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#Travel♪Cruising Shizuoka in a Nissan Rent A Car! Sakura, the ocean, Fuji, and a recommended driving course to Japan's Top Outlet: Gotemba

Limitless Rental Car Travel × Nissan Rent-A-Car Japan
Visionary drive course through Japan
Sakura/ scenic ocean drive / Mt. Fuji / Gotemba Outlets

Fuji, a famous city in Shizuoka Prefecture
occupies an area of about 7,780km², and
 is composed of a relatively all around wide-
open terrain. Located approximately in the
 center of the main island of Honshu, Japan, 
it's probably most notable for housing the
legendary perfect mountain, Mt. Fuji.
Besides the mountainous terrain, 
it also rich in nature and Japanese culture.

To the south you'll find Suruga Bay, a long coastline
 of about 500km. To the north, Mount Fuji and the
northern mountain range followed by a 3,000m class
 of mountains, similar to the southern alps. 
Hailed as  natural wonder and fascinating tourist
destination for visitors to Japan, this season in particular
you can feel a new life and a warm breeze.
Spring breaths new life and atmosphere into all parts
of Japan. And in such wide open terrain, it'd be 
a shame if we couldn't get out and drive around.

Rental car travel is convenient Japan
Possibly the most simple and convenient 
place to rent a car in the world...^^
By far the best when it comes to the 
amount of features and quality of cars
you can get. The driving manners of
other individuals are great as well
so you don't have to worry about
road rage. And there isn't any 
difficult part in the rental process.

Well let's drive on in and paint the
picture a little more clearly for you! 

Car Rental Travel Point 1:Reach the Earliest Cherry
 Blossoms in Japan - Enjoy Kawazu-machi

Q1: Where's do Sakura (cherry blossom) bloom the earliest
 in Japan?

The correct answer is simple! OKINAWA!

But to see the earliest blooming cherry blossoms
 in Tokyo's outlying areas you must journey to
 Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Peninsula / Kawazu-cho.
Kawazu's own cherry blossoms referred to as
"Kawazu-zakura" in Japanese, are large and 
pink and quite lovely, often lasting for
about a month from early February through
early March. 

★ Shizuoka TIPs from natives ★
Each year there is a  cherry blossom festival held
called the " Kawazu-zakura Matsuri".
You can make it to Kawazu via car using the Tomei highway
 Atsugi IC in Tokyo, and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
This is possibly the fastest way to teach the festival from
Tokyo! ^^

*  Kawazu Station
-TEL: 0558-34-0880
- Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Kamo-gun,
 Kawazu machi hama 155-2
- Kawazu-zakura festival official website (Japanese)

​​March 31st will mark the end of the cherry 
blossom season for 2016. Other than the
cherry blossoms there is a strong food and
hot spring culture in the area. A great place 
to relax and enjoy some regional unique

Car Rental Travel Point 2: Admiring the Skyline
 in a Skyline

Q2. What's a driving course where you can admire
Mt. Fuji?

A typical driving course at the Izu Peninsula,
is actually a famous drive for people across
the country.
Come to Izu, see cherry blossoms and admire the
Izu skyline along with Mount Fuji, it's not rocket
science folks, why isn't this on everyone's 
bucket list?
The Izu skyline drive lasts from the Atamitoge 
tollgate to the Amagi plateau tollgate with a total
 length of 40.6km. As you take this famous drive 
course you can enjoy a superb view of Mt.

* :::Izu Skyline:::
-TEL: 054-254-3424 (Shizuoka Prefecture 
Highway Corporation)
- Address: Kuwahara, Kannami, Tagata District, 
Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0101
(Shizuoka Chuo Building 9F)

Car Rental Travel Point 3: Shopping Spree @ 
Gotemba Premium Outlet

Question 3) Where can you find the largest collection
of premium outlet shops?

Siting pretty in the shadow of the World's Heritage
site Mt. Fuji, the Gotemba Premium Outlets outlet 
boasts an impressive number of stores and one 
of Japan's largest shopping destinations.
You'll probably have a difficult time trying to 
decide what you want to enjoy first, the beautiful
surrounding natural landscape or the array
of endless shops. 

