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# Shopping ♪ Shibuya 109 - The Coolest Place in Tokyo To Explore the Japanese Fashions!!

The Coolest and Most Stylish Place in Shibuya, Tokyo - 


For many visitors, Shibuya is a must-visit spot on their travel checklist. Many of you may have known about Shibuya because of the famous crossing in Shibuya! It is a jaw-dropping place to visit because when the lights turn red, you can see thousands of people coming out from all directions which is famously known as "The Scramble"!

In addition to the amazing crossing, Shibuya is also famous for being the shopping paradise for Japanese fashion lovers.  You can find shopping malls like LOFT, PARCO, and 0101 there, and also the most well-known trendy shopping mall - SHIBUYA 109!!

Some of you may have heard about the Shibuya 109 Gyaru (Girl) boom  in the 2000s, even though you may not be able to find girls in tanned skin and gold hair easily in Shibuya now, the gyaru (Girl) subculture is still having a large influence in the fashion industry and among the teenagers in Japan.  Today, we are going to take you to the landmark of Shibuya to learn about the evolution of the Shibuya fashion style.  Are you ready?

About Shibuya

Since the 1970's, Shibuya is the gathering place for young people, especially in the 1980's, large department stores like Seibu Group and Tokyu Group started their business in Shibuya, Shibuya became an even more popular place for young people in Japan. In the 1900's, the Shibuya fashion style and music subculture started forming up, at that time, Shibuya is an iconic place for young people. In the 2010's, many international fashion brands and IT companies have set up their business here in Shibuya. Foreigners also settle down near this area; therefore, creative industries and tourism is being focused and promoted in Shibuya!

(SHIBUYA 109 and SHIBUYA 109 Men's)

All kinds of famous and trendy products at good prices can be found in SHIBUYA 109! What are your waiting for??

Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 3-3477-5111
Email: info@shibuya109.jp
Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (Shops, B2-8F)
10:00 - 22:00 (Restaurant, 7F)
(Closed on 1st January)
Homepage: http://www.shibuya109.jp/en/
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Vision of SHIBUYA 109 is.....

"To provide the most updated and trendy fashion as being the shopping landmark of Shibuya!"

Also known as MARUKYU (0-9)

From B2 to 8F, you can find stylish fashions and accessories in different shops. On 7F, you can find restaurants like omelette rice and cake shop Cafe Ma Maison and pasta shop Chirico di NAPOLI.

Of course, there are many services especially provided for foreign visitors!

1. ATM

A "Seven Bank ATM" can be found near the elevator on 7th floor. You can withdraw Japanese yen with your overseas issued credit cards and cash cards.

Service hours: 10:00-21:00

2. Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi service "Visit SHIBUYA Wi-Fi" is available for foreign tourists visiting Shibuya.

3.Interpretation Service

Telephone interpreting service is available.

4. Tax-Free Shops

Tax-Free shopping is available at the following shops:






4F: titty&co. EGOISTadidas Originals Girls ShopRASVOADelyle NOIRAuntie Rosababy ShoopdazzlinRESEXXY


6F: Ank Rougeme%HeatherMA*RSOber Tasheone wayGLAD NEWSSPIGABACKS7/8~)


8F: SBYsanrio vivitix SHIBUYA

(More tax-free shops will be coming to Shibuya 109!!)

At SHIBUYA 109, not only the popular shops, you can also find popular sales staff!! There are even media coming here to interview with these popular staff.

Even online shopping is getting more popular nowadays, it's still a better experience to shop at the shops, try on the clothes, talk to the staff and get some good advice from them.  Next time, try to get some good fashion advice from the staff there!

SHIBUYA 109 2nd Floor
(The all-time classic Shibuya style)

As we mentioned earlier, the typical Gyaru style can still be found here.  Although the style is changed a bit, brands like CECIL McBEE, LIS LISA are still keeping the Gyaru style in their latest designs. If you are interested in the Gyaru culture and style, SHIBUYA 109 2nd floor is a good place for your to go.

SHIBUYA 109 8th Floor
(Accessories, cafe and studio)

Do you know what SBY stands for?

Actually it's just ShiBuYa!! Here, you can try their bubble milk tea and crepes at the cafe, or do some make up in the makeup room, or even take some pictures at the studio! Of course, different kinds of Shibuya style products can be found here.

Homepage (Japanese): http://www.shibuya109.jp/shopinfo/sby/

BEST 5 Popular Products @ SBY

1. Colored Contact Lenses

Korean pop culture is very popular nowadays. Do you know that many Korean pop stars also use Japanese colored contact lenses? At SBY, you can find different kinds of colored contact lenses. The one on the bottom left hand corner (Diamond Lash, 1,800 yen + tax, 6 types) is the most popular one now. Look! It looks natural and special!

