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# Tokyo Entertainment♪ Have a dazzling light in Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View!!! - THE EXHIBITION of PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON & Limited cafe -

# Tokyo Entertainment♪ Have a dazzling light in Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View!!! - THE EXHIBITION of PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON & Limited cafe - 

Oh My gosh!!!! 
It is Sailor Moon!!!
Are you the same generation with us???
(don't guess our age...)
This should be the classic comics of our childhood!
20 years have passed!
Time flies~ 

Flashback the memory of your childhood!
Let's come Tokyo City View at Roppongi Hills to enjoy the beautiful night view!
At the same time,
come to participate 
Not only the exquisite precious original paintings in 3 sections,
but also the precious items in the early period, 
all the animation design draft and so on!
And you don't wanna miss the special menu of the limited CHIBIUSA CAFE!

Feel free to check out the previous articles of Tokyo City View!

In this romantic place, 
there are always special exhibitions and campaigns held!

★5 significant points to see in the exhibition★
① With the design concept of the moon castle, members of sailor moon are greeting us at the main hall!
② Original paintings of Naoko Takauchi, author of Sailor Moon are being exhibited!
③ First presentation of the colored comic!
④First presentation of the Sailor moon's official chronological table.
 ⑤Over 500 numbers of precious items! So-called "Museum of Sailor Moon."

Time ▶ 2016/4/16 ~ 2016/6/19 
 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Final admission / Last Order 21:30)

Location ▶ Roppongi Hills 
 Tokyo City View Observation deck

Exhibition official website ▶

Period ▶ 4/16 (f) ~ 6/19 (day)

Tickets ▶ General: 1,800 yen / Student (high school and college students): 1, 200 yen / child (4 years old - junior high school students): 600 yen / elderly (over 65 years): 1, 500 yen

Where to buy ▶ Roppongi Hills 
Mori Tower 3F Ticket Counter

※ Admission to observatory deck and Mori Art Museum is allowed.
 (Additional fee is required for SKY DECK and Mori Arts Center Gallery)

※ Free admission to limited cafe.
Either with the ticket of observatory deck (1800 yen) or Sailor moon exhibition.

Can't wait to show you all these goodies!!!

Come on!!!!
Let's get into the entrance of the Sailor Moon World!

Get off the train at Roppongi Station,
we discover the poster of the Sailor Moon exhibition!
First, let's go upstairs to the 3F for tickets!
Then, take the elevator to 52F of Tokyo City View!

First, we decide to go to the cafe first, 
then exhibition and the observation deck for the night view!

52F Mori Tower,
Roppongi Hills, 
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo

■ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station (direct link to Roppongi Hills)
■ Toei Subway Oedo Line to Roppongi Station (four-minute walk)
■ Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line to Azabu-juban Station (eight-minute walk)
■ Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line to Nogizaka Station (eight-minute walk)
*All distances were timed to Roppongi Hills.


It is "THE SUN" part of the "Museum  Cafe & Restaurant THE SUN & THE MOON."
Purchase the admission ticket of the observation deck, 
then you can enjoy free admission of the restaurant!

# Beautiful desktop

Of course it is the desktop matching the theme this time!
You know what, 
every table has different designs!
Lucky!!! We have Sailor moon and Chibiusa on our table!
Since it must be too crowded all the time, 
it is hard to choose table by ourselves!
See if you are lucky or not!

# Simple but fancy menu 

After lining up for 10 minutes, 
the staffs pass us the menu and take the order.
It is pretty hard to make decision!

By the way, 
we order two sets.

Pose with Tokyo Tower at the back!

We are ready! 

Set ①
Sailor Moon Special Hamburger set 
1600 yen (tax included)

Really the one shown on the menu!

The hamburger includes the pink layer of sliced bread, eggs, grilled bacon, beef patty, 
lettuce and mustard sauce and patty sauce. 
The set together with the star-shaped hash cake, moon-shaped cookies and Japanese pickles.

Japanese pickles are refreshing, not too sweet and sour!
Of course the hamburger is delicious!

Set ②
Luna Berry Mousse 1200yen (tax included)

On the uppermost, it is the berry mousse, 
slightly sweet and sour!
Then, it is the chocolate cream and sponge cake below, 
and fresh fruit around. 
What a harmonious combination!
And you know what the tray is frozen. 
How professional!
Highly recommended!

