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# Shopping ♪ TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Attractions to Clear your Shopping List @ TOKYO Solamachi

Tokyo's HOT shopping spot TOKYO SKYTREE
 TOWN: TOKYO Solamachi

The solution to all your Tokyo travel shopping 
concerns is here!

Asakusa, one of the most prominent districts in
 Tokyo's metropolis, is a district you absolutely
 cannot miss. The hugely symbolic Sensoji Temple
 [浅 草 寺] and it's front gate Kaminarimon [雷 門] 
have littered countless photo albums from trips
 to Japan. Make your way to Sensoji Temple and
 find a special street devoted to a lot of small Japanese 
traditional goods and food called Nakamise [仲 見 世].
This shopping street is a part of the charm and
 allure of Japan. Finding great streets full of lovely 
goods, sweets and snacks will make your each step more 
enjoyable ever than before.

Other attractions in Asakusa include
◦ Asakusa Shrine [浅 草 神社]
◦ Denbōin [伝 法院]
◦ Honryuin Temple [本 龍 院]
◦ Hanayashiki [花 や し き]
◦ Asakusa Kannon Onsen [浅 草 観 音 温泉]
◦ Asakusa Park District No. 6 [浅 草 公園 六 区]
◦ Higashi Honganji [東 本 願 寺]

All these sights are great and you'll find several
 restaurants, shopping malls, cookware shops, and bento
shops located nearby too on Kappabashi-dori
[合 羽 橋 道具 街]. Asakusa truly captivates the hearts of
 tourists and holds true for Tokyo's hype. Today we'd like to
 introduce a collection of shops many people are visiting 
in Asakusa poised to become the new central hub for shopping
in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Located at the foot of the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world, TOKYO
SKYTREE, TOKYO Solamachi is a tingling shopping hot spot

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN / TOKYO Solamachi quick guide:

TOKYO Solamachi

TOKYO Solamachi
(東京 ス カ イ ツ リ ー タ ウ ン /  東京 ソ ラ マ チ)
* Address: 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku,
Tokyo 131-0045, Japan
* Official HP:

Google Maps

Access: The nearest station to TOKYO Solamachi is
TOKYO SKYTREE Station.  It takes only 3 minutes from
Tobu Asakusa Station to TOKYO SKYTREE Station by
TOBU SKYTREE Line without any transfer.


a town complex has an aquarium, a planetarium, TOKYO SKYTREE EAST TOWER with offices, TOKYO Solamachi, and TOKYO SKYTREE.

The TOKYO Solamachi
 is one of the facilities located on the premises
 of the TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN. With attractions for the whole family
 including a panoramic view of TOKYO SKYTREE while dining,
 there is just no competition when searching for somewhere
to enjoy with the whole family. ^^

The Perfect Souvenir ①  SKYTREE Chocolate 

A long-established confectionary shop in Tokyo.
Full of delicious candies, snacks, and a rich variation of
sweets for souvenirs.

Hours: 10:00~21:00
Location: 2F-West Yard

The Perfect Souvenir ② SKYTREE Watches/ Clocks

You will find a wide selection of watches, belts and tools
 which come from all around the world. Nationally qualified
 technicians handle individual cases sincerely. There are
 also TOKYO SKYTREE-shaped clocks.

watchelt 1492
Location: 1F-East Yard

The Perfect Souvenir ③ Introduction to Japanese
 Traditional Sweets

Nihonbashi Nishikihorin is a brand which brings a 
new Japanese confection culture from Nihonbashi. Please
 enjoy different flavors of karinto (fried dough cookies). 

Location: 2F-Tower Yard

The Perfect Souvenir ④ Candy SKYTREEs

Ginger specialty shop. Experience the delicious taste and
 tenderness of ginger. Ginger is good for your body, and also
 your gifts and souvenirs.

Hours: 10:0021:00
Location: 2F-Tower Yard


The Perfect Souvenir ⑤ SKYTREE Ornaments

Specialty shop of "TOMICA." There are not only toys but also
 miscellaneous items, sweets, books and so on. 

Hours: 10:0021:00
Location: 3F-West Yard

Highly Recommended! - Let's Study about 
the Japanese Postal Service

The largest collection in Japan of about 330,000 postage
 stamps and 400 items related to Japanese and 
overseas postal-service administration are exhibited. 

Understand more about the Japanese Postal Service!

Postal Museum Japan
Hours: 10:00~17:30 (Last admission:17:00)
Location: 9F-East Yard

Make your Experience More Enjoyable

Take full control of digital technology and games,
or enjoy an unique 3-side screen theater experience.

Admire Former Postal Gear

Here you can also view historical postal service uniforms
and items preserved in pristine condition.

