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:::SPECIAL::: A Journey Across Four Seasons in Japan: Pack Your Travel Bags!

A Journey Across Four Seasons in Japan: Pack Your Travel Bags!

Have you ever wanted to plan a trip to Japan
but not sure when exactly is the best season
to visit? Well, this post is just for you!^^

Japan is a stratovolcanic archipelago built up
over the years stretching 145,925 sq. miles
with almost 7,000 islands within it's borders.
Though it does mostly feature a temperate
climate, because the islands are so spread
apart you can experience a range of different
climates at the same times of the year depend-
ing on where you are in the country at a particular

With all this information the question still remains
when is the best time to travel to Japan? Let's
take a quick look at just how dramatic
things can change in Japan and let you decide.

Odori park - Sapporo, Hokkaido

Fall Colors

Japan is simply amazing during the fall because
all across the country you can enjoy amazing
foliage wherever you go!

Niigata-shi, Niigata

A Peaceful Stroll

The best part is across Japan you'll find various
parks and temples to enjoy the fall colors. Across
Japan, the start of the Autumn season is relatively
warm still, due to the their constant Indian Summers
that seem to linger on. You'll be perfectly fine enjoying
a nice picnic under your favorite maple trees.

Sapporo, Hokkaido

The Winter blues

During the winter, take to the slopes of the
north country. Places like Hokkaido and Niigata
are especially good for the winter because you
can have a guaranteed "White Christmas" if you
like. You can also spend all your time on the slopes
to your heart's content! ^^

Sapporo Snow Festival - Sapporo, Hokkaido

Winter Snow Festival

Each year in Hokkaido a certain Winter
Snow Festival is held and it shows off just
how cold things really are up there! Amazing
sculptures line the famous main street of
Sapporo city and people flock from across
the country to catch a chilling glimpse at
the snowy feats of spectacular art. The
festival is held in February each year for
the span of about a week (any longer
and the sculptures will melt). We recommend
going early to the see the sculptures in their
finest form.

:::Sapporo Snow Festival:::

Rikugi-en Park - Tokyo

Spring is in the Air!

Springtime is all about "hanami" meaning flower
viewing in Japanese. This Japanese pastime can
be enjoyed by the young and old alike, but prepared
to get sandwiched between hordes of eager flower
enthusiasts with cameras! Literally everyone around
makes their way to parks across the country to view
these national flowers.

Where to view the Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

There's actually a number of different
places you can take in the views of the
cherry blossoms and come out with awesome
pictures such as this! For the full scoop,
be sure to check out our previous article
on exploring the cherry blossom festivals
in Okinawa. ^^

Toyosaki Seaside Park - Okinawa Mainland

Never-ending Summer Sunsets

Summer in Japan can get downright brutal!
Notoriously known as an extremely humid place
during the summer months, sometimes the best
thing you can do is head to the ocean to cool
yourself off. And what better place to cool off
at the ocean, than an island? That's right for
the summer time you time will be well spent
lounging away on sunny beaches in the sub-
tropical Okinawa paradise.

Zamami Island Ferry

Island hopping

While mainland Okinawa boasts some
pretty amazing beaches and isolated
getaways our recommendation is to take
a trip to an outer island to experience
something truly unique. It's actually not
that hard either. Most islands are within reach
only requiring a half hour to 4 hour ferry ride

Zamami Island

Recommended outer island visits:

Great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

:::Tokashiki & Tonaki:::
Some of the most beautiful beaches you'll experience.

:::Minami Daito:::
A bit further than the rest of the islands
but a guaranteed unique experience unlike
anything else in Japan!


Let's go to Japan!

Now that you've seen all the different seasons
and how traveling around Japan can give you
limitless adventures where do you plan on going?
Drop us a comment and tell us about what you're
planning for your trip and when you're coming.
And as always, keep it locked right here at
Japankuru for more advice on living and visiting
Japan! ^^

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