(Note: Before you purchase the contact lenses in Japan, please remember to check carefully if it fits you)

2. Hair Accessories


In Shibuya, you can see many girls putting on flower head wreaths in summer! How cute is that!
Why don't you get one to mix and match with your summer outfits?  It's only 930 yen + tax for the one in the picture. Nice price, right?

3. Welcome to Japan

Struggling what kinds of souvenirs to get for your family and friends? We have a great news for you! Here at SBY, you can find a corner specially designed for visitors.  From cute eye mask, socks, plush, to Japanese style small bags and accessories etc, a one stop souvenir shopping place for you!

4. Tattoo Sticker


Wanna add something special to your summer style? How about the trendy tattoo sticker? You can find all kinds of colors and patterns here.  Try it once this summer and see how glamorous you can become!!

Something special on the special days? These are great for the holidays and parties!! 

5. Shibuya Bubble Milk Tea

Drink on the left: Bubble Milk Tea 360 yen + tax
Drink on the right: Yam Flavor Bubble Milk Tea 401 yen + tax

The most popular item on the menu is............Shibuya bubble milk tea!!

Let's try this bubble milk tea and see what's the difference from the Taiwanese ones.

Other than bubble milk tea, you can also get crepes and other snacks here. Limited period items are available sometimes too!

Especially for the girls and ladies

Can you believe it? There are a studio and a makeup room for those who want to make a good memory with their family or friends. Say cheese...........it's a free service to get your photo taken and developed here! How can you miss it?

SHIBUYA 109 Kawaii Style

Honey Cinnamon

Just from the name, you can tell how kawaii (cute) their fashions are!!

Shop Location: 7F
Homepage (Japanese): http://www.shibuya109.jp/shopinfo/honey-cinnamon/

Chic, cute makeup, snacks, toys, and characters are some of the patterns that you can found in their design!

Off shoulder dress: 10,000 yen + tax
High heel sandals: 14,000 yen + tax
Putting on a different style of outfits, your feeling and thinking will also change!! A cute pose is great to go with a cute dress!

Left: Pink color top 5,000 yen + tax
Right: Rabbit shaped shoes 14,000 yen + tax
Speaking of kawaii, colors used are very important! Like pink, yellow, baby blue, white colors are important elements of kawaii fashion.

Next model is you!! Come here and pick your summer outfits today!

SHIBUYA 109 Casual Cool Style

Speaking of year-round fashion, denim must be one of them! At, Regalect, cool and stylish denim products can be found!

Shop Location: 5F
Homepage (Japanese): http://www.shibuya109.jp/shopinfo/regalect/

The Japan designed high quality jeans are the signature items in Regalect. It's very easy to wear too.

Mix and match style with jeans - Which one do you like?

Same jeans with a different top can make a whole different style.

Are you looking for long and short jeans? You must be able to find something you like here!

Put the finishing touch on your outfit by adding accessories in gold or pearl products.

Straw hat: 7,900 yen + tax
White top: 7,200 yen + tax
Jeans: 13,300 yen + tax
 Jeans with a white top never goes wrong!

Other than jeans, you can find other denim products like jacket and accessories here. Pick something you like here!

SHIBUYA 109 Your Personal Cool Style

What can you notice about RASVOA's style?

You are right, their main color tones are either black or white!

Shop Location: 4F
Homepage (Japanese): http://www.shibuya109.jp/shopinfo/rasvoa/

Some people say that black and white are the colors that are easy to wear.  What do you think about that? 

How about getting some advice from the staff? What's the best to mix and match?

Cap: 1,900 yen + tax
One piece: 3,900 yen +tax
Shoes: 7,900 yen + tax
 Just 2 colors, you can also create your own personal cool style!

Landmark of Shibuya - SHIBUYA 109

You will never get tried of going to Shibuya! It's a shopping paradise for those fashion lovers.

You can find all kinds of Japanese styles and fashions in Shibuya. What kinds of style are you looking for this time?

No clue yet? Don't worry, you must be able to find your answer and get something that you like here at SHIBUYA 109!

Shops that we have mentioned above:

1. SBY: accessories, drinks, studio - 8F
2. Honey Cinnamon: Kawaii style - 7F
3. Regalect: Casual cool style - 5F
4. RASVOA - Personal cool style - 4F

Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 3-3477-5111
Email: info@shibuya109.jp
Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (Shops, B2-8F)
10:00 - 22:00 (Restaurant, 7F)
(Closed on 1st January)
Homepage: http://www.shibuya109.jp/en/
Google Map

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See you there! :)


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