday ?? Hmm..
Not just for an everyday look, let's look for the glasses to reinvent ourselves ^^
Since the breathe of designs are abundant, surprisingly It's quite simple to find glasses that'll look better on you.


Sales: 11:00 to 22:00 (weekdays) 10:30 to 22:00 (weekends and holidays)
Tel: 03-3350-3667

The keywords "trend + Only One", match this seasonal theme of watches. There are also watches handmade by artists.
The appealing items range from men's to women's models making it definitely a cool watch shop.

Official website (Japanese)

Like A Watch Aquarium!

Showcases line the store creating a sense of transparency similar to an aquarium.
Eye catching watches swimming leisurely here and there waiting to be caught. ^^


National team of Japan watches! Of SEIKO
Making a name for products "Made in Japan"!


Why feature this watch?
TRIWA is a watch of Swedish origin!
The belt, used by the Tärnsjö company is made of 100% organic leather and constitutes the prestige of Sweden.
And it's a popular brand among the fashion world.
It seems only the LUMINE EST SHINJUKU shops are you so kind a capable of acquiring such a brand of high taste.. indeed..

Various Straps

Here it is, more watches Made in Japan!
Pick your favorite face and choose a combination that suits you. With over 500 styles, the Possibilities are endless.

So Difficult to Choose just one!

Since the straps come in a unisex size, stylish and cute at the same time, you can enjoy mixing and matching different colors!


A Popular NIXON and STARWARS collaboration model!

Left: The 51-30: 89,640 yen (tax included)
Imperial to small seconds and symbol mark!

Right: The Ranger: 71,280 yen (tax included)
12 at Death Star mark, the belt Imperial Army of the symbol mark !!
Bezel has part of the belt design with storm troopers.

Left: The Ranger: 71,280 yen (tax included)
Meticulous attention to detail, Imperial Army pilot specification ^^
Right: The Ranger: 40 39,960 (tax included)
The great feeling of size mixing the big size for women also ! A very nice pair of Star Wars models!


Speaking in terms of designer watches, Issey Miyake is actually a very popular brand in Japan.
A Minimalist style, as with many other Japanese designers, it's beautiful form is characterized by the watch brand.

TWELVE by Naoto Fukasawa

One of the watch projects of ISSEY MIYAKE is Twelve by Naoto Fukasawa.
Naoto Fukasawa, Tokujin Yoshioka, and Harri Koskinen are renowned designers not just in Japan but abroad as well.
Each collection is very practical, with a designers eye to details so you know it's something great! 

The Twelve collection charge of Naoto Fukasawa's designs in 2005, is said to have created a good reputation in the fashion market and garnered a central position in the collection.
(From left)
38mm ¥ 34,560 (tax included)
28mm ¥ 36,720 (tax included)
38mm ¥ 36,720 (tax included)

This fashion Epidemic calls out for your attention!

Let's choose a style, better yet a watch that'll define the next trend.
Since personality is something born from trivial detail ... ^^


Sales: 11:00 to 22:00 (weekdays) 10:30 to 22:00 (Weekends and holidays)
Tel: 03-3341-6150

With variations rich in color, a wide range of sizes, Esperanza isn't your everyday Women's Shoes brand.
Extremely wide size variations, line-ups featuring exciting and colorful materials and stylish shoes sticking to in-house made styles.
And the best part is it's a 100% MADE IN JAPAN brand shoe shop!

Nice size variation & Accessories

From sizes  SS ~ LL (21.5 ~ 25 cm), findng a shoe in your size is the definition of happiness. ♡


Set aside a pair for work and more for private with this "BASIC COLLECTION"
Rich colors kill two birds with one stone, I am more than satisfied with these clever items.

The popular boots make their debut!

Easy to wear, stylish ankle boots!
They come in handy and go well with pants /skirts/ just about any style.

And, these short boots !!

Stylish waterproof boots on a rainy day! Every woman's fantasy come true!!
The easy to walk in thick heel and a sense of stability, "Belted knit short boots".

Removing the boots using the belt is also fun, and there's a felt-like fabric lining with antibacterial moisture absorption for a quick-dry function.
The lining of the boots are a designed as such to prevent being cold when you wear them in winter in comparison to those of leather.

Belted knit short boots 8,532 yen (tax included)
7 different colors (black, beige, navy, light beige, pale pink, wine red, Ivy Gray)

Shoe clips

Accessories that can be attached to shoes!

Shoe clips 2,052 yen (tax included)
3 colors (Navy Gold Wine Red)

Starting from the feet, women are fashionable!

Left: like dying Glitter ♪ side Bijou race combination strap pumps
Bijou motif that uses pearls gorgeously and a delicate lace fabric finish to make an adult feminine atmosphere.

Side Bijou race combination strap pumps 9,612 yen (tax included)
Six different colors (black, beige, Pale Blue, Navy, Gold, Light Pink, beige)

Right: perfect to switch to daily use heel up jockey boots ☆
Relieve comfort pre-eminent ♪ the impact of the sole in the thick heel and with a sense of stability
Because there's a zipper on the inside, it's easily removable. Perfect for shorter leg pants and dresses!

Switching heel up jockey boots 13,824 yen (tax included)
5 colors (Black, Smooth Black, Suede Oak, Suede Brown, Smooth dark brown, suede)

From inner/outer wear, eyeglasses, watches, and accessories to shoes ...
This was a quick and in your face winter fashion check. We tried to get this out for your before your holiday fashion rush begins.
When Shinjuku catches the fashion trend of Tokyo, then it definitely be found at Lumine Est.
In order to exceed your expectations,  by all means, get yourself over to Shinjuku's  LUMINE EST ^^

Gumbo & Oyster Bar

Delicious Oyters and a dynamic atmosphere!

[Gumbo & Oyster Bar]
Sales: Lunch 11: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Last Order 16: 00) Dinner 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Last Order 22: 00)
TEL: 03-5369-5017
Average cost: 3,000 yen

YAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ (8F)

Tel: 03-3353-0290
Sales: 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Last order 22: 00,  Last drink order 22: 30)

Someone once told me Smokeless barbecue wasn't a possibility? Well time to prove them wrong with this delicious "fashion-friendly" venue.

LUMINE EST Restaurants Page (English)

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