* Gotemba Premium Outlets
-TEL: 0550-81-3122
- Address: 1312 Fukasawa, Gotenba, Shizuoka
 Prefecture 412-0023
Official website (English): 

Haneda International Arrivals lobby - Car
rental starting point

After arriving at Japan's Haneda Airport, make your
way to the International Terminal 2nd floor. You'll 
notice the overwhelming presence of foreign tourists
soon as you arrive. The car rental counter is located 
opposite the second floor international arrival gate.
Cars can be booked in advance and is highly 
recommended to save yourself trouble after arriving.
There are many different rental providers at the counter,
Orix, Toyota, Japan, etc...  but we recommend using 
Nissan so you can make this trip a reality.

* Haneda Airport Car Rental Counter
- Location: Haneda Airport International Terminal 2nd floor

* Nissan car rental reservation page (English)

Free Shuttle Service

Inquire at the rental car counter, and make
your way to the first floor to be whisked away
in a provided shuttle bus. Running from Odori 
Ekimae, a short 15-minute bus ride takes you to 
Nissan Rent a Car Haneda
(The shuttle bus isn't always waiting so it is 
recommended that you checkin at at the counter
 once again to insure a bus is on the way.)
(※ last pick-up time is up to 19:30.)

Nissan Car Rental Haneda Odorii Ekimae

Here, we'll pick up our new ride! The Nissan Car
 Rental Haneda Odorii Station shop is located
directly in front of the Keihin Kyuko odorii Station
West Entrance.

* Nissan Rent a Car Haneda Odorii Ekimae
- Address: 3-6-2 Haginaka, Ota-ku,
Tokyo 144-0047 Japan
Display the location on Google Maps
-TEL: 03-5705-3823
- Opening hours: 8:00 to 20:00 (no regular holiday)

* Store introduction page (English)

Our Travel partner - Nissan Skyline Hybrid

Today we'll be taking this baby out to drive in
beautiful Shizuoka!

Since 2001, (referred to as the popular "INFINITI
Q50" in foreign countries!) it's been about 10 years
since the World has laid eyes on a new Nissan Skyline
model. In this iteration we see a new Nissan EV & hybrid
 (E rank) "Skyline hybrid" . While it may be a sedan, it still
harkens the sharpness, classiness and modern
appearance not to mention performance of a sports car.

* Vehicle introduction - SKYLINE HYBRID
- Drive system: FR
- Riding capacity: 5-seats
- Fuel efficiency: 18.4km / L
- Total emission: 3500cc
- Fuel / tank capacity: gasoline / 70L
- Rental rates: 6 hours - 17,712 yen
12 hours - 25,272 yen
24 hours - 30,672 yen
*after the first day  - 23,112 yen per day.
Excess time per 1 hour - 3,456 yen
(※ Keep in mind this vehicle may not be available
at all locations. Please call in advance))

* Nissan car rental reservation page (English)
<Rental Car Checking Procedures>
* If you book in advance
1. Passport
2. International driving license
3. Specific vehicle check
4.ETC card (High Pass) Rental
  * Use Guide (English)

* Without reservation
- Vehicle available
- Cash or credit card

Plush interiors

If you look towards the dashboard, you can
feel and truly understand what it feels like to
experience true luxury. The infinite symbol
sits nicely in the middle of the stylish leather
interior, and although at first glance it appears
to be a manual transmission, it's actually an

Luggage concerns?

This is one vehicle that can fit a lot of junk
in the trunk! That's right, the capacity of this
vehicle is actually more than what you may think.
just look at how many bags we could stuff into it!

A car navigation system that is safe

Nothing worse than getting lost on your trip
across a foreign country! And what would
a new car be without navigation (the new
An interesting feature to make a note of
is the fact that the navigation even comes
with English voice guidance, further lessening
the stress of driving so far from home.

Also with the introduction of a Map code
feature, you can simply enter the code of
destinations rather than typing in the whole
address and be instantly directed.
Function 1. Ability to change the display
to all English settings.
- Destination search (via the map)
- Destination search (via phone number)
Function 2. Voice guidance while driving
- If you specify a destination it will guide
you all the way there up the very
(Map notations are in Japanese to help
match with what you see on the road.)
(※ If you wish to use the English features, please
specify at the time of booking!)

The start of a pleasant drive

After all the car rental procedures, you're all set to go!
double check your mirrors and brakes  before departure!
It's now officially the beginning of a full-fledged car rental
But before we take off, let's first take a short glimpse at
today's itinerary ...?

