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# Gourmet ♪ New Ramen Experience at DARUMANOME in Tokyo! Tonkotsu Ramen, Niku Max Ramen, Abura Soba, and Gyoza!!

New Ramen Experience For You

DARUMANOME in Akihabara

Other than sushi, sashimi, tempura, and yakiniku, what else do you want to try in Japan? Many of you may say, "I wanna try the original tonkotsu ramen in Japan!". Okay, today we will take you to one of the best Ramen restaurants in Japan!

About Ramen

Before we get into the topic, let's learn something about the Ramen culture in Japan first!

Ramen is not Japanese food?

Actually some Japanese may say that ramen is not one of the traditional Japanese noodles comparing to Japanese soba and udon. That's because the Chinese style noodles in soup were brought into Japan during the Meiji period., and based on the Chinese noodles, Japanese developed the noodles in soup in their own ways like shoyu and miso noodles. And that's how Japanese ramen was born!

Ramen is loved by both Japanese and Foreigners!!

In Japan, busy businessmen don't have enough time to eat and that's why you can see lots of them visiting ramen restaurants since they want something quick and simple!

Outside Japan, there are also many ramen restaurants can be found too. However, many visitors still want to try the original style of ramen in Japan!

These are the reasons why Ramen restaurants are popular in Japan!!

Ramen in Akihabara

Akihabara may give you the image of animation, maid cafe and otaku (people who are really into animation and comics). However, if you look carefully, you can see lots of ramen restaurants in Akihabara too.

Among all kinds of ramen, tonkotsu ramen (noodles in rich, milky white pork bone based soup) is one the most popular ramen in Japan!

Today, we would like to introduce you DARUMANOME which has 8 shops within Tokyo area!

DARUMANOME in Akihabara
Address: 1F Kimura Building, 1-9-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 03-3253-2070
Hours: 11:00-23:00 (Mon to Fri), 10:00-23:00 (Sat), 10:00-22:00 (Sun and Holidays)
Capacity: 26 seats
Homepage (Japanese): http://usingroup.jp/darumanome/index.html
Google Map

3 Special Things About DARUMANOME 

No.1 Spacious environment

Speaking of Japanese ramen restaurants, the image of counter seats in front of the kitchen may come in your mind right away. However, it is really hard for you to chat with your friends in this style.

In DARUMANOME, both counter seats and table seats are available. So it is a good news for those who want to share their ramen experience with their friends and family.

No.2 English, Chinese, and Korean Menu is available

Don't worry about the language because English, Chinese, and Korean menu with pictures is provided for foreign visitors!

No.3 Best 2 DARUMANOME ramen

In the first picture, you can see the traditional tonkotsu ramen. Look how rich the tonkotsu soup is!!

What is the ramen in the second picture above? How come there is no soup in it? You are correct! This new style ramen is called abura soba which is mixed and eaten with Japanese vinegar and chili oil. It is very popular among the young generations.

Many visitors may be scared by the Japanese ticket machines since there are too many buttons with lots of Japanese words on it. However, please don't worry! Just look to your right, you can find a big menu in English to help you make your order!

What's more? There are numbers for each ramen, so you can just find the number on the ticket machine to make your order! That's easier right?

3 Steps to make your order

Step 1 - Insert money into the machine

Step 2 - Choose the ramen that you like (English menu with numbers available)

Step 3 - Take your ticket and pass it to the staff

Now, you can find your seat and take some rest before the staff brings you the delicious ramen!

Best 3 DARUMANOME Ramen Ranking!

No.1 - DARUMA Ramen

Of course the original tonkotsu ramen takes the first place!!

Just taste the rich pork bone based soup, you can understand why this is always the most popular item of the shop!

Ways to make your ramen tastier!

Actually you can find 4 different types of side dishes on your table. They are the popular sesame, spicy cabbage, red ginger and garlic paste.

Just add any of these side dishes to your ramen to make your own personal DARUMA ramen!

DARUMA Ramen - 700 yen (tax included)
DARUMA Ramen with soft boiled egg - 800 yen (tax included)

No.2 - Challenge your maximum limit - Niku Max Ramen

Topped with 10 slices of pork, this ramen will sure make everyone surprised!! The small portion of chili sauce will even make the ramen tastes better!!

Actually we have something more interesting to show you now.

Look! The chef grills the slices of meat right in front of you!! 

The nice smell of grilled meat is all over the shop!

Niku (Meat) Max Ramen - 1,500 yen (tax included)

If you need more noodles, just simply tell the staff you need "Kaedama" and give him 100 yen for an extra serving of noodles.

If you know that you will need an extra serving at the beginning, you can even buy a Kaedama ticket at the ticket machine first!

After getting your Kaedama, just pour it into your soup and enjoy!!

Please note that there are two kinds of Kaedama. "Shirodama" is the plain noodles and "Akadama" is noodles with chili sauce.

Shirodama / Akadama - 100 yen (tax included)
Kaedama is only for DARUMA tonkotsu ramen

No.3 - Ramen without Soup - Abura Soba

As you may know, ramen was first sold as street food in Japan, and that's why thin noodles are commonly used because the boiling time is shorter!

After the developments in these years, many different kinds of ramen can be found. For example, Abura soba which is made with thick noodles and without soup. Do you know that without the soup, the calorie is also reduced a lot!

How do you eat Abura Soba?

Without the soup, you need to add the Japanese vinegar and chili sauce to give some tastes to the noodles.

Then, mix everything thoroughly, and you are done! Try it!!

Abura Soba - 720 yen (tax included)
You can choose original size or large size without extra charge.

Something extra to go with your ramen!

How about adding the pan-fried dumplings (Gyoza)?

Want something more? How about this pork on rice bowl?

Actually it is a common way to enjoy both ramen and rice in Japan! You can try this combination next time too!

Okay, now you know where you can eat some great ramen in Japan! Not just the original ramen, maybe you can try the Niku Max Ramen or the Abura Soba next time as well!


1) Seibu Shinjuku Station Shop
Address: 1F, 1-24-6 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
Google Map

2) Shibuya Center Street Shop
Address: 1F Fuji Building, 27-1 Udagawa-machi, Shibuya-ku
Google Map

3) Ikebukuro Station East Exit Shop
Address: B1F, 1F New Nakano Building, 1-22-5 South Ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku
Google Map

4) Ikebukuro East LABI Shop
Address: 1F, 1-7-7 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku
Google Map

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