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::SPECIAL:: #Travel♪ 6 of the Greatest Neighborhoods in Tokyo! Plan Your Trip Today!!

#Travel♪ 6 of the Greatest Neighborhoods in Tokyo! Plan Your Trip Today!!

Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis fitting of the title
 of largest city in the world. To think of the city itself
 by the numbers it’s easy to see why countless masses
 from around the world flock to the city to witness the
 little idiosyncrasies that of course makes it unique.
 The urban sprawl is home to some 37.8 million people! 
That’s equivalent to the entire population of California,
 in the about the Area of L.A. county! The main part
 of Tokyo (eastern Tokyo metropolis) is made up of
 23 special wards that have the classification of cities,
26 cities, 1 district, and 4 sub-prefectures.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that a 
population of this size in proportion to the land area 
means people are basically living on top of one another
 here, but things aren’t as crazy as it seems. Tokyo 
enjoys a rich variety of places to go to escape the hustle 
and bustle of massive waves of people.

Today we’ll give you 6 great places to enjoy your next
 trip to Tokyo. So let’s dive right in!

#1 Akihabara (秋葉原)

Let’s begin with a short test to discover your motivations 
for wanting to come to Japan in the first place. If you
 want to go to Japan, please just slowly raise your hand
 now, it doesn’t matter if you’re at work, on the bus/train
 or at a birthday party while reading.. ^^ Please lower your
 hand if you wanted to go to Japan because you were
 interested in Japanese animation, video games, J-pop,
 or comics while growing up…

Are there any hands still left up!? >.<

Akihabara is essentially a fanatic town where you can find 
parts of any subculture you’re interested in and live out 
your childhood dreams of enjoying it publicly! Known
 as the “Akihabara Electric Town” due to the fact it 
became a major household appliance dealer after
 the Second World War, nowadays it has embraced 
the name and the “otaku” culture that follows it. 

Otaku is a slang term used to refer to people with 
obsessive interesting often used when talking about 
animation and comics. The neighborhood itself is often
 full of tourists from all over the world due the popularity
 of Japanese culture in country and abroad. In a country
 not quite as diverse as other nations, visiting a place 
such as this is a welcome break to meet people with similar
 interests you wouldn’t normally have a chance to otherwise.

#2 Asakusa

Ask anyone about Asakusa and they’ll tell you, you 
have to visit Sensoji Temple! Sensoji was built almost 
1400 years ago and is THE oldest surviving Buddhist
 temple in Tokyo (amazing huh?) Most of the tourists 
who frequent the temple are only passing through 
to pray, browse Nakamise shopping street and admire
 the distinct architecture of the pristinely preserved buildings.

Asakusa finds its appeal in the meshing of ancient and
 modern culture. You’ll find rickshaw drivers running
 customers around the city, showing them inspiring
 views of the nearby Tokyo sky tree or entire blocks
 devoted to an street venders selling all sorts of delicious treats.

             Himiko Water Bus                      (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3042.html)  

If you get a chance take a ferry ride across the
 Sumida river for spectacular views of the city from
the water please take it!^^ You can secure tickets
and board form Asakusa Pier. 

More info about routes (click)

#3 Ueno

For those of you who will be spending your first time in Tokyo, the city of Ueno, in Taito district is our best recommendation for you. Ueno doesn’t boast the highest high-rises, doesn’t have any giant shopping malls, and is relatively quiet for a city within Tokyo. It does however have a great deal of back alley shops underneath the JR train tracks nearby the station. These shops are great for picking up little knick-knacks that you can bring home as souvenirs. Just head south from the station after exiting!^^

Google Maps

Ueno park is amazing

There aren’t too many green spaces in Tokyo so
when you find a good one, its best to share with as
many people as you can! Ueno is no exception, with
its huge wide-open park, attracting visitors from
 across the country. The park itself is home to many
cultural heritage sites including Tokyo’s National
Museums, National Museum of Nature and
Science, National Museum of Western Art,
 etc just to name a few.

More info:

#4 Harajuku

Each district of Tokyo presents it’s own unique style 
and it’s interesting to go around and try to compare
 them with one another. Some are a lot more unique
 than others offering not only exclusive stores and 
atmospheres but also unique individuals. Out of all 
places I’d say that Harajuku is definitely one of the
 weirdest. During the day you’ll find heavy metal 
inspired cosplayers wondering the streets with the 
dubbed “Harajuku Style”. It’d be nice to hang around
 and snap pictures of these people or you could 
simply take a walk around the neighborhood 
during the night. ^^

During the night the streets are a lot less crowded and
 the bright lights of all the shops almost make a 
romantic view great for couples or friends who 
want to walk and chat.

#5 Marunounchi

Marunouchi is the site of the imperial palace grounds
so you can expect the bar to be raised considerably in
 this neighborhood. It’s also the site of the famous
Tokyo station, the main intercity rail terminal in Tokyo.
Around the station you’ll find a sprawl of shopping
centers, including Yaesu’s Shopping Mall, a mall placed
 completely underground!

Yaesu Shopping Mall

The palace grounds are an amazing place to relax 
and enjoy the scenery of the castle set amidst the
 towering high-rises in the background. The park
 itself takes up about 3.41 square kilometers and
 is frequented by tourists and Tokyoites alike. I 
would compare it to central park in New York, but with 
more gated off areas due to the imperial palace.

It’d be a mistake to rule out this area as nice because
 the emperor lives here. Instead I’d like to believe it’s
 the centerpiece of a Tokyo cake. With the business 
district of Marunouchi, and shopping districts nearby
 it’s hard to think why this wouldn’t be a great place 
to explore. ^^

#6 Ginza

Aside from the reasons mentioned earlier for visiting
 Japan, why else would someone be interested in 
visiting this archipelago? The answer is simple and
 it contains only 2 syllables.

If you want a variety of internationally popular upscale
 stores Ginza is the place for you. It’s well-known as
 the most luxurious shopping district in the world,
 soon as you arrive you’ll understand just what I mean. 
Be sure to visit Ginza on Sundays when the main 
street Chuo-Dori is closed to traffic. The ability to 
freely walk across the roads makes the big 
crowds not seem so bad!^^

Quite a bit of wealthy individuals come through
 Ginza, and it’s not very uncommon to find amazing
 cars driving up and down the streets! Make sure
 you have a camera ready because you never 
know who you’ll run into.

This is only a sample of the amazing places to see
 in Tokyo, and you can bet there are tons more we
 haven't showed you yet. Depending on your style or 
interests there many unique places to explore and
 call your own. Let these recommendations sink in and 
also be sure to check back for more interesting 
stories about this mighty metropolis!

To be continued... 

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