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# Shopping ♪ A visit to "MIZUNO" Japanese Baseball Specialty Shop in Tokyo! ~ Jinbocho/ Ochanomizu ~ Check the MADE IN JAPAN sporting goods!

# Shopping ♪  A visit to  "MIZUNO" Japanese Baseball Specialty Shop in Tokyo! ~ Jinbocho/ Ochanomizu ~  Check the MADE IN JAPAN sporting goods!

If you have experience buying Sporting goods in Japan,
you might be familiar to the place called Jinbocho!
Whether it is baseball, soccer or golf, 
or just simple doing exercise to maintain a healthy habit and body,
feel free to drop by here
to find the items you are looking for to meet your needs!
Of course in reasonable price!

let us show you the destination! 
It is the street popular of sporting items!
S'PORT MUZUNO in Jinbocho!
Uniform, baseball pack, or a variety of sporting goods!
Most of the Japanese won't be feel unfamiliar though!

Let's start your trip to this Japan's well-known sporting brand MIZUNO!


Whether it's jogging, walking, skiing outdoor activities, and fitness items, 
on the other hands, baseball, soccer, golf and other specialty supplies 
are all gathered here!
MIZUNO flagship store!


*Shop  Info
Add:  3-1, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, 
Tokyo, 101-0052, Japan
 TEL: 03-3233-7000
Open Hour: 11:00 ~  20:00


The most pick-up item ①: Baseball supplies

Speaking of MIZUNO, 
whether it is in Japan or oversea, 
you probably will think of baseball supplies!

you can a rich assortment of baseball items, 
excellent quality, well-known and functional models!
Anyway, MIZUNO can satisfy your needs!

The most pick-up item ②: Sport shoes

You don't wanna miss this!!
The model of MIZUNO1906!

In 1906,  Rihachi Mizuno, president of MIZUNO, opened the first store in Osaka.
Yes! That was the birth of MIZUNO!

Recently, MIZUNO has renewed some of the classic models,
so that we can discover the new taste of the brand!

The most pick-up item ③: Running Wear

Not only the normal one! 
A variety of sportswear, and gymnastics wear, 
both functional and comfortable ones!
Hard to make a decision huh!

Let us go and discover the following corners!
1. Baseball supplies
2. Sport shoes
3. Sportswear 

Paradise of corner of baseball gloves on the 4F!

On the 4F, 
S'PORT MIZUNO has a variety of baseball gloves, 
after looking back and forth, 
all are made precisely!
It is soft and comfortable to wear 
but it is hard enough to protect your palm!

No worry!!
Staffs here are professional!
Feel free to ask!

Let's check the baseball corner on the 3F!

After the baseball glove corner on the 4F, 
we would like to check the related items on the 3F!
Uniforms, bags, baseball bats or baseball caps!
On the other hand, items such as swimwear, judo uniforms and other sports items can be found here too!

Corner to feel the "Samurai Japan" spirit!

"Samurai Japan" is the nickname of national baseball team of Japan since 2009.
This title is born after the first victory of the WBC (World Baseball Classic).

Also, items of national baseball team can be found here!
Representative names, universities on uniforms, baseball caps, etc. 
If you like Japanese baseball, 
don't miss them!

Make a wish to the God of Baseball!

Interesting corner!
A tiny Torii (Gate of the Japanese shrine)
named "Soul of white ball."

The latest MIZUNO Baseball Items
Most students have one in Japan!

Both practical and nice design!
What do you think?

Enough storage space!
Whether it is for sport or normal use, 
number of pockets provide space for different objects!
Of course, 
there are a variety of color choices.

What attracts us???
We like the combination of color!
Black and yellow!

Size: L34xW21xH54
Capacity: 40L
Price: 11,000yen + tax

Oh!!! Remind me some scene of the baseball fields in Japanese dramas!
A rich assortment of designs!

Colors:  Black x Black / Blue x White / Black x Red / Black x White
Capacity: 35L
Price: 6,300 yen+ tax

New style!!!
Colorful bag!

Size: L30x W19x H47
Color: Silver/ Yellow / Blue/ Red
Capacity: 30L
Price: 8,900 yen + tax

Supportive items!

Next, we go downstairs to 2F. 
It is the sport shoes in S'PORT MIZUNO! 
Function, design, outfit, whatever categories, 
you will be satisfied by the sports shoes here!

Of course, 
don't miss the brand MIZUNO1906!

Once again, 
what is the meaning of 1906?
1906 is the year of MIZUNO brand found and the 1st store opened in 1906.

Renewal of the classic models are being released these days!
Let's check them out!

MIZUNO Walking shoes SPECIAL ①

What is special on the above shoes?
Not only the price lol
It is MADE IN JAPAN and made of leather used in baseball gloves!

D1GA160714 (Blue)
Size: 25.0 ~ 28.0
Price: 25,000yen +tax

MIZUNO Walking shoes SPECIAL ②

You know what are the difference between the left and the right ones?

They are ML87 and GV87.

ML87 is the renewal of AIR MEDAL SXA born in 1987; 
GV87 is the renewal of AIR GENOVA born in 1987.

Upper: D1GA160027 (Blue & yellow) 8,900 yen + tax
Lower: D1GA160114 (Blue) 13,000 yen + tax
Upper: D1GA160625 (Grey & Sky Blue) 11,000 yen + tax
Middle: D1GA160608 (Grey & Red) 11,000 yen + tax
Lower: D1GA160614 (Light grey & blue) 11,000 yen + tax

Why S'PORT MIZUNO is special?

Try until you find your favorite!
While you are trying, 
staffs will share with the history, function, and knowledge of the shoes!
Thanks to all the professional staffs!
How impressive!

D1GA160263 (Wine Red & Yellow)
Size: 23.0 ~ 28.5 
Price: 7,900 yen + tax

This is the same model as Keisuke Honda worn!

So, you can meet the general sports shoes, running shoes, and specialized professional
soccer shoes and so on!

Size: 24.5~28.5
Price: 15,000 yen + TAX


Colorful kids' items!
How exciting!

MIZUNO running shoes for kids

Feel its sophisticated design and excellent quality!
Of course, they are safety to kids.

Wait! Something is missing!

Protective gear to alleviate your physical pain and support your body weight!
Free feel to ask the professional staffs around!

MIZUNO Protective supporters!

Not only fro sport-use, 
but also recommend in daily life!
Supporters for ankles, knees, waists and pelvis are available. 

Recommend to ladies

Last but not least, 
let's check the running/ sportswear on the 1F!

Find your style!

Let's play Sports in S'PORT MIZUNO!

If you like sport,
spend a visit in your trip to Japan!


*Shop  Info
Add:  3-1, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, 
Tokyo, 101-0052, Japan
 TEL: 03-3233-7000
Open Hour: 11:00 ~  20:00


* Transportation
JR Chuo line/ JR Sobu line - Ochanomizu Station  (8-min walk)
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line - Shin-ochanomizu Station 
Toei Shinjuku line - Ogawa-cho Station B5 Exit (4-min walk)
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line - Awajicho Station A2・A4 Exit (5-min walk) 
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line/ Toei Mita line, Shinjuku line - Jinbocho Station A5 Exit (6-min walk)


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