Wednesday, September 14, 2016

:::SPECIAL::: # Taste of Autumn! New autumn themed coffee from Starbucks, TULLY'S COFFEE and DOUTOR COFFEE!!

Welcome to the new season of Japan

A warm and tasty autumn!

Other than the beautiful autumn leaves, in Japan, once stepping into September, not only the autumn fashions, even the autumn food and drinks cannot wait to meet you!!

Today, we have a special sharing for the coffee lovers! We will take you to three popular coffee shops in Japan and show you their new autumn drinks!

01. Starbucks Japan

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This autumn, Starbucks brings you the Golden Maple Coffee series.

a. Golden Maple Latte (Hot/Iced)
Maple syrup plus honey butter, whipped cream topped with maple sauce, an expresso beverage that you can taste both the bitterness of espresso and the sweetness of maple syrup!

4 sizes: from 420 yen (+ tax)

b. Golden Maple Frappuccino Blended Cream with candied walnut
Mixed with walnuts, honey butter and maple sauce, topped with whipped cream and maple sauce, walnut sugar is added at last. A frappuccino that can bring you the taste of autumn!

Tall: 560 yen (+ tax)

What's more? You can add an extra crispy Chou Stick to go with your coffee or Frap at 80 yen (+ tax).

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a. Sweet Pumpkin Latte (Hot/Iced)

TULLY'S COFFEE brings you this coffee latte that topped with whipped cream made with pumpkin paste from Hokkaido and pumpkin seeds!

4 Sizes: from 480 yen (tax included)

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b. Sweet Pumpkin Swirkle

Autumn limited pumpkin Swirkle is made with pumpkin seeds and topped with pumpkin whipped cream. An iced drink that tastes like a dessert!
4 Sizes: from 490 yen (tax included)

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c. American Waffle Plate Cheese Mousse & Strawberry Sauce with Double Berries

Waffle wraps with cheese mousse that melts right in your mouth. Topped with sweet-sour strawberry sauce and blueberries, who can deny this delicious dessert!

780 yen (tax included)

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TULLY'S COFFEE Homepage (Japanese):


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a. Rich Marron Latte (Hot/Iced)
Speaking of autumn, how can we miss the seasonal chestnut! This limited time latte is made with chestnut paste from Kumamoto prefecture, and topped with chestnut whipped cream and sauce!

3 sizes: from 340 yen (+ tax)

b. Mont Blanc

How about adding a dessert to go with your chestnut latte? Under the rich chestnut paste, it is custard cream which is made with chestnut paste too. A perfect dessert for autumn!

410 yen (+ tax)

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DOUTOR COFFEE Homepage (Janpanese):

Among these new autumn drinks, which one do you wanna try? It is a hard choice I know, so how about having them all!!

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