* Travel schedule for two days and one night in Shizuoka

1. Arrive at Haneda Airport International Terminal
2. Visit the Nissan Rent a Car counter and take the
shuttle bus to the car rental office.
3. Nissan Car Rental Haneda Odorii Ekimae
Nissan car rental Haneda Otorii Station
Rent a car from the office
4. Begin your Rental Car trip to Shizuoka!
Riding along the Tomei highway to see the Kawazu-
5.Arrive in Kawazu, enjoy the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.
6. Izu Onsen Ryokan (inn).
7. Enjoy a superb view of the Izu Skyline.
8. Short trip to Hakone.
9. Shop 'till you drop at the Gotemba Premium Outlets
Come back to Tokyo!
10. Return rental car to Nissan Rent a car Haneda
 Odorii Ekimae
11. Free shuttle back to Haneda Airport.
~ After an extremely fun and safe trip,
return home to your country.

Recommended driving course 1 - Kawasaki Sakura

A great way to enjoy the spring is none other than a driving
course. As we make our way to this famous landmark venue
at the Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Peninsula our first
destination takes us to Kawazu Station ~! Taking the
highway to Kawasaki is the best way to get there but
using the Tomei highway Atsugi IC  takes about 3 hours
13 minutes from Tokyo!

*  Kawazu Station
-TEL: 0558-34-0880
- Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Kamo-gun,
 Kawazu machi hama 155-2
- Kawazu-zakura festival official website (Japanese)

Where the famous early blooming cherry
blossoms rest

As the chill weather is receding and giving way to
a warmer climate, in order to full appreciate the
spring, tourists are going out far and wide and
in record numbers across Japan. Just as the
lovely cherry blossoms are blooming people are
warming up their hearts in preparation for
the "hanami" season. However there are still
showers amidst this picturesque landscape.
The shower of falling cherry blossom pedals...

In 2016 the estimated flowering for most parts
of Japan was estimated to be only about 10 days.
But the Kawazu trees are truly special in the fact
that they actually last a whole month!
But it's still a little too early to jump to conclusions
and expect all of Japan to be full of cherry
 blossom trees this early and for that long.
It's best to go see the event for yourself and
soak it in for all it's greatness!

* Japan cherry blossom flowering estimates
This year's flowering was estimated to be
at a somewhat faster rate than last year.
Keep that in mind.

When in Kawazu, do as the Kawazu-ans (?) do! ^^

Kawazu, located on the eastern coast of
the Izu Peninsula is home to a famous cherry
blossom species, the Kawazu-zakura (河津 桜)', which
 bloom in February, and are celebrated by the Kawazu-
zakura festival.

Tunnel of Sakura

The arrangement of sakura trees (cherry blossom) is
fantastic in the fact that it creates a tunnel in which
you can walk through. The Kawazu Cherry Blossom
Festival saw it's 26th annual celebration this year with
 over 200 million tourists and locals frequenting
 the venue each year.
Please enjoy the beautiful scenery and harmony without
reservations and explore the amazing cherry blossoms.

* Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival official website (Japanese)

More beautiful than flowers food 1 - Sakura Thai Yakima

What is this lovely pink goodie we've stumbled

Seems like the perfect time to pick up a Sakura-yaki
Using gorgeous fresh dough playfully pink just like
cherry blossoms. Nothing beats the unique red
bean taste!〜

* Sakura Thai Yakima (さ く ら た い 焼 き): 200 yen (1)
- Shop Name: Ta-sha Honten Yamanda (田 舎 本 舗 山田)

More beautiful than flowers food 2 - wasabi Chinese steamed buns

Wasabi is actually one of Shizuoka's
specialties, which is perhaps why these
tasty and spicy buns are so popular.
wasabi? You too can experience the perfect
 tingle of moderate spiciness and moist meat.

* Wasabi Chinese steamed buns: 250 yen each

Beautiful food with flowers plus hot springs

Aside from the the flowers and the food
Precisely because such a place, because there was a special food ...
It was afternoon Keyu eggs (large 噴湯 eggs).

* Mineral Onsen Gogo Keyu Koen
-TEL: 0558-34-0311
- Address: 446-1 Mine, Kawazu, Kamo District,
 Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0511
Google map
- Opening hours: 9:00 to 16:00

Eggs boiled in onsen water anyone..?

Here you can encounter 600L and hour, 100 degree
Celsius onsen water where you're free to admire
or boil eggs inside!