Okay!!! After the meal,
we can't wait to see the exhibition!


This exhibition has 0-7  eight sections!
Basically, photography is prohibited!
Only few exceptions!

Sailor Moon everywhere!
Different from the day time,
you might enjoy the light show with the classic Sailor moon theme song performed every 10-20 minutes at night! 

How nostalgic!

Special photo zone!

Wanna have a memorial shot with Sailor moon and other members?
Official photographers and camera stand are ready!!!
It is free of charge to take pictures here!
Of course, 
you can purchase the special photo set with the picture taken by the professional!
1300 yen 

“I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!" 
-Sailor Moon-

What a brilliant night!

We love to come to Tokyo City View!
Can you feel the charm of this view?

Morning, afternoon, evening, and night 
different all the times,
so that you will definitely find the charm every time!

let's take a look at the exhibition!
Since photography is not allowed in most of the section, 
we can just share with your the topics of each section here!

[0]  Main hall >> Photography is not allowed at the entrance of the main hall

[1] Sailor moon Chronological Table>> First presentation on public!

[2] Sailor moon short movie >> Short clips remade by the comics.

[3] Sailor Moon Legend starts >> Presentation of the color version of the comics & animation artwork

[4] Sailor moon power>> Another spot of the pictures!!

[5] Sailor Moon Original Painting exhibition >> Divided into 3 periods 

① April 16 (Sat) - May 8 (Sun) ② May 9 (Mon) - May 29 (Sun) ③ May 30 (Mon) - June 19 (Sun)

[6] Popular and classic Sailor Moon >> All kinds of classic items in the early period 

[7] Sailor moon particular shop >>  Limited item !!

Just come and experience in person!
Only section [0] and [4] , photography is allowed!


Neo-queen Serenity & King Endymion in front of the Silver Crystal

Oh! They are the future of Sailor moon and Tuxedo Mask! 

New dress for exhibition this time!

Can you see the crystal on the dress of Neo-queen Serenity?
How shiny!

Let's have a holy shot!

How romantic!
Can you see the reflection of Neo-queen Serenity & King Endymion!

Autograph of the author, Naoko Takauchi 

She visited before the exhibition went public!
So cute autograph on the wall!

- Limited Shop -

Get some souvenir and limited items!

You can check the availability of the items any time:

# Recommended item #

Sailor Moon cellphone case
iPHONE6/6S (picture above) 2000yen+ tax

Flip case type 3780yen+ tax

Mini Pouch 
The golden lace makes it look more magical and  mysterious!
5000yen+ tax

Stationery like files

Oh! Instead of usage, get some for collections!

File 400yen + tax
Folder with 2 files 2600yen + tax

-53F Mori Art Museum-

Go up by escalator, 
let's move on to Mori Art Museum!

#ROPPONGI CROSSING 2016 (3/26-7/10) @ Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F

A huge exhibition once in three years since 2004. 
So this is the fifth time!
4 curators from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan choose 
the idea from 20 groups of artists to present the contemporary artwork!

The concept is to explore ourselves and the relationship with others and the world!
If you feel like you are getting lost in the busy life,
just come by to have a artistic soul journey to have a deeper dialogue with yourselves.

Roppongi Crossing 2016
My Body, Your Voice

Period: 2016/ 3/26 (Sat) ~ 7/10 (Sun)
Place: Mori Art Museum (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F)

Of course, 
you might get souvenir here!

Let's end up a wonderful day with the awesome night view!

Let's feel the breeze at SKYDECK!
After exhibition of Sailor moon, 
next will be Studio Ghibli

11:00-20:00 (Last admission: 19:30)
It will be closed because of bad weather.

Ticket fee: 500yen / 300yen (4-year-old ~ junior high school)


■ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station (direct link to Roppongi Hills)
■ Toei Subway Oedo Line to Roppongi Station (four-minute walk)
■ Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line to Azabu-juban Station (eight-minute walk)
■ Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line to Nogizaka Station (eight-minute walk)
*All distances were timed to Roppongi Hills.

Exhibition official website ▶

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