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:::SPECIAL::: # The Three Greatest Falls in Japan! Nachi Falls in Wakayama Prefecture, Kegon Falls in Tochigi Prefecture, and Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture!

The Three Greatest Falls in Japan!

Nachi Falls, Kegon Falls, and Fukuroda Falls

There are many waterfalls in Japan. I bet you must have seen a few in your previous Japan trips. Which one is your most favorite falls? Today, we will show you the three greatest falls in Japan. See if you have already visited any of them so far!

01. Nachi Falls in Wakayama Prefecture

On our way to the famous Nachi Falls, we bumped into two cute girls who were in the traditional Heian period costumes. Of course we could not miss this special chance to take a picture with them.  Maybe you can try to rent the same costumes and experience the Kumano Nachi Taisha in a different way!

Nachi Falls

Nachi Falls is located in Nachikatsuura in Wakayama Prefecture. It has a drop of 133 meters, and it is the tallest waterfall with a single drop of water in Japan! We were told that there is 1 ton of water falling down each second! That's so amazing!

Actually there is a great photo spot to include both the Nachi Falls and the Seiganto-ji in the picture. Look how nice the picture was taken!

How about going up the tower and get a closer look of the famous Nachi Falls!

Nachi Falls
Address: Nachisan, Nachikatsuura, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture
Homepage (Japanese)
Google Map

02. Kegon Falls in Tochigi Prefecture

Picture credited to David LaHeist
Kegon Falls is located in Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture. You are right! There is another really famous sightseeing spot located in Nikko which is the Nikko Toshogu (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Just around 30 minutes drive from Nikko Toshogu, you can reach Kegon Falls in Nikko National Park.

Kegon Falls has a height of 97 meters and there are about 12 smaller waterfalls located on the sides of Kegon Falls.

Pictures credited to Tsunagujapan
 It is said that the looks of Kegon Falls are all different and unique in different seasons.

Pictures credited to youinjapan.net
Which look of Kegon Falls do you like the most?

Kegon Falls
Address: Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture
Google Map

03. Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture

Pictures credited to vodopad.ru
Fukuroda Falls is located in Daigo-machi in Ibaraki Prefecture. The height of the fall is about 120 meters tall and the width is 73 meters wide. Unlike other falls that you have seen, Fukuroda Falls is famous for the slowness and calmness. Personally, I like this falls the most!

Pictures credited to planetyze.com
In winter, you can try to climb and walk on the falls since it is all frozen! What an amazing way to experience Fukuroda Falls!

Fukuroda Falls
Address: 3-19 Fukuroda, Daigo, Kuji District, Ibaraki Prefecture
Homepage (Japanese)
Google Map

If you like the nature of Japan, you can't miss these three greatest falls!! Start planning your next trip to Wakayama Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture!!

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