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:::SPECIAL::: # Bring A Chill To Your Hot Summer! Terrifying Haunted Houses in Japan!


Need to cool down in Japan's hot summer?
Other than going to water parks, visiting haunted houses maybe another good choice!

Have you watched the Hollywood horror movies "The Ring" or "The Grudge" before? Were you sacred by the ghosts in these stories? Do you know that these ghosts are actually from Japanese original movies "Ringu" and "Ju-on" which are very famous in Japan and even Asia? Sadako, Kayako and Toshio are names that may give you goosebumps!

In Japan, there are many haunted houses can be found. From the traditional ones where a long hair lady in a long white dress welcomes you in the dark to the ones with zombies waits for you at a hospital etc. Also, how can we miss the abandoned school where students disappeared mysteriously.

Today, we are going to take you to three terrifying but interesting haunted houses in Japan! Ready for some chills?

01. The Ghost of Sakura

Pictures credited: Asakusa Hanayashiki Homepage

At the first and the oldest amusement park in Tokyo, you can travel back in time to the Edo period and get a chance to meet the people (ghosts??) at the attraction "The Ghost of Sakura"!

Pictures credited: Asakusa Hanayashiki Homepage
Are you dare to get in this haunted house and finish this 8 meters long walk by yourself?

There is a rumor in Japan that you can't just throw away the dolls if you don't want them anymore because they will always come back to you no matter where you dump them. Seriously? Let me out please >_<!!

Pictures credited: Asakusa Hanayashiki Homepage
The Ghost of Sakura
@ Asakusa Hanayashiki

Address: 2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 03-3842-8780

Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (Operation hours may change)

Access: 5 minutes walk from Asakusa station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Subway Asakusa Line, Tobu SkyTree Line)

Admission Fees:
Entrance Fee
1,000 yen (13 - 64 years old), 500 yen (7 - 12 years old, over 65 years old)

Free Ride Pass (Admission is not included)
2,300 yen (13 - 64 years old), 2,000 yen (7 - 12 years old), 1,800 (6 years and under, over 65 years old)

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02. Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

Picture credited: Fuji-Q Highland Homepage
As claimed the longest and scariest haunted house in history, this 900 meters long walk will definitely be one of your most unforgettable experiences in your life. You think you can get out within 10 minutes just like other haunted houses that you have visited? We are sorry to let you know that this one will take you 60 minutes to get to the exit!! What do you think now?

Picture credited: Japan Info
About the story

It is said that the doctors at this hospital did some terrible experiments by using the patients and other staff and many were killed. The hospital was closed down and abandoned for many years. However, it seems that something is still living in this hospital

Now it is your turn to explore this mysterious place. Good luck and ...... stay alive!

Picture credited:

Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear
@ Fuji-Q Highland

Address: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture

Tel.: 0555-23-2111

Hours: Varies on weekdays and weekends and in summer, please refer to the website

Admission Fees:
Entrance Ticket
1,500 yen (over 18 years old), 1,500 yen (12-18 years old), 900 yen (3-11 years old)

1 Day Free Pass
5,700 yen (over 18 years old), 5,200 yen (12-18 years old), 4,300 yen (3-11 years old)

2 Days Free Pass
9,300 yen (over 18 years old), 8,400 yen (12-18 years old), 7,200 yen (3-11 years old)

03. Okinawa Hilarious Haunted House

Picture credited:
After two terrifying haunted houses in the Kanto area, how about we travel to the southern Japan and visit this haunted house where you can get some laugh and scream!

At HaPiNAHA in Okinawa, you can find this special haunted house operated by the famous Yoshimoto comedian company.  The story is about humans and MAJIJUN which is a monster!

You need to get out the mirrored maze in order to meet MAJIJUN!

Oh my god, who is sitting there?

Now, it's the time to take a battle with the monsters! You can do it!

If you win the battle, then you can get out from this haunted house! If you lose............

Okinawa Hilarious Haunted House

Address: 3-6F, 2-2-30 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0013

Tel.: 0570-550-100 (10:00-19:00)

Hours: 11:00-18:00 (Mon to Thur), 11:00-22:00 (Fri to Sun, Holidays and day before holiday)

25 minutes drive from Naha airport
3 minutes walk from Makishi station of Yui-rail line

Admission Fees:
1,200 yen (Adults), 1,000 yen (Students), 700 yen (Elementary School Students)

Google Map

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Which haunted houses do you like? If you have visited other amazing haunted houses in Japan, feel free to share them with us here!

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