Stamp Collectors Cannot Resist This!

A collection of about 330,000 postage of Japanese stamps.
 All exhibits are clearly displayed and 
organized, which makes it easy to browse.

All the Stamps You Could Possibly Meet

Take a gander at a wide range of stamps from
all over the world. The number of stamps seems like
they'll never end!

Highly Recommended! New Stylish Miscellaneous items
& Soft Cream Shop

A shop with self service ice cream bar and miscellaneous 
items, produced by BEAMS.

Lemson's by BEAMS
Hours: 10:0021:00
Location: 2F-East Yard

Discover Some Interesting Vending Machines

A great new system where you can purchase various
goods from vending machines. Aren't these soft cream
designed pouches adorable!?

Self Service!

Imagine an assortment of delicious flavors in our cups!

Your own unique blend!

Pick various fruits, jelly, and a variety of toppings such
 as cookies to suit your tastes.

Let's share a bite!

Something delicious is easy to fight over!

Highly Recommended! - A Feast of Fruit Tart Cakes

There are always more than 20 kinds of beautiful tart 
cakes made with different fruits and seasonal ingredients 
from all around the world.

Qu'il fait bon
Hours: 10:00~21:00
Location: 2F-East Yard

Gaze at Pretty Tasty Tart Cakes

Tarts made with seasonal fruits stimulate your senses.

Take a Dive into Unique Flavors

Don't just stare at the pretty tarts but instead
sit down and give them a try at the café provided.
Your choice can be immediately enjoyed! ^^

A Gathering of Nifty Shoes

You will find the latest items such as comfortable 
sneakers and friendly designed clothes. 

Onitsuka Tiger
Hours: 10:0021:00
Location: 3F-East Yard

Time to Find your Perfect Match...

A range of colorful sneaker designs that radiate pure charm.

Seek After Dazzling Sneaker Favorites

The golden colored attractive slim design of these sneakers
helps to make every step a beautiful one.

Who Wore It Better?


Highly Recommended! Not Just for Kids

Specialty shop of "Plarail." There are not only Plarail toys
 but also children's clothes, snacks, books and so on.

Hours: 10:00~21:00
Location: 3F-West Yard


Variegated Delightful Miniature World

You're only limited by the bounds of your imagination in
this stunning shop! ^^


Don't Forget about Souvenirs

Full of fun elements including realistic reproductions
of actual Japanese trains and rails.

Highly Recommended! A TOMICA SHOP Full of Good Items

Specialty shop of "TOMICA." There are not only toys but
 also miscellaneous items, sweets, books and so on.

Hours: 10:00〜21:00
Location: 3F-West Yard

Cute TOKYO Solamachi Themed Items

Noticeably cute TOMICA SKYTREE toys like this will make
great souvenirs for kids and adults alike.

Highly Recommended! Amazing Amezaiku Technique

In this shop, innovative candy crafts (Amezaiku) techniques are shown.
You can see demonstrations of Amezaiku right in front
 of you! You will be surprised at the craftsmanship and
enjoy seeing various designs such as goldfish, dragons,
cats and rabbits.

To Admire or to Eat...

Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin
Hours: 10:00〜21:00
Location: 4F-East Yard

See Top-Class Craftsmanship Here

View of beautiful sugary delicacies.

Beautiful Amezaiku You'll Want to Use as Decorations

Goldfish, dragons, cats, and rabbits are meticulously created
so well that you must see with your own eyes to believe.

Interested in a real demonstration of this 
Amezaiku technique?

From Shopping to Eating to Sightseeing...

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, which includes TOKYO SKYTREE, one of a famous landmarks, and TOKYO Solamachi is not only a symbol of Japan, but also a representative of a shopping spot that offers specialty goods and satisfying experience.

Tokyo's Hottest Recommend Shopping Spot

The world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower TOKYO SKYTREE of 634 meters tall can be seen from  all over metropolitan Tokyo. Its presence as a landmark in Tokyo 
legendary appeal, and it's no exaggeration to say
 that people who come just to visit TOKYO SKYTREE
 are lucky enough to visit TOKYO
 Solamachi as well. The pairing of the two creates the perfect
experience for tourists venturing from far and wide. When you
visit Tokyo, Japan, this is for sure a place you must see at least

TOKYO Solamachi
(東京 ス カ イ ツ リ ー  タ ウ ン  /  東京ソ ラ マ チ)
* Address: 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku,
Tokyo 131-0045, Japan
* Official HP:

Google Maps

Access:The nearest station to TOKYO Solamachi is
TOKYO SKYTREE Station.  It takes only 3 minutes from
Tobu Asakusa Station to TOKYO SKYTREE Station by
TOBU SKYTREE Line without any transfer.

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