Mineral Onsen Gogo Keyu Koen

At the shop you'll find raw eggs being sold,
simply pick up some and rush to the hot
spring water and get your boil on!
All you have to do is soak the eggs inside
the water for about 12-13 minutes and

After cooking allow about 30 seconds
for the eggs to cool back down before

Very easy to do and comes with
a paper bag with seasoning for use
after cooking.
(※ Please be aware of this temperature of hot water
 is 100 degrees! Don't get burned!!)
* eggs: 150 yen for two

TIP: When the Kawazu event parking lots are full

With everyone so caught up in the cherry blossom hype
you can imagine how it will get crowded fairly quickly.
But while searching for spaces don't get too anxious.
On the other hand if you focus your attention on the
nearby tourists, you'll soon solve your problem.
A one day charge of only 500 yen for parking is
quite a bargain compared to parking in Other
places in Japan. Because it can get so hectic
during the cherry blossom season sometimes people
take advantage of vacant lots, but make sure
you only park at P signs or where indicated
to insure you don't get ticketed!

Enjoy the romance of the fluttering cherry blossoms

By all means explore as much as you can in the
beautiful environment set aside for you. There
are so many unique places to explore.

Places you can enjoy cherry-blossom
 viewing with a car rental

* TOP5 Places to See Sakura:

1 Tsuyama Castle
Okayama / Tsuyama
Expected peak period:
(refer to last year's flowering time) Early to mid April.

2 Okazaki Park
, Aichi / Okazaki City
Expected peak period:
(refer to last year's flowering time)
 From late March to early April

3 Rikugien Park
Tokyo / Bunkyo
Expected peak period:
(refer to last year's flowering time)
in mid-March to early April

4 Meguro River
Tokyo / Meguro Ward
Expected peak period:
(refer to last year's flowering time)
 from late March to early April

5 Daigo-ji Temple
Kyoto / Kyoto City Fushimi Ward
Expected peak period:
(refer to last year's flowering time)
in mid-March to early April

Source of information across Japan cherry blossom (Japanese)

Recommended driving course 2 - Beautiful Izu sea

Shizuoka is actually a massive place divided into
4 parts waiting to be explored.
- Izu area: The best hot spring resort is located in the
 eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.
- Fuji area: Fuji region holds Mount Fuji and
 mountainous features.
- Central Region: Shizuoka City is located here
as well as historical and cultural sites.
- The western region: Yamaha, is a worldwide birthplace
 of Japanese companies such as Honda!

Cool drive to the beautiful coastline of Eve

Sagami Bay, Suruga Bay, are some of the most
beautiful coastlines in the Shizuoka Prefecture.
Such racy coasts, sheer cliffs and white sandy
beaches that gently flow on and on. If you enjoy
 marine sports, have a taste for delicious seafood
 around the country then this is the place for you.
Listen to the sound of the waves, and romantically
 watch sunset sink into the horizon. We can't
possibly more HIGHLY recommend taking this trip
if you can! ^^

Recommended drive course 3 - Izu Skyline Parkway

Izu skyline, stretching a total of 40.6km across
the Izu Peninsula gives you all the best views
of Mt. Fuji along the drive. You'll even reach
high altitudes so you can expect unobstructed
complete access to views of the mountain.

The only thing you'll have to contest with
is visibility. Try to choose a day that has
great weather so you can clearly see the
mountain. The roads are actually quite
popular as well so you may run into a bit of
traffic depending on what time of the day/
year you decide to visit.
Factoring in the tolls you have pay on the Izu-
 Hakone Skyline, it takes on average 1300 yen
to make your way through the course.
The price changes by the season! ^^

* :::Izu Skyline:::
-TEL: 054-254-3424 (Shizuoka Prefecture 
Highway Corporation)
- Address: Kuwahara, Kannami, Tagata District, 
Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0101
(Shizuoka Chuo Building 9F)

A pleasant drive with Fuji

It's possibly we may have seen Mt. Fuji
from every potential angle during this
trip....You'll also face a lot of windy roads
which you'll be well-equipped for with your
smooth handling SKYLINE HYBRID.

