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# Travel ♪ The Most Romantic Train In Japan - Travel by Tadami Line - FUKUSHIMA Day 2

A Romantic Train Ride In Fukushima Japan
Tadami Line - Day 2

Yesterday we took you to the beautiful snowy Fukushima prefecture. Today, let's continue our journey on the romantic Tadami Line!

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Actually for our 2 days trip, we have used many different kinds of transportation like Shinkansen, local trains, buses etc. so we had a good experience just like the locals there.

From JR Tokyo Station to Koriyama Station in Fukushima
By Tohoku Shinkansen

From Koriyama Station to Aizuwakamatsu Station
By Banetsusai Line

From Aizuwakamatsu Station to Tadami Station
By Tadami Line

Note: The red part on the map is currently under reconstruction. Shuttle bus is provided to connect the stations in between.

In March 2016, we could still see the damage caused by the typhoon in 2011. Actually 7 stations were damaged by the flood among the 37 stations.

There are buses running between these stations, so don't worry about the transportation too much.

Tadami Station

Even though this station was still being reconstructed at the time we visited, it was still worth to pay a visit to take a nice picture there.

Minshuku Tadamisou

Just opposite to the Tadami Station, it is the Minshuku (a budget version of hotel) that we stayed at last night.

We were lucky to find such a comfortable place to stay. The service was great and the staff were very nice too. Not just the food was great, the atmosphere here just made us feel like home!

Minshuku Tadamisou
Address: In front of Tadami Station
Price: 7,500 yen (1 person per room) per room per night (dinner and breakfast included) for Adults (Jr. High School and above), 7,000 yen for each person (2 persons per room)
Reservation (Japanese):

The 100 Best Scenery In Japan - Tagokura Dam

With the blue sky, snowy mountains and lake, Tagokura Dam was selected as one of the 100 best scenery in Japan!

Tagokura Dam

37°18'41.5"N 139°17'05.5"E

Google Map

Tadami Ski Resort

This ski area may look a bit small to you, but facilities like cable cars, ski gear and equipment can be found! Also, there was free shuttle service to the ski area from our minshuku!

Tadami Ski Resort
Address: 24 Tadami Tanokuchi, Tadami-machi, Minamiaizu-gun, Fukushima
Tel. 0241-82-2304
Hours: 09:30 - 16:00 (weekdays), 09:30 - 16:30 (weekends and holidays)
Opening months: Mid of December to March
Admission Fees:
Weekdays: 1,500 yen for Adults, 700 yen for Children
Weekends and Holidays: 2,800 yen for Adults, 1,200 yen for Children
Gear and equipment rental: 3,000 yen for ski / snowboard
Google Map

Since some people still worry about the radiation level in Fukushima Prefecture, so the ski resort provides the data everyday. The day we visited the ski area was with 0.06μSv which was just about the level in Tokyo.

Have you ever tried riding on a banana boat on SNOW?

Another great activity on snow

How about putting on this pair of special snowshoes and walk on the snow!

Although it looked easier to walk on the snow after putting on the snowshoes, but we still had to pay attention while walking.

After having some fun in the snow, we decided to get something to eat and warm ourselves up!

What can be better than having a bowl of hot shoyu ramen?

Nice soup with chewy noodles, a nice combination!

Or try to the tomato ramen?

It tasted like pasta in tomato soup which was special and delicious!

After having a bowl of hot ramen, what should we do next?

How about getting in a hot spring?

On our way to the hot spring, we had another chance to see the amazing view of the mountains and the lake. How wonderful our nature is!

A traditional and special hot spring

There are many hot springs in Tadami; one of the best one is in Aizu Yanaizu and it's called Nishiyama Hot Spring. Why is it so special?

A mixed hot spring just right next to a shrine!

Actually it was very common for men and women to bath together in the old times. So this is a place that you can experience the traditional hot springs. If you think this is a bit embarrassing, you can also rent your private hot spring too.

Relax yourself in the hot spring and pray at the shrine!

Nishiyama Onsen Oizawa Onsen Hotel
Access: 20 minutes from Aizu Yanaizu bus stop by bus
Hours: 11:00 - sunset
Price: 8,500 yen per night per person (dinner and breakfast are included)
(getting in the onsen without staying at the hotel is fine)

Our last stop of our trip

After riding on the Tadami Line, we wanted to take a picture of the train too. From way up here, we could get a nice view of Tadami and the Tadami Line!

Google Map

These nice pictures marked the end of our journey! We hope that next time we can come back to Tadami in another season to see a different scenery.  How about you? Which season do you want to visit Tadami?  Do you want to get on the most romantic Tadami Line too?

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See you there! :)

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