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:::SPECIAL::: # Ramen in Japan ♪ Oops! 10 Worst Things To Do At A Ramen Restaurant!!

Making noise while eating Ramen is good manners???
Maybe not so true now!

I bet most of you have tried the Japanese noodle soup dish "RAMEN" in either Japan or your own country. You may also know that there are many kinds of ramen in Japan. Almost every region in Japan has its own local and special ramen, for example the Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen from Kyushu and Miso (soybean paste) ramen from Hokkaido.

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Your Japanese friends may have told you that you should make noises while eating your ramen because it shows how much you appreciate the ramen. BUT............that is not so true now maybe!

A survey has been done in Japan asking people the things that they hate seeing others do at a ramen restaurant.  Here we go, the TOP 10 WORST THINGS TO DO AT A RAMEN RESTAURANT!


10. Telling others loudly how much you know about ramen

I guess not just for ramen. Surely nobody wants to see such kind of person in any restaurants!

9. Couples kissing each other

Com'on, do that at your home please. We don't want to see that!

8. Do not tie up your long hair

This must be voted by guys. They just want to see the girls' pretty faces at the shop. I know it!

7. Do not give seats to others even they finished

Usually there are only a few seats (10 to 20) in a ramen restaurant. It is not a right place to catch up with your friends or read a magazine. Please go to coffee shops to do that!

6. Watch out for your elbows!

As we said, the ramen restaurants are usually very small and there are only the so-called "counter-seat" where you sit with strangers in a row. So please don't get too excited while having your favorite ramen.

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5. Shake your legs while eating

As we said above, be a considerate customer with good manners!

4. Talk loudly

I guess you have picked a wrong place if you wanna chill out with your friends. Next time, please go to Izakaya (Japanese restaurants where you can drink, smoke and eat) instead!

3. Make noise while eating

There are still many Japanese making noise when they are eating ramen, soba and udon.  Actually it is more like a habit they have, but more people try to avoid doing that while eating in public since they know that it is not that polite to do so! What do you think about that?

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2. Keep coughing and sneezing

Can't imagine a person keeps coughing and sneezing beside me while I am eating......It's not just gross, it's all about the sanitary issue! Be considerate!

and finally...................The WORST Thing To Do At A Restaurant is.............

1. Watch out for your soup!

As we mentioned above, usually ramen restaurants are small and you have to squeeze yourself between people while "enjoying" your ramen. So please watch out the soup! Don't spill soup on the table and even on others' clothing!!

Is this ranking interesting to you? Actually I think these top 10 are not just for ramen restaurants, they do apply to other restaurants and public places too. Don't you agree?

(Ranking information is provided by UTravel and

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