A World heritage, as viewed from an observatory

The Izu skyline drive lasts from the Atamitoge 
tollgate to the Amagi plateau tollgate with a total
 length of 40.6km. There's also observatories where
you can enjoy full superb views of Mt. Fuji in its

An even more comfortable journey
with a rental car

In Japan there is a number of different beautiful
mountains, but there's something about Mt. Fuji
that leaves it a cut above the rest. Perhaps it's
the amazing wonderful scenery that surrounds
the mountain? What's our draw to Mt. Fuji you
might be wondering? You can travel the world
far and wide, but it's difficult to find a mountain
that's as beautiful and perfect in it's geometric
structure more than Fuji.

Strike a pose!

Nothing beats a selfie with your new rental
car and Mt. Fuji. Styling!! These are the moments
you'll look back on and tell your kids about.

Interesting theory surrounding Mt. Fuji

Ever wonder where the name Mt. Fuji actually
came from?
The origin of the name is actually unclear, due to
fact that there was no written record of it first
 being called this name. Some say it came
from the Japanese word meaning immortal (不死).
Others claim it came from the word (不二)
meaning "not + two" as if having no equal.
Lastly there is (不尽)meaning never-ending.

With endless charm mountain

The famous Mount Fuji is Japan's highest peak with an
altitude of over 3,776m in Shizuoka Prefecture
 and Yamanashi Prefecture.
Mount Fuji is known as a symbol used for Japan's best
creations. The mountain itself was said to have been
created approximately 10 million years ago or more, as a
result of heavy volcanic activity and also about 10,000
or so eruptions had taken place to create the perfect
shape that we see to day.

Come to visit Mt.

The best place to see Mount Fuji is no doubtably
Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture and from across the
prefecture you can get quite dramatic views of
the mountain. Majestic Fuji just greets each
 season and shows off its graceful appearance.
What do you think about this Mt. Fuji today? ^^

* Mt. Fuji
Height: 3776 m (the highest in Japan)
Address: Shizuoka, Yamanashi Prefecture
Category: Volcano
Open season: 1 July to 31 August (open summer only)
Average temperatures: an annual average
 of 16.3 degree Celsius
Wind: 12 m/s annual average

Next destination is ...? Hakone!!

Where can we find beautiful far-reaching
landscapes, art galleries and museums,
 other leisure facilities, or even many festivals
 and events? In Hakone you can enjoy all these
 and more throughout the year!

Recommended drive course 4 - Hakone

Taking a trip to Hakone via rental car isn't very
difficult at all. Lake Ashinoko (芦 ノ 湖), red torii,
and Mt. Fuji make up some of the spectacular sights.
Sometimes early in the morning you can see an
amazing reflection of Mt. Fuji in the lake while
the waters are calm. Something to look forward
to when you visit.
And believe it or not, but there is a pirate ship
here you can sale on!

* Hakone-machi (箱根 町)
Google Maps

* Hakone Pirate Ship
Official Website (English)

Recommended drive course 4 - Gotemba Premium Outlet

Had enough nature for one day? Make
make your way over to the Gotemba Premium Outlets outlet
boasts an impressive number of stores and one
of Japan's largest shopping destinations all in the
shadow of the might Mt. Fuji.

* Gotemba Premium Outlets
-TEL: 0550-81-3122
- Address: 1312 Fukasawa, Gotenba, Shizuoka
 Prefecture 412-0023
- Google Map
Official website (English):

A harmonious journey with nature brought
to you by Nissan Rent a Car

Please take this advice with you as
you travel!

-Take a trip that will make you one with nature.
- Explore the beautiful natural sea of ​​Izu, Shizuoka
- Feel the dynamic spirit of Mt. Fuji.
- Enjoy hot springs and beautiful landscapes if Hakone
- Visit shopping heaven Gotemba Premium Outlets
-Find the fun and attractiveness of the Izu
 peninsula (Shizuoka).
-Take journey to the far reaches of the backcountry.
-Experience the colorful charm of Shizuoka,
and because you have a rental, take your time
and truly explore!

* Nissan car rental reservation page (English)

* Haneda Airport car rental counter (Haneda Airport car rental counter)
- Location: Haneda Airport International Terminal 2nd floor

* Nissan Rent a Car Haneda Odorii Ekimae
- Address: 3-6-2 Haginaka, Ota-ku,
Tokyo 144-0047 Japan
Display the location on Google Maps
-TEL: 03-5705-3823
- Opening hours: 8:00 to 20:00 (no regular holiday)

* Store introduction page (English)


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